6 Best Paintball Pistol 2023

Guess, you’re looking for a paintball pistol. Well, if you are then you are in the right spot. In this article, we list the top 6 best paintball pistols in 2023.

Here is the list of best paintball pistol 2023:

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Best Paintball Pistol 2023

Best paintball Pistol

If you are a paintball enthusiast like me, you know the importance of paintball pistol. And you need to keep a lot of things in mind while choosing the best paintball pistol. With a large number of paintball pistols available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the one that is perfect for you.

Well, don’t worry about my experience of 8+ years in paintballing, I have used a large number of paintball pistols. I would help you to choose the best paintball pistol in 2023.

I have prepared this list of top 6 best paintball pistols in 2023 based on my experience with 30+ paintball pistols. I have given a table with top choices. If you don’t have time to read the review, you can go for these choices. Trust me, you won’t regret your decision.

Before we check out 6 best paintball pistols, I would also like you to know that these paintball pistols are listed in no particular order. All the 6 paintball guns are amazing but different from each other.


Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol Marker Gun

Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber Paintball Pistol Review

Tippmann is one of the huge names in the world of paintball games. They are the leading paintball makers out there. The design of the Tippmann TiPX pistol is to feel and look like a military firearm.

The design of the pistol is its key selling point as it has a great compact and smooth design. It handles well in combat with the firm grip and the trigger is made of metal.

The pure performance is natural, both advanced paintballers and beginners will find the Tippman TiPX pistol comfortable and easy to handle. Regarding operation, the semi-automatic feature will fire from an open bolt, then the pistol’s blow-forward mechanism will minimize the coil.

With the spring-loaded Tru-feed magazine, the spring will immediately push the paintball right into the pistol’s chamber. When the marker inserts the CO2 cartridges, it will puncture when you pull the trigger. You need to remember once you squeeze the trigger for the first time, it will not fire instantly, the second squeeze will shoot the first ball.


1. The features in this model include an under-barrel CO2 air system and a Picatinny rail that is intended on attaching attachments.

2. The Tippmann TiPX Paintball pistol is a magazine-fed maker and a semi-automatic, which makes you feel you are holding a real gun when using it. It provides a lightweight and close-packed design, perfect for marking single targets or for tactical backup.

3. The design is more efficient and innovative. The Tippmann TiPX pistol comes with two 7 -round Tru-feed stack magazines with low-tension system springs and a quick release mechanism.

4. It is a 0.68 caliber marker gun and also comes with a feed rate of 8 bullets per second and an external velocity adjuster. The current design of the spool valve system helps reduce the kicks and maximizes air efficiency.

5. It is a light-weight pistol of about 2 pounds which makes it simple to handle and move around during combat.

6. The design is very efficient and compact and has all the specifications in the right places. The Tippmann paintball pistol has a 12-gram air system that has a metal trigger which strikes the CO2 at the first pull.

7. It also has an ergonomic grip, the military design, and a standard threaded A5/X7 barrel.

  • It offers a good range and it is very precise in the field.
  • The mobility and fix rate of this pistol is fantastic and it rules in close quarter combats.
  • Comes with several customizable features and gives excellent control over the performance and working of this gun during the battle.
  • It has a light-weight and compact design which makes it simple to hold.
  • Carry and maneuver this pistol in battles.
  • This is the best part of the gun.
  • It also adds up as a non-lethal self-defense weapon that can shoot tear gas and pepper ball rounds and also work efficiently.
  • Choose between three colors black, tan and olive to personalize your gun.
  • Durable metal, trigger made from aluminum.
  • You can play for many hours without losing accuracy.
  • Camouflage customization.
  • Has an easy to check ammo through ammo window.
  • Comes with a Two-year warranty.
  • Has two self-locking 8-ball magazines.
  • Small magazines.
  • While shooting the 7th paintball, the pressure release valve can kick in, and the air can leak out.
  • Players consider this as a secondary option.


Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Review

As you already know that Tippmann is one of the best paintball pistol manufacturers in the extensive world industry having its big name. Their cardinal quality is something they are celebrated for.

Well, looking at the Tippmann TPX paintball pistol you will see that, it has both been designed to feel and look like the martial styled firearm.

