Top 15 Best Paintball Guns 2023 – Beginner to Professional

Are you searching for the best paintball guns on the market? There are tons of paintball markers available on the market. In this manner picking the best paintball gun for you is exceptionally difficult and time-consuming.

Here are the top 15 best paintball guns 2023:

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Playing paintball can be the most addictive thing in this world. At least it is for me! And every time I play I used to rent one.

So one fine morning when I finally decided to buy a paintball marker for myself I felt as if I was searching for a needle in a haystack. There were like dozens of paintball guns on the market and I just didn’t know which one to put my hands on.

Narrowing down my list to one happened after a lot of research and confusions. I adore that game so much and that’s why decided to spend some time to help you all out in deciding which paintball gun to buy.

If you adore paintball, you know its something other than amusement. It is a game and one that requires methodology, sly, and dexterity.


Should I invest my time and money in buying a good paintball marker?

Regardless of whether you are having solo or as a group game, you’ll require something beyond a couple of strong physical characteristics alongside some good fortunes to exceed expectations – and to win. You’ll require a quality marker or a paintball gun to show your full potential during the game.

Your marker is your closest companion on the paintball field, and you’ll need to guarantee that your gun is prepared for battle when you are at the field.

After evaluating carefully various important features of more than 50 top paintball guns, I wrote this review of 15 best paintball markers in the market 2023. I have designed this article in a way so that it can help Beginner level, Intermediate level,
and Pro level Paintball players to find the perfect paintball marker for their styles.


Top Rated Paintball Markers From Beginner level to Expert / Pro Level

Paintball is undoubtedly a fascinating and thrilling game. For those who are new to this amusing name, Paintball is a shooting game, played in a competitive environment as individuals or as a team.

Competitors fire guns and hit each other with paintballs, which are circular dye-filled capsules made of gelatin and burst into different colors upon the thwack.

best paintball gun review

Top 6 Best Paintball Guns for Beginners

This whole list is for people who are kind of getting into the sport AKA beginners!

Maybe most of you don’t have much experience with paintball so I thought I should put together a list of some really solid choices for people that are just getting into the sport.

This is by no means the list of all of the beginner markers.There are so many great ones out there like honestly most paintball markers are kind of designed and marketed for beginners. Actually, there are more beginner ones than advanced ones.

So these are just 6 that we think kind of cover the bases. They’re really good, I’ll tell you why I think they’re really good and chances are if you are looking to get into the sport one of these 6 or realistically probably all of them would be a great choice for you.

So, let’s jump right into it.


Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Gun: Best Beginner Woodsball Gun

Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball Marker Gun Review

Spyder MR100 is a Semi-Auto Paintball Marker. This gun can prominently enhance the performance of the game and can give a completely different kind of experience and entertainment. This gun is stacked with high performance and a durable design structure.

Now the reason why I want this one on the list is that it is very simple, very durable super easy to maintain and pretty affordable.

When you’re into the sport obviously like it’s a big investment right off the bat so you know having a marker that’s not gonna cost you so much is gonna help because you got a lot of things to buy like a mask, tank, etc.

This one is not a big tournament level gun but is really nice and affordable for beginners. It is also super reliable super durable. There are not a ton of moving parts in it. There are essentially like two moving parts; a small handful of o-rings and springs stuff. This gun has a blowback design which enables it for easy maintenance.

When you have to maintain it and take it apart, essentially all you need to do is just take out one screw and then you’re gonna take out a little pushpin and then all the stuff is going to come out of the back, and then you can run a squeegee through the whole thing, wipe it down and this whole cleaning can be done in a minute or two.

So that’s really nice because when you’re first getting in the sport, you’re a little bit more intimidated by taking care of your marker.

This gun is also proved to be gas efficient which makes it more accountable in a real-time game scenario. This gun comes with the eco valve, stock and it also has a polymer for enhanced grip. It is also loaded with the pretty long barrel which is approximately 12 inches long.


