Tippmann Gryphon Review (2020)

If you’re just getting into the wonderful game of paintball then you probably want to go with a marker that is easy on your wallet. There is no need to go out and buy something really expensive before you are even sure if you like the game. Rather I would start off with an entry level marker that is fairly cheap and only buy something better after you are sure that paintball is right for you.

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My favorite entry level paintball gun would definitely have to be the Tippmann Gryphon because of how well-made it is for being well under $100. Everyone knows that Tippmann is a leading powerhouse when it comes to reliable paintball guns and equipment and the Gryphon definitely helps continue that legacy.

Tippmann Gryphon Review

So if you’re thinking of getting into paintball and are looking for a reliable marker to start with then continue on to read our Tippmann Gryphon review to see if this is the right one for you.

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What Makes This Marker So Great

This marker is built from the ground up to be extremely reliable and easy to use. Unlike most Tippmann markers the Gryphon has a center feed design like that of a speedball gun. While this might make aiming slightly harder it allows you to maximize your mobility around bunkers and different objects. This will also allow you to get used to the speedball marker design in case you would rather go that route instead of woodsball.

While most entry-level paintball guns use an external gas line the Tippmann Gryphon actually has an internal gas line that allows for a cleaner look as well as not having to worry about it snagging on a branch or vine. The marker itself actually has a really great feel to it thanks to the style of the frame, the ergonomically designed front grip and the easy to pull blade trigger. Even the body itself is made out of high impact composite material that will definitely last you throughout the years.

The Gryphon can run off both CO2 and HPA so no matter what type of propellant you are forced to use you will be good to go. The barrel threads are the same as the A5 and X7 so upgrading the barrel surely won’t be a problem either.

Is the Gryphon Right for You?

When you’re new to paintball you have a few different options you can go with when it comes to choosing a gun to start with. You can either go to a field and play with one of their rental guns, buy a cheap entry-level marker like the Tippmann Gryphon or go with something a little bit better like the 98 Custom.

I would always recommend going to your local field and using the rental guns at least once to see if you even like playing paintball. If you do decide you like to play then you can either go with a paintball gun like the Gryphon or maybe get something a little bit better.

The benefit of going with the Gryphon is that later on you can upgrade to an intermediate level marker and keep this as a backup in case you ever run into problems with your new paintball gun.

In the end, it really all depends on how much money you want to spend and if you think you will be playing on a constant basis for a long time.

If you take anything from this Tippmann Gryphon review is that this is considered to be one of the best entry-level markers out right now and definitely so for the price.


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