Top 10 Best Paintball Barrels 2019

Top 10 Best Paintball Barrels List

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Best Paintball Barrels

Tippmann Sniper Barrel Review

TIPPMANN Sniper Barrel Review

Tippmann sniper barrel comes in this matte black finish to give you that stealthy look. It’s available in both 14 and 16-inch lengths. It’s available in A-5, X7, and the Tippman 98 thread. It’s made out of lightweight aluminum and the inside is a low friction surface. Tippmann sniper barrels are just micro honed for accuracy so it has got a super smooth and perfect finish on the inside. It is a one-piece barrel. It is a great upgrade for any Tippmann marker. Tippmann sniper barrel is going to give you a longer barrel than the stock ones that come on most of the Tippmann markers so it gives you a different look.

It has a hard anodized black outside to it so it is super rugged, super durable as well. It is made up of light aircraft grade aluminum so it’s going to be super-lightweight.

The pattern or the design is very simple on the gun. It does have some fluting and some porting at the end but not
throughout the entire barrel so definitely your sound signature will be different than a barrel that’s got more porting throughout.

It does have a good amount of porting note to help disperse the excess gas as it comes out the end of the
barrel trying to make the barrel a little bit quieter.

As I always say that barrel length should not exceed 18 inches and not below 12 inches for the higher accuracy and Tippmann sniper does have a perfect length and it definitely helps in taking the accurate shots.


DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber one piece Paintball Gun Barrel Review

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber Paintball Gun Barrel Review

As you got to know from its name it is made up of Carbon Fiber so it is an extremely lightweight barrel.
These barrels are completely manufactured in the US and they hand check each one of these for quality control. Deadly wind is so confident of their quality control and their manufacturing processes that they have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects but what else sets deadly wind apart from other carbon fiber barrels?

Well, Deadly wind manufactures their barrels using a unique three-layer process the most important layer though
is their inner layer and that’s what they call as the silk fiber. It is super slick, super smooth and it’s gonna lead to a
nice accurate shot.

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber one piece Paintball Gun Barrel comes with A5/X7 Threads.

It also means you’re gonna be able to do something that not all carbon fiber barrels can say you can
use certain barrel cleaners to clean out your barrel when you have broken paint. A lot of other carbon fiber barrels will experience issues like fiber threads will come out from the porting holes edges which make the surface rough.

I can tell you this confidently that you’ll never encounter such problem in DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber barrel

This barrel just weighs around 45 to 50 grams. The other fiber barrels come with a weight between 60 and 65 grams. if we compare with an alpha black barrel which is 215 grams that’s pretty much 5 times heavier than this stock barrel.  It is even lighter than ego 11 or go3.  The shaft four barrel is 122 grams. It is almost three times
heavier than this. And one of the smallest lightest barrels we could find was the invert mini barrel and that was
89 grams that’s still almost twice as heavy as DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber one piece Paintball Gun Barrel.

One of the best things about this barrel is that Deadly Wind does have a lifetime guarantee against defects. That’s kind of a big deal. There are only a couple of companies in paintball will make such a bold claim.

So if anything happens with your barrel as a result of manufacturing defect I got your back 100%. They also have a 30 day no questions asked performance and satisfaction guarantee.  So if you don’t like it you know after
30 days send it back they’ll give you a full refund. What’s really cool about that is in the last six years since
deadly winds have been around not a single person has taken advantage of that. I think that’s pretty cool – The record speaks for itself.

Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Autocker Threaded Paintball Barrel Review

Deadlywind Fibur-X Carbon Fiber Autocker Threaded Paintball Barrel Review

deadly windows release a new fibre x8 barrel a barrel that is designed to take the neugog freak eight-inch inserts for those of you that aren’t familiar with the fibrex barrel it is a carbon fiber barrel that previously only took the 5-inch inserts by God but now can take the 8 inch the fiber expose our pretty cool so they just have a long carbon fiber tip and then these little backs that are designed to work with whatever thread you want so you can get them in like auto or thread ion / luxe thread a 5 thread spider thread there’s a bunch of guns so it’s kind of neat you can just buy the tip and then different backs to fit different guns so you have to buy whole entire barrels and it’s not like some new crazy barrel it’s just redesigned to take that longer 8 inch insert they can be had right now for a hundred and five dollars from your favorite paintball retailer I like deadly wind barrels I’m a fan of them at this point they make the best carbon fiber barrels although they don’t like have a ton of competition there’s not too many carbon fiber barrels but the products are very well-made they got great customer service and they just straight-up work I think it’s obvious that they make good products as Planet Eclipse has chosen them to make the FL barrel the barrel that comes on the CSR and CS 1.5 and I guess can be bought individually too