It weighs around 11.5 pounds. It holds a dimension of about 24*14.5*8.5 inches. It can deliver 1600 shots with 10 ounce CO2. This gun is compressed air compatible.

It also comes with a barrel plug. This paintball gun is a spider threaded version so that it can be upgraded in future if necessary. This gun is loaded with all the basic features that are necessary and there is nothing to feel bad about the design and build quality.

This gun also comes with a collapsible stock and contains tactical rails which are used to mount a wide variety of tactical accessories. It has two finger trigger and possesses an aluminum frame for enhanced durability. This gun offers efficient usage of air resource.

Probably this gun is among the good guns available in the paintball market for this price range. This eco valve technology is responsible for high-end performance and efficiency. Incorporation of this eco valve increases air efficiency two-fold.

It also comes with endless customizing options. This gun holds a military style stock which takes an edge over its competitors in the paintball market. Spyder MR100 is matte finished which makes it more attractive and classic.

This gun is handy because of its lightweight design and thus makes it convenient for beginners. It has a front grip which helps in easy handling of the marker and increased accuracy while shooting.

  • Spyder MR100 delivers very high accuracy.
  • It has very short recoil. It delivers a smooth shot with high performance.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Perfect design with lightweight structure.
  • Highly durable with easy maintenance.
  • Starter kit provides all necessary accessories.
  • Accurate gunshots for improved user experience.
  • A very solid structure which certainly reduces damage.
  • Available in affordable price ranges.
  • It produces some noise while shooting.

Overall there are no great cons about this Spyder MR100 paintball gun. This gun is very much suitable for scenario play. This gun is very much preferred in the paintball market today because of the great features provided in this price range.

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Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Specialist HPA Paintball Gun

This is the Best Beginner Level Paintball Gun.


MAddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Specialist HPA Paintball Gun Review


Next one in no particular order is the Tippmann Cronus.  Now I should start off by saying all of the Tippmann beginner markers are essentially the same.

There are small cosmetic differences between them but when it comes to sort of functionality, maintenance and durability efficiency.

They’re all very similar. Basically, the real differences are what it looks on the outside so that’s why I picked the Cronus above all the other ones because I think it looks the most unique. 

Tippmann is the most popular paintball gun brand and the Maddog Tippmann Cronus Tactical Specialist HPA Paintball Gun is one of my favorite paintball guns under 200 dollars. The significant advantage of the Tippmann Cronus is that it accompanies a paintball gun mega set.

This incorporates a gun, anti-haze mask, CO2 gas tank, six cases each with 140 rounds and a container. The caliber estimate is .68. The grasp is elastically framed.

 Tippmann Cronus comes with the rubber grip and the grip itself is contoured and rubber hence, very comfy and nice. This is like one of the comfiest grips on any paintball marker, I’ve ever felt.



  • Comes with a 200 rounds gravity encourage loader.
  • Gas line (internal).
  • Vertical grasp and strong barrel.
  • Various rails, and finally an inline jar outline which is demonstrated.
  • Staggering durability and world-class milsim body, which is made up of high-impact composite materials.
  • Visual signs.
  • Tippmann Cronus is the least exorbitant paintball gun on the market.
  • Extremely reliable.
  • Super durable.
  • Full body made of Nylon composite.
  • The grasp is nice to hold and feels comfortable.
  • It also has a forehand grip which encourages you to feel more confident while terminating.
  • The barrel is thin, long and easy to take off while cleaning.
  • It’s great as a learner paintball gun.
  • Only suitable for beginner- intermediate level not for pro players.
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Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun: Best Speedball Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker Review

That will bring us to number 4 and it is Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun and again this list is in no particular order.

I mean honestly, chances are if you’ve heard of any paintball markers before you’ve heard of the Mini GS. It has been around for a while but they kind of making little changes to it constantly, making it a little bit better and it’s just a really really nice beginner marker.

It is very small in size hence the name mini suggests.

