Top 15 Best Paintball Pants 2023 + Reviews + Ultimate Buying Guide

Welcome guys, here we’re going to take a look at the top 15 best paintball pants in 2023, specifically tournament style or speedball style pants.

Now there are a number of different types of pants that you can choose from but in this list, you will find lightweight, nicely padded and durable paintball pants.

So I’m going to review different styles of pants in quite a bit detail and together we’ll try to find out which one might suit your style of play the best.

Top 15 Best Paintball Pants 2023 List

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People generally make use of different types of pants as their lower body protection for the game. Some wear baggy pants, cargo pants, and other elastic pants in layers to enhance added protection.

While this may be accepted in some paintball fields such as the backyard, it is not acceptable when joining professional games or even recreational events done in simulated venues.

It is still recommended to put on pants specifically made for paintballing since they address all of the comfort and protection of the wearer. Hence body protection is the key to choosing paintball pants.

So, I did a little research and with my experience of 8 years in paintballing, I reviewed more than 50 paintball pants and keeping key factors in mind such as flexibility, breathability, padding, etc and made a list of 15 best paintball pants in 2023.

I have reviewed each of these 15 pants and tried to go into a bit detail explaining various cool features in these pants that make them different from other paintball pants in the market.

So let’s get into it.

Best Paintball Pants

Planet Eclipse HDE Paintball Pants Review

Planet Eclipse HDE Paintball Pants

Planet Eclipse HDE Paintball Pants are super durable, flexible and obviously geared towards potential scenario woodsball players but it’s a crossover pant so you can really wear it in any application for paintball. You can even wear them for airsoft.

The major advantage of these pants is that they are easily cleanable. So this pant is made up of kind of tablecloth material from outside. It’s a little bit slick on the outside which actually will be helpful in paintball because it’s gonna be easier to clean.  You can just wash the paint off the pant easily.

It’s not a very porous or absorbent material that’s gonna suck that paint in and kind of hold it inside so the cleaning factor on these is gonna be great.

So the crotch area is nicely padded so you don’t have to bring a groin protector cup separately. It is very much flexible in the crotch area. it keeps your pants from tearing apart when you’re diving sliding rolling crawling whatever.

It is also fitted with knee pads which are removable. I personally feel that these knee pads are not so comfortable so I have removed them. I wear separate knee pads every time I play. If you are comfortable in it you can leave it there.

There are 5 belt loops so if you want to run your own belt you have no problem. These are adjustable belt straps so that you can kind of tighten it if you need it to be a little bit tighter or a little more form-fitting.

On the inside back panel does have a place for you to put your name, your squad and your rank just in case you forget who you are or forget where you’re coming (Just kidding).

On the back side, there is a strip for modular attachment or a molly section or a section below so you can accessorize your pants with the molly accessories. You can put multi pouches grenade pouches, ammo pouches, mag pouches, pod pouches, whatever you can easily stick them on the pants in any orientation.

Also on the inside leg side, the material is made up of the lightweight, breathable heat transfer material.

So basically these are the pants for all occasions. If you are looking pants for scenario setup or airball setup check these pants out.


Exalt T4 Paintball Pants Review

Exalt T4 Paintball Pants

I’m just gonna go over the features of Exalt T4 Paintball Pants.

In no particular order, I’m gonna start off with the padding because I mean that’s really why you buy a pair of paintball pants.

So, Exalt T4 has got really big wide knee pad areas so it’s gonna wrap pretty much around the whole front half of your leg up to the back of your thigh as well so it’s not even a knee pad anymore. It’s really just a whole thigh pad.

It also has some protective material on the hips so for those guys who love sliding that’s really nice because a lot of the times you are sliding right on your hip and hips padding is going to protect you.

Most of you guys will appreciate that Exalt T4 is padded right over the crotch. There is padding in this part so you’ve got a little bit of extra protection where you want it most.

Moving on it has got a couple of drawstrings just to make sure it’s tight. It has also got belt loops so if these don’t fit then you have got so many options. It’s got pockets with zippers which is nice. You can put your stuff in there and the next time you do a slide you don’t have to lose your keys or change or whatever on the field.

On the back of the pants, there are even more pockets so you have these wide-ish pockets that are really well designed for keeping other paintball accessories. So, you have got pockets to put things although only the ones on the side of the pants actually have a zipper so don’t put anything valuable in these back pockets and then just make a 30-foot slide with it.