BT Paintball APEX 2 Barrel Review

BT Paintball APEX 2 Barrel Review

So next one is the review of the BT Apex barrel system. So BT Apex system consists of 2 barrels. First one is 14-inch Apex 2  is Tippmann A-5, X7 threaded barrel and another one is an 18 inch 98 custom threaded barrel.

So let’s go over some of the features of that Apex2 barrel.

It has a durable construction with aluminum casing and adjustable ramp. The ramp is on nine points it has
nine points of adjustment so it basically just puts a flap down so your balls have added curve for tricky shots and hard corners. It also has an on/off capability.

I love the length of this barrel. 14- inch is just so accurate.  I always go with a 14-inch or a 16-inch barrel but if you’re into sniping probably 18-inch would be a good choice for you.

This Apex2 Barrel looks so much stylish and adds a nice performance to the gun. 14 inch Apex2 is a Tippmann A5 threaded barrel and as it is a  little longer thread so there are no o-rings needed for the extra seals for air leaks. and

In my opinion, I think Apex2 Barrel is a great choice because it’s great for CQB situations and maneuvering over tight corners.

Also, there is a switch that you push forward and in to get to your next settings and what the settings
are is a flip up lockdown in the front of the barrel that makes your balls curve either up to the right, left or dip.

These curves are not as like the Empire predicted in the picture. It goes over and get gradual curve instead of like
straight on. So that’s something you need to note when you want to buy this barrel.

Empire Apex 2 Adjustable Barrel Kit Review

Empire Apex 2 Adjustable Barrel Kit Review

they are the apex barrels this is an apex to the second version there is an apex one or just the apex which is a smaller version it’s only about that long and it looks a little odd so I think what they did with the apex 2 is kind of give it a more traditional silencer or mock suppressor look to it so it really fits the overall look of a gun better I think it comes in two different threads it comes in a ninety eight custom style thread which is the big threads like this that you might be used to seeing or an a5 thread which fits a 5s obviously X 7 X 7 phenom XM Phenom mechanical so that particular style thread and the barrel itself what’s cool about an apex 2 barrel well or the apex barrel I should say it’s got some very unique features to it that lets you or give you the ability to control the flight path of your ball so with this particular barrel it is possible to shoot someone that is hiding behind a tree or behind a bunker or behind some sort of obstacle without them being able to see you now whether that’s practical it can be done in the middle of a game when people are shooting at you and things are going crazy I don’t know but if you happen to have a moment during a game where you can stop and really try to use the barrel the way it’s intended to you might see some pretty cool results I’ve shot it just for fun not in the middle of a game or anything like that and it really does work it’s just its application to a crazy firefight might not work so well but it definitely does what it says it will do so the way this works is you have your barrel on the front right here and this threads into the gun okay let’s just assume that where our adjustment knob here is vertical the gun would be positioned this way as well when a ball is traveling through the barrel it’s going to come through the larger mock suppressor section and it is going to hit a rubber mess a rubber tongue almost like a ramp that sticks down into the barrel from the top now by controlling this slider either back or forward we make that ramp stick further in or raise up out of the barrel so when it’s in it’s completely off position the ball travels through it doesn’t touch that ramp at all it just exit out the barrel like it normally would and shoot straight without any kind of effect as we start to lower the ramp into the barrel as the ball rolls through or comes flying through it hits this rubber ramp that’s sticking down and it creates a backspin on the ball as it’s passing passing underneath it what this will do is as the ball exits it will create lift and the ball will go up in the air so you’ll get a rise to the ball and that will actually make you shoot further that’s the same way that the flat line barrel works from Tippett done completely different but they put a backspin on the ball and it makes it go further now if you could control that spin and change it to a sideways bin or a downward spin you can control the flight of the ball and you can you can actually rotate this thing around so that vertical spin that we were creating right here we’ve now translated to a horizontal spin and you can curve it to the left you could turn it over here and curve it to the right you can turn it down and curve it down so you can shoot someone behind a trashcan or behind a barrel or something like that if you had time to set it up adjust it shoot change it suggested shoot if you have that ability great do it because you can shoot people and they can’t see you but in the majority of the the shooting that you’re going to be doing whether you have that ability or not you can still shoot accurately without any interference through the end of the barrel by just turning the ramp or the the impede meant into the barrel all the way off it really does work like I said I’ve gone out and shot it it’s amazing how you can get these balls to change in direction just the application to the middle of a game I guess it’s it’s feasible for this type of paintball I played no tournament ball or speed while you’re not going to be playing with it like that but woods ball scenario ball where you’re sneaking around or maybe you’re hiding and waiting for people to come to you and they are in a position and they’re around a corner you might be able to shoot them and get them out so definitely I think this is an awesome product for that particular scenario style or that woods ball style so it definitely fits the style of the markers and so it’ll blend right in.


