Best Pump Paintball Gun 2023

When trying to find the ultimate pump gun, there are five obvious contenders. However, one triumph above the rest. The Bob Long MVP is a player-oriented marker, designed in a simple to use, smart, and practical way. When using it you’ll find that it’s lightweight, comfortable to hold and well balanced.

Here’s a list of our top 5 pump paintball guns in 2023

Top 5 Best Pump Paintball Guns 2023

Bob Long M.V.P (Marq Victory-Pump)

Our top pick is in the number one spot for various reasons. Firstly, it features a lot of technology you won’t find in other guns. While it may not come at a feasible price if you’re just getting into the game, the features are worth the buck if you’re looking to upgrade.

It feels great in your hands, being exceptionally lightweight and well balanced. The forward feed neck placement is a great help in accomplishing the balance. The gun lacks a front reg – the regulator is contained in the handle instead.

In addition to being quite efficient, the marker’s shot to shot consistency (referring to grouping, not speed) is great. The only issue some has with the MVP is that it makes a slight farting noise when shooting.

Bearing Guided Pump rail

The pump rail contains 12 ball bearings, designed and placed to minimize friction and side to side movement. Combined with two soft springs, pumping turns into an effortless experience. Auto triggering is smooth and fast, and the grip tape is a practical addition.

Self-lubricating Brass Internals

The bolt is made out of brass, which will become smoother and smoother with use. A lot of individuals like brass parts in their guns because of this quality.

Effortless Assembly and Disassembly

This turns cleaning and general maintenance into a painless experience. And if you ever need something looked at by a professional, Bob Long offers great customer service.

Other Features
  • On/Off ASA
  • CIamping feed neck
  • Spring kit
  • Based on the Marq Victory engine


Empire Sniper

Another good option is the Empire Sniper. It has a comfortable frame and grip, with a slim yet ergonomic handle. The reg makes for easy hold and balance.

While in the mid-high range when it comes to price, you’ll struggle to find better value for your money. The paintball community holds its firing performance in high regard, and it’s very consistent.

Some users seem to find the pump handle a bit small and awkward, and the gun is quite loud with a bit of blowback.

Dual Rod-Pump Action

The Sniper’s dual rod pump action might not be the smoothest out there, but it’s very easy. Depending on your personal style, the hitman on the pump action may be a great benefit of this gun. If you are a fan of the hitman action, you’ll be happy to hear that the gun also features an auto trigger.

Three Different Barrel Backs

The gun comes with three different barrel backs: 685, 680 and 675. The benefit of the included range of barrels is that you won’t have to buy an additional barrel kit and end up with equipment you’re never going to use.

Low Maintenance

They’re not high maintenance, doing a check once a month should be sufficient. It’s because of the way they’re built – they are not meant to be taken apart after every single game to wipe down and grease.

Other Features
  • On/Off ASA
  • Lever style feed neck
  • Safety button
  • Adjustable regulator with pressure gauge


Azodin KP3

Often compared with the Empire Sniper, The KP3 is the KP2’s replacement and one of Azodin’s higher end pump guns. The KP3 features a lot of improvements and other changes which gives you considerably more bang for your buck.

These markers are extremely reliable and simple to use. Azodin offers excellent customer service, replacing bad parts without any issues. And, if you ever have to buy a replacement part it won’t leave you out of pocket

The only general complaint with this gun is that it doesn’t have auto trigger.

Pump action

The pump action is extremely smooth, and considerably more stable than lower end guns due to two stainless steel rods. In addition, the zero system’s light spring makes the pump really easy to pull back.

Azodin Zero System

The Zero Recoil Operating System promises low operation pressure straight out of the box and helps to reduce the coil from blowback. It also minimizes noise.

Two Piece Barrel

It’s a great upgrade from the KP2, and it’s good that they come in small sizes. It also prevents the paintball from rolling out of the barrel if it’s slightly tilted. Additionally, new KP3s came with two barrel backs, both 685 and 681.

Other Features
  • Aluminum Body
  • On/Off ASA
  • Lever feedneck
  • Dual ball detents
  • Adjustable regulator


CCI Phantom

The CCI Phantom is a very reliable and easy to work with paintball marker. It’s also one of the most customizable paintball guns out there, allowing you to switch out parts until you find a combination that suits you perfectly.

It’s lightweight and ergonomic, which ensures comfortable handling and use. Because of the various available parts, it’s difficult to have a single opinion about any set feature.

Pump action

Compared to other pumps, this marker’s pump stroke is quite rough and heavy, which is a nuisance for a lot of users. However, the stroke will become a lot smoother and easier with use, you will just need the patience to break it in. Initially, the gun comes with a simple wrap-around pump.


The CCI’s stock barrels are of exceptional quality and available in various lengths. The only drawback is that the stock barrel has a large bore and can cause rollouts. CCI offers a solution to this in the form of detent rings.

Other Features
  • The surprisingly efficient pressure system
  • Velocity adjuster
  • Auto trigger



According to ANS, this gun was designed “by players, for players”. It’s an affordable option and offers a multitude of features.

Although it’s a bit heavier than some of the other guns on this list, it allows steady shooting and a comfortable grip. The gun is accurate, consistent, and efficient, and the pump rod is stable and easy.

Two Piece Barrel

This will allow you to customize the barrel cheaply and easily to find a suitable bore size for your shooting style and preference.

Eye Cover

The ANS X5 features an eye cover which holds the ball dent in place. However, the main benefit comes in if you ever want to switch your pump action to an electric frame.

Other Features
  • On/Off ASA
  • Adjustable clamping feed neck which can be replaced with a lever feed neck
  • Inline regulator
  • Dual detent system


Conclusion: Best Pump Paintball Gun 2023

These are the top 5 best pump paintball guns in 2023. So, definitely try one of these guns and I can assure you that you won’t regret your decision.

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