SP Shocker RSX Paintball Gun Review: Should you buy it?

SP Shocker RSX Review

Those who love SP paintball might be waiting for the review of SP Shocker RSX. While you might be thinking that it is all the same product, let me tell you that there are many added features you might enjoy.

Let’s find out what interesting features are added to the SP shocker.

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SP Shocker RSX Review

Design that stands out: SP Shocker RSX

SP Shocker RSX is small and lightweight, and this makes this gun incredible! This high-end paintball gun is designed lightweight but not flimsy. It weighs only 1.70 lbs which makes it easy to handle. The first thing that you would notice with this gun is that it is smoother in operation. You would find it quieter than other paintballs.

The electronic pneumatic solenoid of this paintball is the USP of SP Shocker RSX. The solenoid helps to shuttle the air around quite faster, thus the shot is much snappier than the previous version. The solenoid is quite adjustable and the SP Shocker user can control the gun’s cycle rate. You can increase or decrease the cycle rate as per his or her convenience.

Few of the interesting features of SP Shocker are:

  • OLED screen – The OLED screen helps in targeting well, with a clear view. This makes it more practical and easy to use even for the novice and pro shooters.
  • Regulator – A uni-body design incorporates the regulator housing, minimizing the parts of the marker. It seamlessly integrates the lightweight parts and streamlines itself into a clean profile, making it easy to handle and use.
  • Lever Feedback – The high-end lever feedback works smooth, thus allowing shots without any misses.
  • On-Off ASA – Easy On-Off ASA was missing in the previous version but not in Shocker RSX.
  • High-quality barrelThe paintball gun has a freak barrel with a single insert, which is the most popular barrel in the market. 
  • In-built valve with pressure relief features – The in-built Pressure relief valve aids in preventing the internal parts’ damage and helps in providing enhanced safety features.
  • High performance and durable seals – The SP Shocker RSX comes with durable seals known for their high performance. This ensures the long life of the gun and the players might not need to replace the seals every now and then.
  • Auto-programmed triggers – It is easy to make changes in trigger modes with auto-programming of triggers. One can get easy control of fire rate, firing mode, and other trigger inputs. A factory reset can help you out when you have mistakenly adjusted the triggers.
  • A snappy onboard micro switch for easy operation – Lightweight yet strong onboard microswitch makes the paintball easy to operate.
  • Easy software updates with mini-USB – Get the software updates in minutes with any USB cable and windows desktop.
  • Screw-driven air tanks with ASA design: The SP Shocker RSX comes with air tanks that are screw driven, thus allowing proper and direct engagement with any paintball system available in the market. Compatibility with an existing system means easy to adopt for anyone who has an interest in shooting and is using other paintballs with not much-advanced features. The air vent of the paintball shocker easily evacuates the air for the easy removal of the tank.
  • Single hex key accessibility – The SP Shocker RSX is quite easy to use and maintain. A single hex key is enough to handle it.
  • Thoughtfully crafted and designed for an easy aim – The body of SP Shocker RSX is made of aircraft grade aluminum and thoughtfully anodized in a number of colors, making it visually appealing. The paintball gun has flowing lines design, which makes it easy to clean. There are not many crevices where debris and dust can stay hidden. The ergonomic design of this gun helps the shooter or the player to aim easily and effortlessly.
  • Waterproof coating – Each and every electronic board of the shocker is coated with a waterproof coating so that the player can use the paintball gun even in the rain.
  • XLS screen cover – The XLS screen cover helps in providing gun protection against dust and water.
  • Battery with 9-volt power is used for a long-lasting task  – The SP Shocker RSX is powered with 9-volt alkaline batteries that are easily available across the globe.
  • Comes with a protective case and a set of accessories – The SP Shocker RSX comes inside a smart and durable case that has a dirt-resistant zipped closure to keep the paintball safe. The molded interior of the case makes sure your SP Shocker X reaches safely in your hands.
  • There are a number of pouches in the case where you can keep barrel parts, spares, lube, and other accessories. The handle is made with rubber and nylon so that it provides better grip and easing off the weight. A special carbon coating ensures the outer skin remains water and dust-proof.


Price factor

The SP Shocker RSX comes easy to pockets and has a compatible price range.

How to use the SP Shocker RSX?

The SP shooter is quite easy to use.

Firstly, install the battery by removing the three screws of the wrap-around grip located on the left side of the gun using a hex key.

Insert 9-Volt alkaline battery and put the frame back to its place and place the screws.

Assemble the barrel in the front of SP Shocker RSX’s body. Put the paintball blocker and loader into the feed-neck of the gun. The Paintballs must be inserted rapidly for high performance of the gun.

Take care in screwing in the High-Pressure Air into the Air Source Adapter. Turn the adapter knob clockwise to charge up the shocker.

Turn the paintball gun on by pressing the button.

When the LED turns green and data display shows, you are ready to shoot.

Turn off the SP Shocker RX by pressing the same button until it gets dark. Adjust the velocity as per your requirements.


Conclusion: SP Shocker RSX Review

In any tournament, paintballs and shockers are the two popular categories. The SP Shocker RSX combines the features of both to provide optimum performance and withstands extreme weather conditions.

A 4-point trigger system with a paintball marker is what makes SP shocker more interesting. For most of the users, this gun is very durable and lightweight, thus making it easy to use. The bolt system uses only one hundred and seventy pounds of air, ensuring efficiency of this wonderful product.

The marker never slows down because this lightweight gun is below 2 pounds of weight. You can easily carry the gun and get an easy hideaway during an attack. This SP shocker RSX comes with a year of warranty on manufacturing defects and a 6-month warranty on other electronic parts.

Get the best of shooting with SP Shocker RSX!

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