Tippmann 98 Platinum Series Barrel Review

Tippmann 98 Platinum Series Barrel Review

hey guys rory from ANS gear we’re going to just take a quick look at a barrel today this is the tippmann 98 platinum series barrel so this is the original stock barrel that came with the gun let’s say you picked up a 98 custom and maybe you bought it used and it doesn’t have the original barrel or you have one and you’ve lost your original barrel maybe you’re trying to sell it with the original barrel on marble you just want a very basic 98 threaded barrel to put on any gun that you might already have this is a great choice for that it’s a consistent shooter as long as you bore it out to the right size paint obviously you want to do that with all barrels that you are potentially shooting through a gun but if you’re looking for just something simple something basic that matches the gun that you had if you had a 98 custom or the platinum series but obviously it’ll work on any gun that is 98 custom threaded so this is the original stock 98 custom platinum series barrel


Tippmann A-5 Flatline Barrel with Built-in Foregrip

Dye Precision UltraLite Boomstick .688-Inch Paintball Barrel 

Dye Precision UltraLite Boomstick .688-Inch Paintball Barrel Review

we’re gonna take a look at the dial tree light barrels I’ve got a couple different backs as well as a 14 and a 16 inch tip now unlike the carbon fiber setup these are true to size so when attached to the back side here you’ve got an actual 14 and a 16 inch tip as close as they can be to being size that’s how they’re marked so the backs are going to come in a couple different sizes we’re going to have six eight zero six eight four six eighty eight six ninety two and there are some six nine fives I believe but typically it’s six that getting up into the 93 in higher area those are gonna be not so widely used now paint is getting a little bit smaller these days so the 80s to the eighty eight’s is typically where you’re going to see most paint shooting even slightly smaller than 88 so we’re gonna go ahead and look at these together we’ll weigh them up so just the backs by themselves let’s see 2.8 now with a tip this is the 14 inch tip we’re gonna put on here I can get this to stay on so four point eight ounces so pretty light for a 14 inch barrel especially a two-piece 14 inch barrel and then with the 16 inch tip on there five point three so not a tremendous difference in weight between the 14 to the 16 ounce barrel or 16 inch barrel the barrels are aircraft grade aluminum micro honed on the inside so you’re going to get great quality great performance obviously you always want to bore size properly paint two barrel match makes a tremendous difference in performance overall but if you’re looking for a great barrel that is gonna be light and accurate check these out the die ultra light barrels available in multiple back sizes and two different tip sizes check them out on the website and order yours now at heinous gear calm you

DYE Precision GF Boomstick Barrel

GOG Freak Jr Paintball Barrel


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How to choose a paintball barrel – Buyer’s Guide

Factors to consider while choosing the Paintball Barrel

Paintball Barrel Bore Size

So I’m sure you’ve wondered what size bore should I use. Well, I’ve gone through this too and through my experience, I’ll explain how you should be picking the bore for your particular paint. So, there are so many different bore sizes that you can get.

It is a general misconception that all paintballs are of the same size. Generally, paintballs are of .689 calibers but some paintball manufacturers make them different. Like few of them producing  .685 calibers. So it is necessary to choose the compatible bore size barrel.  We recommend you to buy Empire Paintball JR Barrel Kit as it contains 3 bore inserts (.680,.685,.690) which is a versatile kind of barrel kit.

