How To Fix A Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot

Are you having problems with your paintball gun? Don’t worry, most of the problems can be fixed easily with just a little bit of knowledge. In this post I’ll teach you how to fix a paintball gun that won’t shoot.

Having Trouble with Shooting Your Paintball Gun?

Paintball guns are just like every other mechanized piece of equipment. They tricky to work with and can be very unpredictable. Other than your mask, it is unarguably the most important equipment that you can go with to the field. while some paintball guns may not give you a headache for many years, others might develop some faults regularly and disappoint during a paintball gun match.

Many paintballs guns problems with are not that tough and can be fixed with very little effort. If you attend a lot of paintball games, you would notice some players struggling to make their guns shoot.

Such players often sit on their tailgates, hoping that someone will notice and come to their aid or they simply just walk off the field. This is because they don’t know how to rectify the issue. Apart from bad paint or dirty barrels, there are other reasons that would simply make a paintball gun not shoot at all.

How About Some Troubleshooting Tips

A lot of paintball gun issues with standard blow-style options such as Tippmanns and Spyders are common and any player with a manual, a working tool and a little knowledge of paintball gun can easily repair them.

However, there’re some serious issues that might require a player calling on the assistance of an expert. So, if your paintball gun does not shoot at all, the following troubleshooting techniques should help to resolve the paintball issues you might be having;

1. You are yet to power up your marker. By powering up your marker, your gun should be able to shoot Properly.

2. Your ASA could be disengaged. Your paintball gun should shoot if properly engaged.

3. You have a flat/ very low battery charge or you’re using one that is of low quality. Replacing the battery can fix the shooting problem.

4. Your DWELL parameter could have been set too low. Try increasing it

5. Adjust the trigger setup to enable the micro-switch fully open and close.

6. The breach may lack paint. Fill the loader with paint and check for blockages in the loader and feed tube.

7. You are yet to plug the pilot valve wire into its PCB port

8. Check for damaged PCB and replace it.

9. Check for damaged pilot valve and replace it.

10. Adjust the trigger until there’s deactivation of its selected detection method when you release it.

Apart from the above-listed troubleshooting tips, there are other reasons the paintball gun won’t shoot. It could be that the paintballs are not properly positioned in the gun. If this is the case, it means that you have a largely sized barrel and a small sized paintball, which means that your barrel is quite large for the paintballs.

There are times your paintball gun won’t shoot probably because it does not re-cock. Simply check the tank which should be empty in this scenario and replace with a tank that is full., making sure that the inside and outside of the gun is clean. You should also check for broken paintballs stuck in the chamber from previous games.

Also, check to ensure that you are not having a gummed up hammer and bolt which can pose a major sliding issue. Cleaning and properly lubricating the internals of the paintballs should help.

Re-cock failure may also stem from the hammer not having enough pressure. Increasing tension on the part of the marker should fix the issue.

However, if the issue still persists, replace the hammer spring of the gun. Also, don’t forget to examine the 0-rings of the paintball gun. Replace any worn out or broken parts and test your marker again.

Time to Bring In the Expert

Sometimes having all these tips at your fingertips is not just enough. You know it is time to bring in the expert when it is time to bring in the expert. This means that you have tried all you can and your paintball gun still does not have a long lasting solution.

For example, when it is an air leakage problem in the gun, the repair will often require a longer period of time, If you cannot afford to wait, there is a quick way around it( though it is a short term solution ).

Fix it by dropping little quantity of greaser in the ASA of your gun and afterward fix back the tank and you are good to go. Ultimately, you would need to take it to a paintball gun shop so an expert can examine its parts and help fix the issue permanently Bear in mind that sometimes, these experts will have to order in replacement parts and this might take some time, but a functioning paintball gun is worth the wait anyways.

Conclusion: How To Fix A Paintball Gun That Won’t Shoot

While fixing most of the common paintball gun issues are easy, it’s better to totally avoid having them. Maintaining your Paintball gun properly ensures that it’s in good working condition at all the time so you can stay on top of your game.

Since we all know that prevention is better than cure and than it is indeed wise to maintain your guns than wait till it breaks down on the field.

In other not to be that player who solemnly waits for assistance on the field, then you should know the several ways to maintain your paintball gun.

Firstly, make sure you carry out cleaning or maintenance according to the instructions in the owner’s manual. This entails you using the correct type of oil as instructed by the manual.  Also avoid disassembling your marker frequently, so as not to lose some bolts.

Secondly, before every paintball match, ensure you oil the 0-ring at the front and back. Take care not to do it excessively.

Thirdly, after using the paintball gun, Endeavour to clean it thoroughly. Remove the CO2 tank first and avoid using chemical cleaners or abrasive to clean. Lastly, keep your gun away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place.