Empire mini GS paintball gun is one of the most famous paintball guns among paintball enthusiasts. It contains well-built major components like the barrel, body hopper, and gas system for improving velocity.

So, mini GS is very small and lightweight. For kids or smaller players, this is obviously going to be a great choice. It does have a bunch of different firing modes.

It can shoot really fast, fairly easy to maintain it but not as easy as some of the previous other ones. I’ve mentioned before.

When you want to get the engine out you just gonna take out that screw and then it kind of comes at the back. There are complicated things you got to do sometimes. It is slightly more complex than the other things on this list but it’s still totally appropriate for a beginner. 

It’s not going to be like super crazy or hard to take care of. Like I said this thing can shoot very fast and if you’re looking for something that can shoot fast but which doesn’t break your bank, simply go for Empire Mini GS paintball gun.


  1.  Unlike in the previous model, it has an improved rubber grip for good holding.
  2.  The barrel of the gun is made up of aluminum.
  3. It has micro-switch trigger activation.
  4. The weight of the gun is only about 2 pounds.
  5. It has a strong and lightweight clamping feed neck.
  6. There are many ways to upgrade the marker.
  7. To make maintenance easy, it has a special screw design.
  8. It has self-lubricating brushing for reducing the friction for smooth trigger pull.
  9. It has various firing modes which make it look more realistic and fun to play with.
  10. It has weatherproof housing.
  11. All mini internal upgrades are possible.
  12. It is a great value for money product.

The empire mini GS paintball gun has overcome all the challenges like loud noise, heavyweight, inconsistent and gives you the most reliable and light weighted minigun.

It shoots whisper with no recoil or cracks noise. The gun comes with a nice parts kit and is extremely easy to break down for maintenance.


  • Empire Mini GS has proved to be very accurate.
  • It can shoot very fast and super air efficient.
  • Comes with LED indicators on the board.
  • It has minimum recoil with less noise.
  • Also a budget-friendly.
  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • Suitable for both the beginners and intermediate paintball players.
  • It has an easily removable tank with one push of the button.
  • It has a variety of firing modes to make it look realistic.
  • HPA might leak if no proper maintenance is done.
  • Do not fit in the hands of people with larger hands.
Empire mini GS paintball gun is a very innovative product. It is becoming a new trend in the field of sport. This is a great value for money product. You can’t find many negative reviews about the performance of the gun. This is a highly innovative gun. The maintenance of this gun is very easy. The removal of the tank is done by only one switch. It is highly accurate. The overall performance and features are way above the satisfactory level of consumer. This product is a must buy a product for the paintball gun sports lovers. It gives the extreme sense of satisfaction of playing the sport with this gun.
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Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker: Best Budget Paintball Gun

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker Review

Let’s go to something a little different and that would be the  Dye Proto Rize MaXXed.

Actually, Proto Rize MaXXed is a slightly higher-end version of Proto Rize. It’s basically the same but Proto Rize MaXXed comes with a 2-piece barrel and it also has an on/off ASI.

Other than that it’s pretty much the same as the  Dye Proto Rize. Basically, it’s like an entry-level electronic marker so if you are looking for something electronic or for something that’s more capable of throwing more paint in a shorter time but you don’t want to get into something too complicated then Rize is probably a good choice.

It does have four different firing modes. It is programmable and it does have eyes so like if you don’t know what those are eyes are basically a little thing that detects if there’s a ball in the chamber and if the ball isn’t seated properly the marker won’t fire and therefore it won’t chop the shot.

So if you’re shooting fast you really really want to have eyes. So the fact that this gun has eyes is a huge benefit and Dye Proto Rize MaXXed has just got some of the really nice features.


Reliable – It enables the best features to ensure that this thing is worth buying. It is made of finest materials which will last long.

Efficiency – It is specially designed to utilize the gas that surrounds your paintball. It will give you more accuracy in the battle. It will enable you to hit targets around you while saving your air.

Weight – It might not be the lightest but it is made just below 2 kg, giving you comfort in carrying it.

