Top 4 Best Paintball Jersey 2023

When it comes to paintball jersey, if you are playing more than once, you should invest in the best paintball jersey that protects you, is stylish, comfortable  & breathable. Check out the top 4 best paintball jerseys of 2023 along with a detailed review of each of them.

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4 Best Paintball Jersey 2023

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Empire Paintball Contact F5 Jersey

Empire Paintball Contact F5 Jersey Review

Empire Paintball Contact Paintball Jersey series is super lightweight so you’re not going to see any padding on the chest. The padding they’ve really got controlled on the arms and on the side of the ribs and on the upper shoulder area really giving you the padding where you’re gonna get shot or feel the pain the most.

It has got the top standard v-neck collar padded right here though that’s nice to have a little bit of padding up on the top right there right around your neck.

Very fine, very thin material right here on the front so a very breathable jersey. It got at good heat transfer out of it. The padding that they’ve put in there is designed to extract heat to get it away from the body and keep you nice and cool at the same time.

You got great padding up on the shoulder area right here a very wide padding and venting area venting on both sides of the shoulder.

Overall this jersey is not necessarily geared towards the amount of padding but the playability is what they’re going for. Empire Paintball Contact F5 is definitely the hardcore players jersey.

Not a lot of extra stuff, unnecessary things, the padding’s where it needs to be in the jersey. It’s just a lightweight monster so definitely a great jersey so check it out.


HK Army Freeline Paintball Jersey

HK Army Freeline Paintball Jersey Review

The HK Army Freeline Paintball Jersey is really minimalistic as far as jerseys go. It is super durable, lightweight, have plenty of mobility in them, breathable and got great air transfer through it. But what it doesn’t have is padding.  HK Army Freeline is not a padded jersey.  If you are looking for a jersey that’s got elbow pads and chest pads and everything built into it it’s not the jersey for you and look for some other jersey.

However, if you’re looking for a Jersey maybe you’re wearing a chest protector underneath you’re gonna wear your own elbow pads then this is the Jersey you probably want to pick up because it’s not gonna bulk down you’re set up with extra things you don’t need. It’s straight to the point and it’s gonna be comfortable it’s going to be great.

It has got a v-neck collar right here which gives plenty of room to get your head through the collar of the shirt without making a giant open hole up there where paint and dirt and all sorts of other cruds getting it in there. Thus they can keep the top pretty tidy but allow you the room to get your head through there.

Moving down the sides of the jersey it’s a very very thin material it’s got plenty of holes cut into it so you’re gonna get that air transfer get that heat out get the sweat out and keep you cool and comfortable even on those hottest of days.

When you’re out there and especially if you’re wearing this Jersey you’re gonna be wearing elbow pads chest whatever you’re gonna wear underneath there its gonna be hot but this has that ability to just get that heat out of you.

It has these elastic ends to the arms,  so it’s gonna keep the collar or the cuff of your of the Jersey tight on your arm.  It does not have a thumb loop so there’s nothing that you can push your thumb through.

Now on the backside here they have this like nylon material on the back which is going to help with sliding and diving. It’s gonna offer durability to the jersey itself though it is not adding protection to your arm underneath the Jersey.  It’s just gonna keep that Jersey from ripping destroying on the back.

I can’t stress enough on the lightness and the just the overall feeling of freeness with HK Army Freeline Paintball Jersey so I definitely would recommend picking one up if you are looking for a straight to-the-point jersey with no frills you must check this out.


HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey

HK Army HSTL Paintball Jersey Review

HSTL Jersey is more of a bargain price but one of their lesser priced jerseys. However, it still has great features, good padding, good ventilation, good colors and lastly good designs so it’s a great jersey that isn’t gonna kill you in the wallet.

I like the collar v-neck collar so this is nice and wide so you can get your head through there but it doesn’t leave your neck exposed to paintballs so it’ll stretch to accommodate your head going through it but then come back down and protect you so there’s padding even up in here and then we’ve got great padding coming through the top of the chest and into the shoulder area front of the jersey going down right at the chest line right where the padding stops. So the stomach area and going down to the bottom there is no padding in this at all so it’s a nice light breathable material keep you comfortable to keep you cool as well as be easy to clean.

This jersey is really good, having comfortable padding in all the right places so definitely a good deal for the price so check them out as they’re available on Amazon.


Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jersey

Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jersey Review

This is again trending towards the way clothing is trending lately which is less bulk & agiler, so this is lightweight, breathable, flexible, easy to move around in and just not feeling it’s weighing you down. This is a prime example of that kind of Jersey so the Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jersey has no padding in it.

It is just a jersey to wear over whatever kind of padding you’re probably going to want to wear a chest protector, elbow pads or whatever it may be. This is going to be just a covering for those things that you’re wearing or maybe you don’t want to wear any kind of protection, you could wear this as well.

This is a basic jersey.  I like the collar at the top I like the v-neck or the B cut style collars it gives you plenty of room.  To get your head through you’ve got some stretch to it right here and then put it’ll collapse down and stay closed around your neck so you don’t have just like big gaping spots to get dirt inside.

The front’s just a logo on the front kind of tapering down towards the waist section here all along the edges. The cuff on the arm is all mesh material right there so great heat transfer through there and it’s going to keep you cool. It can keep you dry and most of all going to keep Jersey agile.  There is no padding on the elbow section these are definitely geared towards wearing padding underneath them

The pocket isn’t just a pocket this is just where they’ve stitched a microfiber into the bottom so as you’re wearing this Jersey and assuming that your microfiber is clean you can pull this Jersey up and you could wipe your goggle with it or wipe anything off that is dirty.

Definitely check these jerseys out they’re comfortable. I’ve worn them. They feel great and feel like you’re really not wearing anything so super comfortable and great for your heat or warm climate.


Conclusion – Best Paintball Jersey 2023

Well, these were the top 4 best paintball jersey 2023. Hope this review article would help you to choose the best paintball jersey for yourself.

Hope you like this article. If you have any questions regarding any of these paintball jerseys or any suggestions to give, feel free to comment down below in the comment box.



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