Moving on you have got your drawstrings at the bottom of the pants just to make sure you don’t trip on anything because that’s embarrassing.

Also, there is mesh on the back of the leg so most of the inseam and the back of the leg is going to have a lot of mesh on it. This is just for breathability, keep your legs cool.

If you’re playing all day in the hot Sun you will appreciate having this mesh. It is very very nice because otherwise, you can just boil in there.

Last but not least you actually have stretchy material right throughout the entire crotch growing area of the pants which is essentially where most pants rip when you’re playing paintball in them. Low-quality normal paintball pants almost always gonna fail in the crotch first.

Hopefully, that’s not gonna happen with Exalt T4 because this is nice and stretchy. You also have more of this stretchy material between some of the padding parts and entirely across the back of the pants so most of the butt area is stretchy and not gonna rip off.

It is stretchable on almost all of the area where it’s gonna be taking the most beating or where it’s gonna be stretching while you’re running, sliding, jumping, etc.

That’s pretty much of features of these pants. They are made up of very nice quality material. It has got everything you need in pants in terms of protection, breathability, and flexibility.


Dye Ultralite Paintball Pants Review

Dye Ultralite Paintball Pants

These pants like the name state light-weight technological-advanced very very free-flowing pants. These pants are flexible, breathable and very light-weight.

The pants are made up of 100% polyester so you need to take note on how to maintain these pants. You’ll get abundant of tags with the pants where you get plenty of tips for how to clean and maintain these pants.

You cannot heat them or iron them. Do not use bleaches, softeners and never dry-clean these pants or otherwise, you’ll ruin them.

Let’s talk about its features.  In the front, over the fly, you get a cover for the zipper and no extra padding on it. you get a pair of drawstrings and an inbuilt-integrated belt in case you want to tighten the pants.

It does not come with belt loops so you won’t be able to wear normal bets with these pants.

In the front, You’ve got super stretchable material throughout the crotch area up to the thigh area so it prevents you from ripping the crotch out of your pants.

Also contains nice mesh material to keep everything nice and cool. So it is super flexible and breathable all over the pants. It has average zipper pockets in the front.

It does have the weather protection tops on the zipper to keep them safe from dirt, sand, mud, and water.

Moving down it has velcro on the bottom to keep them nice and tidy from ankles.

On the back, it is super stretchable from the hips. So you don’t have to worry while sliding, diving, etc.

For me personally, I love these pants because I don’t feel comfortable in those pants which have a ton of padding. I kind of wear knee pads or crotch padding separately. So these pants are super nice for me.


HK Army HSTL Paintball Pants – Review

HK Army HSTL Paintball Pants

HK Army HSTL Paintball Pants have good material, good construction, good padding, and good stretch zone. Most importantly they are affordable. It’s got everything that you would want in a pant.

They seem to focus on more of a reasonably priced mass interest piece of clothing which I think is perfect. If you want people to buy your pants so make them affordable for everybody.

Let’s look at its features. It comes with a padded fly in the front and 2 snap style buttons on the top which is fantastic. You don’t feel the importance of padded fly until you get shot there.

Inside it has the mesh material which makes them comfortable and pretty breathable. Around the top, we have belt loops so you can wear normal belts on it. It also has velcro straps so you can tighten it from the waist.

It has 2 pockets on the front and on the inner side of the pockets, there is an easily cleanable material.

Also. it doesn’t have a cloth which can soak up any kind of paint or mud. you can clean them by simply washing them off.

These pants come with the stretchable material at the front portion throughout the crotch area up to the inner legs, so you can’t rip your crotch area while running, jumping or sliding. I like the padding on these pants. It’s not overdone, it’s enough to keep them flexible, movable yet offers some kind of protection.

It’s probably not going to protect you from everything if you’re not wearing some extra knee pads under there but if you’re a mostly stand-up player who gets down every once in a while this will be fine. Or if you don’t find yourself crawling along the ground this would be just fine.

On the bottom, it has adjustable ankles velcro to keep it tight from the ankles and prevents the pant to drag on the ground.

It also has the padding on the hip section which is pretty impressive. It comes with 2 swab pockets on the back or you can also put barrels in there.

Overall, I feel that HK Army HSTL Paintball Pants are pretty breathable, affordable and made up of quality material.