Sound – It works at 140 PSI (low pressure) hence, produce a little noise.

Warranty – It has a 1-year warranty which gives the player the opportunity when there are issues with it.

Stability – It has contact pad on the regulator that allows greater accuracy because it operates in such a low pressure.

Battery – Comes with a 9-V battery but battery life is not pretty good as compared to other guns in this price range.


  • It uses a little air pressure hence, it is quieter than most of the other guns.
  • Comes with 1-year Warranty.
  • Pretty consistent.
  • Lightweight and gas efficient.
  •  It has a short lifespan of the battery.
  • Might not be as good looking as other paintball guns.
  • Pretty expensive

In this industry, people are looking for things/adventures that will give them satisfaction and experience. With this machine, you can have that once in a lifetime experience. This is not just an ordinary paintball it also ranks among the best in the market that provides durability, ease of use and stability.

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Azodin Kaos 2 Paintball Gun: Best Entry Level Marker

Azodin Kaos 2 Paintball Marker Review

The Azodin Kaos 2 is with so many improvements in technology compared to the original Kaos.

The product features make it easy to use and to maintain. Azodin Kaos II contains a proprietary zero system and this helps in velocity adjustment.

It is very light weighing (2.1 lbs). It is a new entry technology in the paintball field but rapidly gaining popularity since low-end entry markers can access quality services. The Azodin Kaos II has a foregrip where a 45-degree gas passes through a streamlined body and a screw lamp feedback.

The original Kaos was very basic and did not allow for future improvement especially the feedneck. The Azodin Kaos II bears a cardboard box which conveniently fits the shipping box. It contains a barrel bag, a toolkit and a manual.

The manual gives directions on how to use the gun in case of parts breakdown. The marker contains two ball detents that ensure no balls slide past the barrel regardless of the size used. It has a feedneck that is movable and can be tightened to prevent the balls from passing through the barrel.

The Azodin Kaos II paintball gun has an Autococker threaded which help in barrel upgrades. The marker can be operated with a compressed CO2 or HPA. The marker allows fast action double trigger with an immediate pull. It is much better when compared to other guns for accuracy, especially for long distances. With distances more than 50 feet, you can hit a target with ease.

The striker is light compared to other markers. This eases internal movement masses and the amount of recoil on short firing. It is a design feature but advantageously improves marker performance and device length and this makes the marker less noisy.

The marker contains a grip frame which is covered with rubber for proper grip. The Azodin Kaos 2 paintball gun operates a little different than any other marker. The internal parts of Azodin Kaos 2 do not pose a burden during firing.


  • Kaos 2 is avilable at affordable price.
  • Provides comfortability to the user so one can use it for long periods of time.
  • It is accurate for both short and long distances.
  • The marker is very noisy.
  • The feedneck is not compatible with some of the other hoppers.

For beginners, this marker is preferred due to affordability, durability, and effectiveness provide better performance and newbies can enjoy shooting with it. It even provides more options to consider as far as performance is concerned. It majorly works with CO2 or HPA. It is also perfect for young players, willing to have fun.

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GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun

GOG eNMEy Paintball Gun Review


Moving on we got GOG eNMEy, this bad boy is another one of the coolest paintball starter markers.

This is the latest paintball gun released by GOG. It’s light, powerful and almost no kickback. GOG eNMey is very simple, very easy to maintain.

There is not a ton of moving stuff in it as well. So it’s not gonna be too challenging for anyone who has no experience with paintball markers.

It operates with low pressure, and this will help the shooter to maintain the target in his eyes. Also, it prevents situations when the paintball breaks in the barrel. They used a super strong and light nylon composite in making this gun, so you will not feel your arms falling after one hour of shooting and running around.

The GOG eNMEy uses a spool valve design as seen on other paintball guns, and they redesigned the mechanical solenoid.

When you got to take the bolt out you just unscrew it and the whole thing pulls out from the back. You can easily run a squeegee right through the body of the marker, wipe it down and put it back. It’s that simple.