Picking a right bore size barrel is really important to shoot straighter. There’s kind of a process that you can go through and see which is going to be the best for that particular paintballs.  You’ll see on any insert or bore kit that there’s are little numbers printed at the bottom. These are the different bore sizes and what you can do is grab a
couple balls and then you’re just gonna put them in the barrel. You don’t want the ball to be too tight and you also
don’t want the ball to roll through. You want to be able to put it in there so that it doesn’t come out of another end on its own but when you blow into the barrel it should pretty easily come out.

So typically you want a barrel size that is a 685 caliber bore size that’s not too snug but snug enough that air is trapped behind it and pushes it evenly and pushes the ball all the way to the end of the barrel. If you have a really big bore size and a very small ball, when that ball travels down the barrel, it’s going to wobble. And when it
comes out the end, it’s going to lose its trajectory of being accurate and you don’t want that to happen.


Paintball Barrel Material Quality

Carbon Fiber Barrel Vs Stainless Steel / Aluminium Barrel

Well, If you ask me which one of these 3 material type barrel is more accurate then I would say that accuracy does not really depend on material composition. There is no problem for accuracy as long as the barrel’s interior surface finish is good.

So carbon fiber barrels are super-lightweight, tough and have a nice surface finish. Carbon fiber is strong enough to bear a fall from a multi-story building. So, bearing the force by paintball shots is not a big deal for it. I personally feel that when carbon fiber barrels are on guns it is a little bit easier to move around and whip back and forth. But due to lightweight, the gun kicks. If we have more weight on the front it would kick less so that is a drawback of carbon-fiber barrels.

If we take aluminum or stainless steel barrels they are quite heavy so the guns kick less or you can say that kick of the gun cannot lift the barrel up hence, they help to take some stable shots.

Also, you also can’t have much porting in carbon fiber barrels because the carbon fiber is a weave. You can’t
put tons of porting. So let’s say if you have you have two pieces of carbon overlapped and you put a porting hole
in it, sometimes this middle section just falls out. Empire noticed when they made the Empire super-freak with the carbon-fiber barrel tipped.

They put a ton of porting and pieces of the carbon fiber were literally falling out of the barrel so sometimes it would come off on the inside of the barrel and that’s not good.

And because of the material, the carbon fiber is so dense as compared to aluminum or stainless steel so that sound wave can travel a little bit easier through it so the reduction in porting and the material that carbon fiber being dense leads to the barrels creating a louder sound. So carbon fiber barrels are gonna be lighter but a little bit louder and definitely cool/stylish.

Paintball Barrel Length

So, many people ask this question “What is the ideal paintball barrel length?”. Well, if put simply it depends on quite a few things like your playing style, gas efficiency, etc. So, today I’ll answer this question in detail and I hope it helps you to choose the best paintball barrel length.

Picking a barrel size has some science in it and some personal preference to it.  A lot of people pick longer barrels. They go for the longer one just because they think it’ll shoot further. But in all reality, it’s not going to make a difference in how much farther it shoots. Accuracy depends on the length of barrels to some extent but it majorly depends on the paint you are shooting. So, if you want your shots to be more accurate you should buy high-quality paintballs.

It is observed that gas-efficiency generally decrease with increasing length of the barrel. However shorter barrels are more gas-efficient and they need less air to shoot the balls. But shorter barrels being more air efficient gives a loud pop sound while taking a shot. As more air surrounds the paintball in the shorter barrels hence increase turbulence and results in the less accurate shot.

According to paintball experts, 7 inches is the minimum length of an ideal paintball barrel and should not exceed 20 inches. Only some professional paintball snipers buy the 20-inch barrel. Players buy longer barrels as it helps them to take shots while they are hiding in the bushes if you are into woodsball or air bunkers if you are a speedballer.

It does not mean that longer paintball guns would be very quiet. Well, they are quieter than the shorter ones but majorly porting is the main reason for quieter paintball barrels. We’ll discuss that later.

The recommended barrel size that you’ll want to have is always around 12 inches or longer because you want it to have accuracy.

Self Cleaning Technology

This is a very important factor to look for while buying the paintball barrel. I know it is very annoying when you keep on cleaning barrels with squeegees after few shots. Maybe due to dirt or paint sometimes when a paintball breaks in the barrel only. Hence self-cleaning barrels are the best solution.