The marker is highly reliable due to its accuracy. It also has a velocity adjuster that is located at the rear of the receive, adjacent to it, you will spot a circular notch that allows one to place a remote adapter to make the gun efficient.


The model is designed with an under-barrel CO2 air system accompanied with Picatinny rail intended for attachments mounting.

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is the 2nd generation creation and the Tippmann squad have necessitated improvement on various aspects that the predecessors had and also nurtured its overall design.

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol is a magazine-fed and semi-automatic marker that primarily makes one feel like they are holding a handgun.

This elegant appeal will not be found on other paintball guns on the market. Tippman TPX paintball pistol provides a compact design and it’s also flimsy, which necessitates streaking of solo targets.

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol focuses basically on maximum-effectiveness at a cheap cost. The body has been designed to enhance the maintenance as it makes it easy to gain access to the manufacturer’s internal mechanism.

Its overall structure is structured of insubstantial and high jolt polymer. Well, this implies that the unit is highly reliable, idle and light for one who wants a coherent sidearm rather than moving with a clumsy primary gun.

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol primary operation is simple. Both the starters and seasoned paintballers are to encounter it to be very easy and extremely comfortable to work with As per its performance, its semi-automatic attribute it will fire from its open bolt.

There will be a reduction in the pistol’s recoil through its blow-forward mechanism. With its spring-loaded, it will keep on pushing the paintballs into their pistols compartment. Once the CO2 cartridges are loaded by the markers, they will be punctured as soon as you push the trigger.

One thing to keep in mind is that the first time you push the trigger it will not fire immediately until you push the second time its when it will fire the first ball.

Tippmann TPX paintball pistol holds two spring-loaded tru-feed magazines that hold seven rounds each. The seven-round tru-magazine was created to outwit the mis-feeding issue that was accompanied by the floundered magazine.

  • It’s flimsy, hence perfect for martial gameplay.
  • It’s accompanied by a two-year warranty.
  • Concealment customization.
  • High accuracy and consistency in its units.
  • It is well balanced.
  • Sometimes while shooting the seventh ball, the pressure emission valve kicks in and its air leaks.
  • It has a small magazine.
  • Many players considered it a secondary gun.


JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol

JT ER2 Pump Paintball Pistol

If you are looking for a paintball pistol that has some cool specifications, some aesthetic design and some real efficiency at shooting then JT ER2 is the best decision you can make to buy the new pistol for your adventurous games needs.

The pistol comes in with five 12 grams CO2s tubes that filled with 10 paintballs each, and that makes 50 rounds for shooting right out of the box which in most of the paintball guns or shotguns are not available and you have to actually buy the paintballs fillers and paint tubes separately after the purchase of paintball gun or shotgun.

The pump bonus – One bonus that you will get with this pistol is the “Pump’ which is included in the brand name too, the pump is the thing in this gun that makes the whole package interesting and worth investing in the pump on a very affordable price tag.


This pump pistol is really simple to understand and really easy to use and handle it on an adventure out in the woods. The JT ER2 pump pistol is quite simple if you want to open and actually understand the inside machinery of the pistol because many times you will have to clean up the pistol to increase the lifespan of the pistol.

It only has nine screws and the safety feature in the JT ER2 Pump pistol really comes in handy for securing the weapon, the red means its unsafe and the black means the pistol is locked.

The machinery inside of the pistol is not very complicated too, there is long barrel attached to the CO2s tube and down the traditional trigger and the one additional feature of pump action comes with the pistol that makes the pistol unique and really effective to shoot with high accuracy and speed.

The pistol produces sound and that’s not considered as the negative part because if you are a professional the sound that the paintballs make doesn’t really matter if the efficiency of the gun is utmost to the top standards.

  • The built quality of this product is really admirable.
  • This product is well built and appreciable design pattern.
  • Pretty durable, it has a longer lifetime.
  • JT ER2 paintball Pump Pistol has good accuracy with remarkable power.
  • Kids find it difficult to reload.
  • It is a little bulky and the paintball goes out of control.
  • Moreover, it generates loud sound when fired.
  • Sometimes you can witness CO2 cartridges leaks out.
  • You will not be able to shoot multiple times. You have to cock it for every single shot. You should pause for a few seconds after every shot.
  • The accuracy reduces when the distance extends beyond 30 feet.
  • The reload process takes longer time.