So, it has got simplicity,  it’s nice and light doesn’t weigh a lot so for younger kids, it is going to be a really good choice.

The plastic is very brittle, so be very careful not to drop it on concrete, or it might break.
  • Works at low air pressure, hence no chance of paintball breaking in the barrel.
  • It has a BOLT OUT BACK system so the maintenance of this gun is very simple.
  • Comes with a spool valve design.
  • Made up with super strong and light nylon composite hence super light and strong.
  • Available in various colors and levels of equipment.
  • It has true pneumatic design, so you don’t have to worry about your batteries, and get shot.
  • It runs at 160 PSI which makes it very smooth and consistent.
  • It is CO2 compatible.
  • Material is very brittle hence can easily break if dropped on hard surface.

Overall, It is a nice paintball gun, for new to medium players, with very a affordable price. You can personalize the gun as you please, and you can easily upgrade your hopper, of course after you already chose your suitable colour, if you ever want to invest in a barrel upgrade – you must go for FREAK Barrel. It’s awesome and you will never change it again on this weapon !

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As I mentioned, in the beginning, there are so many more options out there and this is not a definitive list. There are many beginner paintball guns like we could have made a top 20 and probably found enough stuff to make the list but we don’t have the patience for that. I don’t think you have the patience for that either so I came up with 6 Best Beginner Paintball Guns. 

So those are the top 6 Paintball Guns that I think are really fit as beginner paintball markers. So if you or someone you know is looking to get into paintball you know maybe show them this list. Maybe this will help them to take a wise decision.


Best Intermediate Level Paintball Guns 2023

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun: Best All Round Marker

Tippmann A-5 .68 Caliber Paintball Marker Gun Review

Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun is known for its remarkable durability and seriousness. It is worthy of investment because it props up wide ranges of the upgrade.  Accompanying it is the system called “cyclone feed”, which is a battery-free hopper system powered by air.

It provides the awe-striking ball-shooting performances. The process of loading the gun whirls around the concept “cyclone feed system”. The base model is presented in a partially-automatic fire mode.

The stakes rest upon one’s choice as a player, in deciding whether or not to add the E-grip, otherwise known as the response trigger. The E-grip would be a blessing to speedball players, as it allows for full auto-firing modes.

The areas of the machine prone to upgrade are the barrel, the E-trigger, the body kits, and the optics. Most popular among the machine’s custom accessories are BT Apex 14″ Extended Barrel, Tippmann A5 E-grip, and the Tippmann A5 Flatline Barrel.

Tippmann A5 is semi-automatic and sear-triggered with well-packaged operations. The gas utilizes the propellants of the CO2 and other notable gases. The mention of the One-finger-trigger is never to be omitted. Among the most interesting features of the Gun are the sight-views in front-and-back with velocity-adjustments.

  • It is one of the fastest shooting paintball guns in the market.
  • Quite unique in appearance.
  • It is vulnerable to upgrades.
  • It can be used for both recreational and competitive purposes.
  • It can be used by a range of players from beginner to mid-level.
  • Pretty reliable to use.
  • Tippmann is a well-reputed brand.
  • Doesn’t cost too much.
  • It is designed to withstand long-term use in various environments.
  • It is not resistant to accidents and job (Sports) hazards.
  • It requires routine maintenance, which could be counted as stressful and time-consuming on the part of recreational players and potential recreational players.
  • Unlike the other markers, the A-5 is compatible with only A-5 parts.
  • Tippman A5 Paintball Gun is too weighty, especially when all the parts have been added up.
  • Its accuracy is not as predictable as more expensive electro-pneumatic markers.
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Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Paintball Gun: Most Popular Paintball Gun

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Series Paintball Gun Review

Tippmann 98 Custom platinum paintball is one of the famous guns in the market today. You are likely to enjoy the latest evolutionary evolve from Tippmann Model 98 marker when you are having Tippmann 98 Custom.

Tippmann has the best components, improved accuracy and performance that ends up to Tippmann 98 Custom.