HK Army 2014 Hardline Paintball Pants – Review

HK Army 2014 Hardline Paintball Pants

HK Army 2014 Hardline Paintball Pants does have front crotch growing protection. It has got a velcro zipper as well as a zipper. on the top, it has the dual button. Internally at the top, it has got silicone beading along the top section.

This is going to help with your pants slipping or falling down. HK Army 2014 Hardline has also got elastic sizing bands so if this pant is a little big on you this will help tighten around or you can stretch it around.

So it’ll keep your pants up and prevent from falling off while you’re playing. This pant overall has six different pockets on it – obviously two pockets at the top front.

There is hip padding on both sides which helps you to slide on your hips.

There are pockets on the back side of the pant on your legs so you can put barrel swabs or squeegees inside them. Also, there are velcro pockets at the front.

Moving further down we’ve got our knee paddings so this is going to hold up through all of your slidings, diving sitting on your knees, crouching.

It also has the stretchable section right above the padding. This is going to help when you’re crawling along the ground so that your pants don’t try to get pulled down as you’re crawling along around with your knees.

Padding basically goes almost all the way down to the bottom. There’s a little section at the bottom with no padding in it and the crotch area it is mesh padded so you’ll get great breathability through the crotch section help to keep your legs cool.

The last thing down at the bottom is the adjustable ankle cuff. Some players like it to be tight on their ankles, some players like it to be loose at the bottom so you can adjust it according to you.


Planet Eclipse Program Paintball Pants – Review

Planet Eclipse Program Paintball Pants

Planet Eclipse has come out with these program pants which really hits the mark on function, performance, agility, and protection. These pants are totally different from the previously discussed ones because they look plain.

It’s just black pants which I like. Many people might say “Oh! it’s just kind of looks dull and drab” but I am sure you’ll like these pants once you get a hold of them and can feel them. You’ll understand why they’re just truly unique.

Let’s talk about the features of Planet Eclipse Program Paintball Pants. The material of the pants is very comfortable, soft and non-abrasive material. The fly area has 2 snap buttons, velcro on the side, top and a zipper.

Now a lot of times you’ll see pants that have a lot of stitching and stuff on the inside because they’ve attached pockets or whatever but in Planet- Eclipse program pants they have put mesh net on the inside and that’s for a  bunch of purposes. Typically it’s because they don’t want your body rubbing up against scratchy seams so they want the inside material to be soft and cottony. So the inside material is super-smooth and comfortable.


It has nicely designed pockets with loops attached inside the pocket so you don’t lose things like car keys or other things. The whole front panel of the pant can move in all directions, it’s completely stretchable at the crotch area rolling around all the way to the back. So you can’t rip it off from crotch area while you are crawling or stretching your legs.

Coming down to the knee pads. They do have knee pads in them which is good but again it’s not thick and it’s not
overdone. But the padding is flexible, formable and very comfortable. It comes with drawstrings at the bottom so you can tighten it from the ankles. It consists of pockets on the back. You can put pod squeegees in there. Also, there are zipper pockets on the back on both sides with a flap over the zipper to protect from mud, water, etc.

The material from the bottom is super thin, breathable and very comfortable. Overall the pants are pretty amazing. They are quite functional and got rid of all the unnecessary junk that is not needed.


Vintage Paintball AIR Pants – Review

Vintage Paintball AIR Pants

The vintage air pants follow that trend in paintball right now focussing on making stuff lighter smaller faster and quicker. So, the most important thing I look for into the pants is breathability. In summers it gets so much hot that normal paintball pants make it so difficult to enjoy the game. Obviously, these pants are super-light and have good breathability. Let’s talk about some features of Vintage Paintball AIR Pants.

They have zipper sealed pockets so in zippers you can put whatever you want. There is no chance of losing stuff. They also have pockets for bell swabs on both legs. Also, have velcro straps on the waist so you can tighten it up. It does not come with belt loops so you cannot wear a normal belt.

It also comes with drawstrings at the ankles so if the pants are too long and you don’t want them to drag them on the ground so you can tighten them up from the ankles. Up by the thighs they have very stretchy material which extends throughout the crotch area as well which gives you enough mobility while playing paintball without ripping your crotch out of the pant. The material is very breathable to keep you cool inside the pants.

Overall these are very much lightweight pants with zero paddings. It does not have any padding on knees or on the hips and no crotch protection. So you need to wear accessory paddings while wearing these pants. The best thing I like about these pants is its price. They are super affordable and one of the best deal. But I wished if they had groin protection in these pants.


Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants – Review

Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants

Empire Paintball FT Contact Zero Pants are probably the lightest, thinnest and strongest pants that I’ve seen so far. They are unbelievably airy. I’m sure that when you’re playing in them and running around to them that it probably feels like you’re not wearing anything. By the touch, these can mislead you to be thought as very weak pants due to the thin material but the materials that they’re using in these pants are designed to take abuse, punishment and to stay strong and not to rip apart even in the harsh conditions. Let’s look at its features.

They are unique to other pants I have seen before. They have used polyester, nylon, and spandex to create these strong, thin and stretchy pants. On the top, it has adjustable velcro waistbands. These pants are only hand-washable so don’t put them in a washing machine or otherwise, it will ruin these pants.

It has 2 front pockets with wipeable material inside the pockets. There is no padding on the fly area but it does have a nice tab to hold on, 2 snap buttons along with another side snap button at the top and a zipper to open. So, a lot of adjustments to keep your pant secure.

And then on the inside, it’s just the underside of the material. There is no mesh netting. There’s no extra layer hence making it lighter. Another nice thing about these pants is that they have added strength to all the stitching over the
entire pant to keep it from coming apart. They have done this by covering it up by adhering a material over all the stitchings.

There is a small little stretch zone at the crotch area. There is zero padding on the knee area but has a durable, rugged, flexible material on the knee area. you definitely need to wear knee pads with these pants. Moving to the bottom it has drawstrings at the bottom to keep us from tripping or ruining the bottoms of pants.

On the back, it has a reinforced back right here to keep the pants secure. Also, have easily accessible swab pockets
to fit a swab in there.

Overall the pants are very impressive. They are super-lightweight, durable and pretty breathable.

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JT Cargo Paintball Pants – Review

JT Cargo Paintball Pants

JT cargo pants are kind of like a throwback pant to those cutoff cargo pants that they made a long time ago.

Let’s talk about its features.

Starting from the top it has the velcro adjustable belts on the side. But it also does have belt loops you can wear a normal belt with it.  The front material is a ripstop material so it’ll help you to prevent any kind of tears or rips. Well, there isn’t any padding on the fly or crotch area. It comes with decent size pockets – 2 in the front and 2 cargo pockets on the legs each side. One cool thing about these pockets is they cut a little top section off for putting barrel swabs inside there.

Padding is quite decent really large so you can see that the padding runs from mid-thigh area to all the way down to the shin area the side of the leg so plenty of padding on these pants.

Paddings are nicely big but not much thick so it does give the pants movement and flexibility.

There are drawstrings on the ankles so you can tighten your ankle cuffs. It prevents you from tripping or helps in keeping these bottom ends clean.

In the back, you have a stretchable zone at hips so you feel comfortable while bending. JT Cargo Paintball Pants come in 2 colors- olive drab and black cargo and they run size from extra small to  XX.

Overall,  it’s not a pant that’s really designed for a ton of padding. I recommend wearing your normal pads as you would but the pants are nice they’re lightweight, they have some padding in them and they have the stretch where it needs to so definitely check these pants out.


2014 Valken Crusade Paintball Pants – Review

2014 Valken Crusade Paintball Pants

2014 Valken Crusade Paintball Pants are well-designed technologically advanced paintball pants. These pants are famous for innovative padding design that fits the curvature of your knees.

Let’s talk about its features in detail.

The fly area right has got the nice padding in it. You need the padding right here, nobody likes to get shot in this particular area so extra padding in the fly area always an advantage.  2 snaps at the top to of the fly as well as velcro and a zipper that’s gonna open it up.

Now we’ll talk about the inside real quick. This pant does not have mesh on the inside. It is just the material of the pants so it is lighter in weight with no meshing. Personally, for me, I don’t like a lot of the mesh on the inside of
the pants because it tends to get caught on knee pads or any kind of velcro that you would have inside.  I like the fact that there is no meshing on the inside.

At the top, it has got the adjustable straps on the side with velcro that does run all the way around to the back so plenty of options for sizing and wrap it all the way around if you need it to be super tight. If you don’t like to use the adjustable straps it does have belt loops so you can run a normal belt on it as well.