This is a really powerful gun and has acquired a tremendous amount of appreciation due to its nice features. But there are many negative reviews too as it is not beginner friendly. But once you get experienced on handling it, it can be a real great companion on the field.


Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Paintball Marker

Kingman Training Chaser 11mm Marker, Silver Review

Kingman training chaser 11mm marker is a .43 caliber paintball pistol with a real hand pistol weight and feel.

The built is all-aluminum for longevity with a Reversal Striker Valve (RVS) system. It comes in a full package with a magazine, 2.12-gram CO2 cylinders, a 100 rounds jar of paintballs, a safety ball, a squeegee and other cleaning and repair items.

Among all KT paintball guns, this one stands out as an affordable, all-in-one gun with a sleek touch to it and a wide range of colors to choose from. Its weight is roughly 3 pounds and it’s hard to mistake it for a real gun just by looking at it.

However, the weight and feel resemble that of a real pistol. Only this time it is pretty much easy to set up and load. The size is average although the grip panel is slightly larger but lined with rubber for that strong grip.

It can shoot at 9-rounds per second, 250 feet shooting range that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor sports. It works quite handy for indoor sports as it’s quite portable. Be sure to fire quite harder and much louder shots in this area, though. These are the most lethal. Otherwise for those who have a few runs with it, adjusting the velocity in the hex screw is the trick.

Moving across fields is quite flawless, attracting many pro players. It is aluminum built, means you can jump, tumble without having to worry about breakage. Also, there’s plenty of shooting per a single cartridge (about 40-80 shots) although they are not as many as you would sometimes want.

It’s an 11mm marker anyway. The slide cocking system is perfect in the sense that it’s slid manually and doesn’t slide back any time you shoot. It also has an external velocity adjuster and an ergonomic aluminum trigger frame that keeps the shooting to go on for longer.

Generally, the Kingman training chaser is particularly suited for both intermediate and pro players looking for a durable, reliable and stylish backup weapon. Its wonderful air efficiency is unrivaled. Its simulated real pistol cocking action clearly an advantage and the high velocity makes it a worthy gear to expand your arsenal.
  • Kingman training chaser paintball pistol is the best choice when looking to save cash and at the same time get credit for it.
  • Kingman training chaser is extremely portable. Its relatively small size and light weight ensure flexibility. It can literally fit all players’ needs and ease of use.
  • Comes with perfect air-efficiency. Kingman training chaser cartridge can fire through relatively very few magazines (with above 80 paintballs shot).
  • The shooting speed is relatively attractive.
  •  Along with speed, accuracy is paramount. Its firepower and magazine style ensures strict accuracy.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Not suitable for long-range. .43 caliber markers are designed for short-range training that suites indoor and some outdoor sports and training.
  • Limitations of .43 caliber paints in some fields, not all fields will allow 43 caliber paints.
  • Some paintballs might break due to differences in both gas and fluid pressure, this is expected of paintballs.
  • Sometimes the speed might be relatively slow. Generally, the speed is not what you would expect from a .68 caliber paintball gun. The Kingman training chaser is relatively slow as compared to those.
  • Need a relatively large hand grip in some cases, the grip panel may be larger for some but it is lined with rubber to enhance a stronger grip.


Kingman Training Eraser 11mm Paintball Marker

Kingman Eraser Marker, Jet Black Review

A Kingman training eraser is simply an 11 mm paintball pistol that uses a 12g CO2 cartridge as the power source and is mostly used for training different persons on the various shooting tactics.

The gun uses a recent system called Reversal Striker Valve which improves the accuracy and the general performance of the gun.

The Kingman training Eraser Marker also provides an actual weight and texture similar to that of a real pistol.

The functioning of the Kingman Training Eraser is not too technical and hence anyone with just a slight idea is able to capture it all.

The CO2 power cartridges are loaded into the cylinder that contains the CO2 gas and then attached into the grip of the handgun to keep its weight balanced and also shrink the marker’s size from the front side.

Each of the cartridge fitted is able to make approximately 60-80 shots, however, this depends on the temperature too.