Tippmann 98 Custom platinum paintball gun has great features like accuracy, reliability, and durability that their users love to work with most. Newbies can even use this gun in order to upgrade their experience step by step in the shooting games. The Tippmann 98 gun is made of high quality that will last over a period of time.


Weight – Tippmann 98 Custom has a lesser weight than that of A5. The gun has a weight of 2.9 pounds and is often lighter than many other paintball guns.

Efficiency – Tippmann 98 has an inline system of the bolt which controls the wastage of paintballs during the process of firing.

Reliability – Tippman 98 has been fitted with some anti-chop technology that helps in eliminating the broken paintballs. Making the gun more reliable in sports.

Sound – The operating pressure of this gun is 800 PSI making it at least louder as compared to some guns.

Range- Tippman has an effective range of 150 feet.

Design – Tippmann 98 is very long where the front grip is uniquely designed in a way such that it is set away from the steel made air hose.

Upgrade – There are several upgrades that you can advance your Tippmann 98 gun for it to work efficiently. Some of these upgrades include electronic grips, custom stocks, high-end barrels, drop forwards, cyclone feed system, and response triggers.

Performance – Tippmann gun supplies accurate shots since it does not lack prowess in the shooting. The trigger in the gun is designed in such a way that it has a perfect size. The gun is designed that it can be able to fire off at least 8 shots per second.

Warranty – Tippman 98 gun is well covered so you need not to worry if it is broken down. The company gives a two-year warranty on the Tippman 98 gun.

  • The gun is highly accurate.
  • The gun is made of aluminum barrel making it be light in weight.
  • The gun can be easily maintained since it has removable unique bolts through push buttons.
  • The comfort of the gun has been improved by adding extended grip-framing.
  • The gun has multiple options based on firing.
  • It has a very low profile feedneck.
  • The gun has a variety of ways to customize.
  • The gun can serve for many years making it be durable.
  • Tippmann 98 Custom platinum paintball gun is longer as compared to other guns.
  • The gun does not shoot very fast since it has inline built bolts which overlap the paintballs in the firing process.
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Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Marker: Best for all game types


Tippmann X7 Phenom Electro Paintball Marker Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom paintball is the first in the category that brings you advanced features plus a lot of innovation in terms of a paintball gun.

It is considered as the first electro-pneumatic paintball gun that uncovered advance technology and is proficient in the maximum amount of accuracy when-it-comes-to shots.

Several other choices come along too such as using CO2 or compressed air, manual or electronic firing, and the air efficiency as it uses the Flex Valve Technology.

It is the innovative version of the X7 model and the Tippmann X7 Phenom is also a space-saving piece as it is 3 inches shorter than the previous version X7. Any paintball enthusiast or professional can go for this fantastic package and enhance their level of performance in that field of paintball sport.

This piece of paintball gun best suits to mid-level paintball players in terms of performance and targeting. It is well-known for its reputation in the market and it has been the most trending one among all the similar paintball guns.

Additionally, this amazing X7 Phenom gives you the ability to customize its look in different ways before you actually do the fieldwork.


  • When talking about the body, it is a lightweight yet sturdy piece that is manufactured using aluminum.
  • Look Wise, it seems really professional just like those military guns so you enjoy it even more with your buddies.
  • It offers an internal gas line and there is no need of cocking handle and that makes it unique from other low profile paintball gun that gives you a clear targeting.
  • The gun features a .68 Caliber action where the use of the forward spool valve system is made and the range of over 150 feet comes handy while firing.
  • Now talking about the Flex Valve technology, it allows the gun to operate below 300 PSI so you get enhanced air efficiency and less recoiling.
  • A 4500 PSI tank can easily give you approx 1,400 shots.
  • There is a mechanism to adjust the internal pressure and the velocity while firing.
  • It feels easy to hold it on your shoulder while you get ready for your next shot.
  • You can customize the marker in over 1,000 different styles and some of them are M16, AK-47, BUMP and many more.


