Tippmann 98 Custom Review

There are just so many different brands of paintball markers that have been released to the general public over the years. Many of them have slipped through the cracks and faded into oblivion for one reason or another. However, there is a relatively short list of elite brands and models that have been able to withstand the tests of time.

The Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum collection definitely belongs on that list.

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Tippmann 98 Custom Review

Basic Specifications

A brief analysis of the specifications that come with the Tippmann 98 paintball marker is a highlight all by itself – especially if you are interested in finding a high-quality, top-notch model that exceeds your wildest and greatest expectations.

The caliber for this particular model is 0.68 so when you combine that caliber with the power of a semi-automatic rifle, you have more than enough power that is ready to be accessed and harnessed. With a hopper capacity of 200, this paintball marker is powered with an impressive combination of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and compressed air.

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Prepared for Premium Firing

Another advantage of the Tippmann 98 paintball marker is that it has premium firing capabilities that can literally blow you away! The feed rate of this model is eight bullets per second (BPS). If you are not impressed by that relatively low rate, then you more than likely have not had very much experience with paintball guns before – at least from the technical side.

On the other side of the spectrum, the firing rate of this model actually matches the feed. Can you imagine being able to enjoy a firing rate of 8 BPS from a paintball marker? Think about all of the paintball matches you will be able to win specifically based on that type of first-class speed!

Simplistic and Lightweight Design

The lightweight design of the Tippmann 98 custom paintball marker is yet another great benefit of this particular model. Keep in mind that (without the tank fully loaded on the gun) the Tippmann 98 paintball marker is less than three pounds in weight. Many people might mistake this weight as a weakness and overall flaw when it comes to the efficiency of its design and corresponding performance. However, if you have actually used the Tippmann 98 paintball marker in the field, you know that the exact opposite is the case.

First of all, the barrel length of this lightweight model exceeds more than eight inches. The length of the paintball marker is more than 19 inches – which is relatively close to two feet! If you are more concerned about the length of the range instead, then you will be happy to know that this model can reach an extensive range of over 150 feet.

Long-Lasting Warranty

Long after you have purchased the Tippmann 98 paintball marker model, you will still be able to provide substantial coverage and protection for your model directly from the manufacturer. Tippmann has always been able to stand by the quality and efficiency of their products over the years, which is one of the main reasons why this brand has been able to outlast so many of its competitors.

When it comes to the warranty of this particular model, Tippmann covers any type of replacements or repairs that are required to adjust and modify any defects. Whether the defects are found in the workmanship of the model or even the materials that were used, consumers will never have to worry about paying for the related expenses since Tippmann has agreed to cover them all for the first three months after the initial purchase.

What Other Customers Have to Say

Since it was first released, there have been a number of Tippmann 98 custom reviews, ratings, and testimonials posted and published both online as well as in credible magazines and printed publications.

The general consensus is that this definitely one of the very best models that Tippmann has to offer. If you are looking for a high-quality paintball marker that is filled with a superior level of power and performance, then the Tippmann 98 custom model is exactly what you need. The bottom line is that you might have to pay a little more money upfront to purchase this model, but the long-term quality that you will get in return far outweighs those expenses.

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