On the back side, it has got 2 pockets. These are just open pockets, no closure on them. It has 2 pockets more, 1 on side of each pant for barrel swabs or anything that fit in that bucket.  In the crotch area, there is plenty of stretchy material. Now,  this is not only going to be breathable but it’s going to be stretchable and that’s a big plus.

I don’t know how many pants I ripped out in the crotch when I played all the time just because they didn’t stretch when you’re diving, crawling, sliding or whatever.

This is a super important feature that’s going to help keep your pants from ripping apart. You’ve got this in multiple sections. Like you have it above the knees to help the knees stretch when you’re crawling on the ground so you don’t rip your knees apart as well,  on the backside where your pack is gonna be rubbing against you. It’s gonna stretch keeping your pack in the right spot.

There is mesh on the outside so this is super- breathable pants so that you can get that hot air out of your pants and keep yourself nice and cool.

I also like the padding section because it’s not just in one spot on the front of your knee, it does run in kind of an arc pattern. So, this is gonna cover your knee when you’re in multiple positions.

If you’re sliding or crawling or moving you’ve got more than padding than in just one spot. Padding is nice and thick for the type of pant that you have. Well, it’s not overly thick like you’re seeing in a lot of pro pants.

You also get the velcro enclosure along the ankle. The velcro wraps all the way around so you’ve got many options to make adjustments in it.


HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants – Review

HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants

HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants pants are super lightweight, super breathable, super comfortable. They basically don’t really feel like you’re wearing much. They have balanced hip protection, knee protection. I think this is a smart idea of getting rid of a lot of unnecessary paddings because you are wearing a lot of paddings underneath it anyway. So, if you’re wearing a lot of padding inside as well a lot of it in the pants, you’ll look like a marshmallow man.

So, they’ve tried to make pant more breathable and very flexible. Let’s talk about its features in detail.

So, its made up of very thin but strong, durable material. It comes with the adjustable belts.  The flier is padded. One of the things I hate about pants is when they have mesh inside that runs all the way around to the bottom because that mesh always gets stuck to your knee pads velcro and gets ripped apart. They have mesh only at the top which is really nice. It helps you to remain cool and dry.

They have nice stretchable zones in the front, at the crotch and extends to all the way in the back to the hips section. Crotch section is super-stretchy, nicely-ventilated, would help you in a lot of air exchange.

Padding starts at the thigh area and runs down to mid-shin area. It has adjustable ankle cuffs at the bottom to keep your pants from dragging on the ground.

At the back, Freeline Pants do have some hip padding. There is a slot for barrel swabs each side. Also, have ventilated fabric which runs down at the inner side of the pants from top to bottom which would help in nice heat and air exchange.

Overall, HK Army Freeline Paintball Pants are nice pants that have got away from a lot of padding and really focusing on movement, agility, comfort and weight reduction.


Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants – Review

Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants

Again, everyone’s clothing is going towards lightweight, fast, flexible, comfortable, breathable and getting away from the heavy burden of over padding and over sick materials. Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants are
extremely lightweight, extremely comfortable, extremely breathable, airy, fluffy and light. Let’s discuss some of the features of Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants.

These are good-looking paintball pants. They are not overly-graphically enhanced pants but looks great with a plain and simple look. All the seaming in the pant is covered with a tape-like material that protects all the seamings from ripping apart. It gives you an extra layer of durability for these pants.

There are a bunch of laser-cut holes in the front which makes these pants pretty breathable. I am not sure if you know I live here in Southern California and it gets very hot here. We’re not the only place that gets hot but a pant that’s going to keep you comfortable, keep you cool so, nice holing through there to keep you comfortable.

Okay, moving on Valken Phantom Agility Paintball Pants have 2 nice zipper-pockets in the front and then inside the right pocket here you do have microfiber on an elastic so if you can pull this out and clean your goggles, wipe your gun off, clean whatever you want to clean.

Fly is not padded and has buttons on the top with a Velcro coming down the front to keep everything closed.

Inside the pants, there is no extra material like mesh or extra layer which is good in making pants more light-weight. It also comes with belt loops so you can wear a standard belt if you want. It also comes with coolest velcro straps to hold your pants up.

Alright, let’s go down. So it has got reinforced unpadded knees section. These aren’t padded in any way, it just has a different material to give it a little bit more durability. The crotch area is very stretchy so when you’re kneeling, ducking, diving or crawling you don’t rip the crotch out.

At the bottom, it has velcro at the ankles to keep the cuff tight around your leg.