  • The biggest advantage is that there is no recoil so it eliminates the need for adjustments while shooting.
  • The Tippmann-X7 Phenom promotes lightweight with better targeting than the X-7 marker.
  • 300 psi is the operating value that gives you a quiet experience and the accuracy remains amazing with the stock barrel.
  • Long battery life so there is no trouble of looking out for battery when you are in that field shooting all around.
  • One of the downsides of using the Tippmann X7 is that you cannot use cheap brand 9-volt batteries in it since it would affect the performance of the gun. I only recommend you to use Duracel or Energizer.
  • The other downside of Tippmann X7 Phenom which I noticed is full auto. To activate auto you need to repeatedly pull trigger 4 times which would have been much better if we could do it in single trigger pull.
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Empire Invert AXE Paintball Gun Marker: Best Value for Money

Empire Invert AXE Paintball Gun Marker

The Empire Invert Paintball Axe marker is a high-quality marker that has high-end features plus capabilities making it the most trending gun of the year. Empire Invert is similar to Reflex, Etek, Geo.

It is a gun in which you can set your firing style with the most accurate shooting aspect. These are smooth shots with a fair amount of pressure. If you have stable hands Empire Invert AXE can be used for a very long time with high accuracy. Now let’s head to the detailed structure of features and know the marker deeply.


Shots and grip – Well, shots are instant and the grip is perfect so you can handle it with ease while unlimited shooting. This way, players will encounter regular shots in that field. The shooting trigger is quick and smooth that you won’t find in many average paintball guns. The right amount of space in the trigger area makes it easy to shoot.

Feel and handling – This one comes easy when it comes to holding for hours of play. The lightweight supports your hands and the frame attached to the marker allows anyone to hold it well. The light stuff is used in manufacturing this gun so the players can play for hours without feeling any weakness. You can jump, crawl and perform any movement holding the gun and feel like holding nothing.

Look and style – When talking about the look and style then the Empire Invert AXE marker is very smooth not just in hands but look as well. Just by seeing it once you can tell the quality of material as the Axe seems a high-end piece of the marker. There are very few chances of malfunctioning otherwise you can spend a number of hours and the gun still serve finely.

Disassembly and Maintenance – Let’s talk about maintenance and assembly. The gun is very handy to maintain as cleaning is a simple task in Axe. You just need to press the side button and you can access all the area to clean. This one button is also used to pack the area again and you are good to go paintballing. The simplicity is the thing in this Empire Axe that motivates enthusiasts to own.

You will also get a toolkit with the package of Empire Axe and there you can easily find gears of your choice and tools to assemble and disassemble the gun. These tools are bailers, screws, extra detents, o-rings, and other important add-ons.
  • It is a reliable marker that promises you the perfect velocity, air pressure, and smoothness while shooting.
  • Even great for the beginners.
  • Comes with increased waterproof housing for the battery so you can play even when it is raining outside.
  • Easy maintenance and upgrade.
  • Detents can fall sometimes.
  • No rubber grip on forehand grip so the lobster claw can be needed as the paint makes foregrip slippery.
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Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Tactical Paintball Gun

Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Tactical Paintball Gun Review

If you are an intermediate-advanced type of player and want something realistic like military then getting this Tippmann Alpha Black Elite will be a perfect purchase for you.

This is specially made for enthusiasts or professionals who want a real gun in the field kicking all the opponents down.

The gun weight approx. 5 lbs and the build is made up of strong quality aluminum that promises you robustness.

The gun serves even well when you add all your accessories and it gives you a full combat feel. There are two versions available in the market: mechanical and electronic at different prices but in both versions, it stays the most reliable gun ever with real tactics.

Additionally, it comes along with those anti-fog goggles, a CO2 tank that is capable of 1000 shots, gravity feed hopper and four pods of paintballs.

An amazing thing is you can buy as many add-ons as you want and upgrade it to different levels as per your capacity. Now, let’s move to features and get to know it a little more.