1. Cartridges that contain 12g CO2.

2. The eraser is fitted with a Reversal Striker Valve technique.

3. The whole device is made of aluminum materials.

4. The speed of the pistol ranges from 200-250 feet per second.

5. An upper slide system to cock the gun is also fitted.

6. The pistol is equipped with an external speed adjustment feature that facilitates velocity adjustments.

7. The playing level of this type of a handgun is either a beginner or an intermediate level.

8.  A powerful sight system is also ensured to increase the visibility of the user.

9. The loading system of the marker is the magazine style where every hold takes about nine rounds.

10. The striker bolt can quickly be released.

11. The grip plate is coated with rubber.

  • Kingman Training Eraser 11mm Marker is constructed using aluminum which is a strong and durable material.
  • Kingman training eraser is semi-automatic.
  • The gun is durable and thus can be used for many years before it completely wears out.
  • The connecting rods do not break easily.
  • The gun uses CO2 gas which is cheap to acquire as compared to compressed gas.
  • The pistol can easily be loaded.
  • A Kingman training eraser is also portable and hence can allow the user to maneuver in any way.
  •  When the CO2 pressure is too low only meek shots can be fired.
  • The trigger of Kingman Training Eraser is very sensitive and therefore may take shots even when you did not intend to when you mistakenly pull the trigger.


Tiberius Arms First Strike T8.1 Paintball Marker/Gun Pistol

Tiberius Arms First Strike T8.1 Paintball Marker Gun Pistol Review

Accessible in both gun and rifle designs, Tiberius paintball guns are high caliber, solid, and precise.

Basically, these guns will hold up well on the paintball field, inside and out. You can depend on these guns to hold up well under strain and never come up short you.

The Tiberius Arms T8.1 is an amazing decision for power and exactness. You just can’t turn out badly with this quality gun. This marker alone can enable you to take your paintball fighting to an all new level.


1. Very precise: gives unrivaled exactness on the field.

2. Completely movable speed accommodates most extreme shooting adaptability.

3. Conservative outline does not unfavorably affect amusement play or mobility.

4. Magazine bolstered with a vigorous inward magazine.

5. Highlights a veritable gun activity and feel, with the magazine sustaining straightforwardly into the gun handle.


These pistols are additionally made in America of the finest materials. The Tiberius T9.1 is the marker of decision for some accomplished paintball players.

‘You will accomplish a reliably precise shot with this marker, because of its side dovetailed sights, outstanding reach, movable speed, and unparalleled exactness.

Tiberius markers additionally highlight the valid pistol look and feel, with an outer magazine bolstering specifically into the handle.

If you are searching for an excellent paintball pistol, the Tiberius T8.1 pistol is the best prospect you can ever come across. The Tiberius Arms First Strike T8.1 has many pros than cons.

  • It has a perfect pinpoint accuracy especially on close-range targets making it easier to maneuver especially for indoor games or battles.
  • It is famous because of its chic aesthetic.
  • It is affordable and available in most authorized shops.
  • It is easier to hide which can give you an edge for sneak attacks or ambush depending on the kind of battle you are taking part.
  • The Tiberius Arms First Strike T8.1 pistol is easy to carry because it is made using lightweight materials.
  • It cannot fire off to targets accurately that are over 30 feet away.
  • The Tiberius Arms First Strike T8.1 gun has a problem with its marker’s design as it emits CO2 when ejecting a magazine.
  • It requires to be cleaned regularly because the marker does not function optimally when any internal grime builds up.

Regardless of which of the Tiberius paintball guns you pick, you can’t turn out badly. The greater part of this current maker’s quality guns will offer quality, trustworthiness, and precision.

Before you head into your next paintball war, inside or out, ensure you have a quality, trustworthy marker close by. With Tiberius paintball guns, you will have a confided in a partner on the field.


Top 15 Best Paintball Guns 2023

Conclusion: Best Paintball Pistol 2023

These are the top 6 best paintball pistols in 2023. You definitely need to check these paintball pistols out. Having read the reviews of these paintball pistols, you can buy the one that suits you the best.

If you have any doubt regarding any of these guns, please leave a comment. I would be happy to answer your questions.

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