At the back, there are much more laser-cut holes for the ventilation purpose. it has got 2 side pockets for the swabs.

Well, there are 2 different versions of these pants- Standard Cut and the Jogger Style. The only difference between them is at the ankles. One has the velcro adjustments (Standard Cut) at the bottom and the other one has narrow elastic bottoms(Jogger Style). So you can choose according to your preference.


Empire 2015 Contact Zero F5 Paintball Pants – Review

Empire 2015 Contact Zero F5 Paintball Pants

Empire 2015 Contact Zero F5 Paintball Pants have come a long way from some of the earlier models of their pants which were kind of just overdone, maybe over engineered and over complicated and moving on to these ones right here.  These Pants are very streamlined, very efficient, comfortable and give you the stuff that you need, where you need it and then zero stuff where you don’t. So, let’s talk about its features.

Fly is padded nicely with velcro and a zipper to open. Inside there is mesh material which extends up to the thigh areas. You can cut it out if you need to. In the crotch area, you do have this super-stretchy material so you aren’t going to blow out a giant hole in the bottom of it when you put a lot of stress and in this particular area of your pants while you’re crawling or sitting up on one leg.

The zipper pockets on the side have weather protection cover so that mud or water doesn’t get inside. Inside of the right pocket, there is microfiber on a little elastic piece to clean your goggles or other paintball equipment.  

It also has the adjustable velcro belt straps to tighten your pants. Moving down the pants have laser cut holes at the thighs for the proper ventilation. Also, there are stretch zones at the thighs, crotch area and at hips too.

Paddings are really nice, not so bulky but appropriate amount for flexible movement. There are pockets for swabs on both sides.

Overall, these pants are extremely lightweight and comfortable and nicely designed with breathable material.

GI Sportz Glide Paintball Pants – Review

GI Sportz Glide Paintball Pant


GI Sportz Glide Paintball Pants are the super popular pants. A lot of pro players wear these pants. It’s a very straightforward pant with good knee protection, good mobility, lightweight. Well, that’s the kind trend for pants lately it seems is to kind of go away from over padding and over bulking the pants more towards something that is easily playable but still offering good protection and breathability. Let’s talk about the features of the GI Sportz Glide Pants.

At the top, there is a velcro fly opening and drawstrings to tighten your pants. Also, there are few belt loops so you can wear a normal belt if you don’t like the idea of drawstrings. From like the waistband area to the top of the knee
pad there is all a very very thin material and very breathable too. It keeps the pants mobile and lightweight.

It comes with two average size pockets up in front. Note that there is no closure to the pocket so whatever you put in there be careful that it doesn’t fall out. The Kneepad is a good wide size knee pad, both top to bottom and left to right but not overly padded so if you’re gonna wear some knee pads underneath this there is plenty of space.

Down at the bottom, there are drawstrings to tighten the pants from your ankles.

At the back side of the pant, we’ve got a good stretch material with some great breathability up through the top section, slots for the swabs on both sides.

Overall, GI Sportz Glide Paintball Pants hits all the right points for a pant that it’s going to be easy to wear, comfortable to wear and you can wear it all day long and not feel like you’re getting too hot.  That’s why I think a lot of the pro players and top-level players are wearing these glide pants.

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Pant Review

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Pant

Bunker Kings Featherlite Fly Pants are actually designed to be very lightweight so to keep all the bulk off of you while you’re running, you can move quickly and you have more agility to be able to flex. The Bunker Kings say that these are designed to stand up to the abuse of a pro player and there’s a couple of really nice features I want to talk about.

So the material does not absorb sweat or water so that’ll keep you dry. Also, there are the pockets for storing your swab and your microfiber and are actually lined so that they’re waterproof and keeps your swab and microfiber completely dry.

These pants are made from a very strong and durable material. The crotch area is pretty stretchy.

If you are looking for something that’s very lightweight yet very durable and has some of those cool features like if
for some reason you need to get out of your pants quick, these are the quickest pants out there.


How to Pick the right Paintball Pant – Buying Guide

Anyone willing to play paintball is required to have proper protective gears and paintball pants are one of the important protective gears.

Well, you can play in the jeans if it is your first time but when you’ve decided to play paintball on a regular basis maybe it is a better idea to invest some money in buying a nice paintball pant.