Self-cleaning technology is basically the capability of the barrel to clean itself from inside everytime you take the shot. This is possible by the Teflon coating of the barrel from inside. Hence, if the dirt or paint sometimes sticks to the barrel from inside it can be easily cleaned by the next shot. The paintball will take away all the dirt/paint with it.

Paintball Barrel Porting

Paintball Barrel Porting is basically the tiny holes present in the front part of the barrel. These tiny holes are of great importance.

if you have a good quality expensive gun, you’ll see the porting on it. With all these holes that are drilled in the barrel. What that does is it allows the gas — the air — behind the ball as it’s traveling down the barrel to stabilize near the end. So when that ball comes out the end of the barrel and that big explosion happens where the air dissipates all around the ball, it doesn’t let it have so much energy that it hooks one way.

So that’s why I tell everybody that it’s important to go with a barrel that’s ported. If you have a barrel that’s not ported or has a muzzle brake, I would not use it. It’s going to only make your balls shoot everywhere that you shouldn’t be shooting. Let’s look this into a bit detail.

So basically porting help in two ways.

  1.  Reduce the shot sound.
  2. Improves accuracy

So, what happens is when you shoot paintball with a paintball marker air pressure is created in the gun and it moves the paintball and gives it the required momentum, very high velocity so the extra air surrounds the paintball and as soon as paintball comes out of the barrel the air produces the loud pop sound for some people which is very annoying.

Hence, the porting on the barrel takes out the extra air even before paintball leaves the barrel hence makes the gun a lot quieter.

The second thing which porting helps in is improving accuracy. As I said earlier that accuracy majorly depends on the paint which you are using. But no one can deny this fact that it also depends on the barrel. The porting plays a crucial role in determining the accuracy of the gun.

Well, as I said when you pull the trigger, pressure develops in the gun and the extra air pressure at the time of shot can cause increasing turbulence of paintball. It can lead to spinning, shaking the paintball which can lead to a wrong trajectory.

So what happens is that most of the energy is used to create velocity and speed as it works all the way down the barrel. And as it gets down to the last couple inches of the barrel, it dissipates some that energy. The ball comes out and all that energy breaks evenly so that ball doesn’t hook. The ball stays stable and gives it a straight shot. So, the porting can remove the extra air pressure while paintball moves through the barrel and leads to a perfect shot.

Some people argue that over porting can lead to less powerful shot as it removes the excess of air pressure which is required for the paintball to go farther. I completely agree with them, as there is a sweet point between over porting and under porting. Manufacturers like Empire have already experimented and got to know this sweet point. Hence, they produce the best paintball barrels in the world.

Paintball Barrel Accuracy

How to get better accuracy:

1. Keep your barrel clean.
2. Use the proper barrel bore size.
3. Use good quality paint.
4. Correct Barrel length.
5. Proper Barrel Porting.

Let’s talk them one by one.

Keep your barrel Clean

It is very important to keep clean your barrel clean. Sometimes dust or paint get stuck on the inner part of the barrel which can slow down the velocity of the paintball or increase the turbulence. Both of which are bad for the accuracy of paintball guns.

Use the proper barrel bore size

As I have explained this earlier that accuracy also depends on barrel bore size. You should always go for ideal bore size. If the bore size is larger than the paintballs then paintballs would freely wobble inside the barrel and can shoot them in wrong directions.

If the bore size is less and paintballs are larger then paintballs can get stuck inside and it can slow down the velocity of the paintballs or they can even break inside the barrel.

You should choose the barrel bore size which is just right for the paintballs.

Use good quality paint

As it is said, “Garbage in, garbage out”. If your paintballs are not of the good quality they are not gonna be totally spherical, or they might be having bad surface finish hence many things can happen. Either it would slow down your paintballs or not shoot straight.

I would always recommend you to buy good quality paintballs if you want your shots to be accurate.

Correct Barrel length

I think I have explained it earlier paintball barrel section. You just need to select neither too short nor too long barrel. I feel that ideal barrel length should be between 12 inches to 18 inches. If it is too short then due to high air pressure more turbulence will lead to less accuracy and if barrel length is quite large then that would slow down paintballs and shoot weaker shots.

Proper Barrel Porting

Barrel Porting is important in increasing accuracy of a paintball gun. As we’ve discussed before they remove the extra air pressure helps in stabilizing paintball and leads to smooth and very accurate shots.


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