Paintball pants are specially designed for taking the beat and are very flexible so you don’t find it difficult to run, crawl, dive or jump. In these specially designed paintball pants, you’ll find yourself enjoying the game far better than in normal pants.

But there are a lot of options available in the market. How would you know which paintball pant would be best for your play style?

Honestly, this depends on a few factors and here I’ll teach you all the factors to keep in mind while buying a nice paintball pant. This guide will definitely help you to make an informative decision.

The choice of the best paintball pants, therefore, should be based on different factors that ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved. The ultimate goal is achieved if the paintball pant is chosen to enhance, comfort, a good fit, and protection from all the elements that could interfere with the player’s skin.

The choice of paintball pants should satisfy players preferences and needs. A pant may be perfect for one player but imperfect to the other. Therefore it is recommended that you put into consideration all personal factors then compare it with what the product offers.

Factors to consider while buying a Paintball Pant


Good paintball pants should provide enough protection on legs as the player dive, kneel, crawl, run, and do other activities involving his/her legs while playing. The following are some of the factors to consider when looking for a pair of paintball pants:

Pant thickness

Paintball pants should have enough thickness that ensures player legs are to prevent from the exposure of twigs, thorns, rocks, and other elements that may scratch and damage players skin.

Paintball Playfield

A player should consider the field for the paintball game since this will greatly affect the level of thickness that he/she will need for the pants. If the game is to take place at the backyard, a standard thickness will be fit.

However, if the paintball event will take place at the recreation fields such as a forest, a player will need a thicker pair of pants. For more protection on his/her knees and other parts of his/her legs, there are padding built into the pants.

This paddling prevents injuries when a player falls on the ground and other hard and pointy areas. Therefore it is so important to consider the pants with the best paddling.

Material – Strong and Flexible

Paintball pants garment should not be susceptible to tearing. The garment should be able to withstand sharp objects to some extent. Apart from imperiousness to tearing and durability, the garment should be flexible enough at required areas like crotch and hips.

During paintball you would do all sorts of activities like running, crawling, diving and jumping so flexibility in the pants would help you for not ripping your crotch apart.

During the Paintball games, the last thing a player wants to do is to worry about the discomfort he or she experiences with his or her clothing.

The top agenda is to strategize and prevent getting hit. To win win the game, a player needs the right pair of paintball pants, he/she should ensure comfort and flexibility as he/she climb, crawl, dive, crawl and kneel. To top it all, perfect pants prevent injuries that could be as a result of tearing.


This is one of the important factors while choosing a perfect paintball pant for you. You need to check whether the pant is perfectly breathable. Some pants do have laser cut holes in the front as well as in the back to provide the proper ventilation.

I have seen a lot of people who wore thick non-breathable pants on a hot summer day and they had a pretty bad experience. A player should never feel constricted with the paintball pants he/she is wearing. Constriction will create discomfort which results in poor performance.

So, breathability is the other important factor you should care for so that you can enjoy the game without feeling any heatstroke.


Normally, Paintball pants are made in a loose design. However, the pants should not be too loose in such a manner that they become a hindrance to movement. The level at which the pants are made loose should be enough to provide flexibility and freedom of movement for the player.

The waistline of the pants should match the waist of the player for comfortable wearing.|ts notable to consider that elasticity should be enough to prevent the pants from susceptible to tearing while pant fitness delivers freedom of movement and flexibility to the player.


Paintball pants aesthetics also matters. Pants should blend in with the playing venue so that it would be difficult for players to spot each other.

These features should go in comparison to the venue of paintballing. This help in determining the level of protection required and which pair of pants will best match with the paintball fields.

As pointed out earlier, paintballing involves diving, kneeling and crawling. All these aspects increase the chance of pants tearing.

Therefore, it is good to ensure that the pants have added layers of protection, which can be achieved by wearing additional clothing under your paintball pants.

Wearing a jumpsuit underneath paintball pants also play a great role in pants enforcement, Therefore it advisable to choose pants that can be complemented by jumpsuits. In case of the pants tears, the players lower body is protected by the underneath jumpsuit.

Conclusion: Best Paintball Pants 2023

Now, as you know everything you should know while buying a paintball pant you are ready to choose a paintball pant for you. I also kept all these things in mind while choosing Top 15 Paintball Pants in 2023. You can have a look again on the list and choose one that appeals you the most.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you have any query regarding any of these paintball pants or any suggestion in general feel free to comment it down. I’ll reach you as soon as possible.


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