1. Tippmann US Army Alpha Black Elite Tactical gun gives you a real feeling of being on the battlefield. It charges you a fair amount as compared to other nonrealistic markers but once you experience the mechanism of this marker, you are going to thank yourself for this great piece.

2. It is a marker that promises you reliability even after years if used properly. The inner and outer material used is known for durability, and the aluminum makes it light during the entire shooting session. You can have thousands of sessions at the same level of performance.

3. The Alpha Black Elite packs some serious amount of firing that is instant and without even missing a shot. It has really got guts and that you can see in its performance.

4. The very important aspect of any paintball gun is its looks and this paintball marker stands for that Its look is the important aspect that attracts players to go for it Other than just looks, it brings you every important factor like there are front sights, the magazine can be removed, there is a separated barrel, etc.

5. The gun is fully customizable so anyone can modify the looks and the functions as per their level of expertise. There are lots of options to upgrade that you can go for and install it in your very own marker.

6. Players get the entire package for the Tippmann Alpha Black Elite; everything is included beforehand so you are unstoppable in your combats. Surely there are many add-ons available for this gun to upgrade it deeply but it is a full package in itself.

  • Highly customizable.
  • Super durable and great looks.
  • Firing rate is really nice with the perfect amount of accuracy that a real marker should have.
  • No special con is noticed other than purchasing some add-ons to enjoy a beasty performance.
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Tippmann US Army Project Salvo

U.S. Army Project Salvo .68 Caliber Paintball Gun Review

The Tippman Project Salvo is an exclusive gun from the US Army Paintball. It has a foldable stock and is one of the most stylish guns to play paintball. The gun received its name from a project run by the US Army. Project Salvo was basically an assessment conducted by the US military in the year 1950. The test led to the framework of the M 16, which one of the most successful and proven rifles in the history of US armed forces.


1. Player experience: Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is a gun designed for beginners and intermediate players. However, with a few easy upgrades, one can make it a perfect choice for most of the advanced players too. With the help of an eGrip, the gun can be enhanced to achieve a higher level of expertise in the game.

2. Price range: The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is more of an affordable range gun in the market. It ranges from nearly $ 149 to $ 170 and is an upgrade of the 98 Custom by Tippmann.

3. Caliber: The gun is specifically built .68 caliber.

4. Marker End: The marker end of the gun is high and is advised to use high-quality paintballs as inferior standard can interfere and hamper with the firing mechanism of the gun.

5. Cycle rate: Tippmann US Army Project Salvo has a cycle rate of 8 paintballs per second, which is basically amazing for a competitive match.

6. Mechanism: The gun also has a fabulous semi-automatic mechanism that works on the bolt blowback style system on highly pressurized air or CO2.

7. Marker range: The marker range for Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is more than 150 feet.

8. Marker type: The gun has a mechanical marker system.

9. Body: The body of the gun is reliable and has an amazing stainless steel gas line. This means that it won’t break or rust easily. The length of the barrel is 11 inches, making it feel like a sturdy military rifle.

10. Weight: The weight of the gun is 5 lbs 1 oz, making it slightly heavy for a long game.


  • The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is a tactical addition and is relatively quiet as compared to other paintball guns.
  • The dexterity of the gun is commendable.
  • The gun has a robust body and tough design that makes it sustainable for a long duration.
  • The looks of the gun are commendable as it is based on the design framework of an AR15 firearm.
  • Comes with the stainless steel gas line hence it doesn’t rust.
  • Even though the range of the gun is credible, it is mostly dependent on the maneuver of the player, weather conditions and the air pressure of the playing environment.
  • Tippmann US Army Project Salvo shoots like other guns in its price range. However, there might be a left-hand pull required after firing a shot.
  • One of the most disappointing factors of the gun is its gravity fed hopper that causes shaking during firing certain shots.
  • Tippmann US Army Project Salvo is far from being a lightweight choice for a paintball gun.

The Tippmann US Army Project Salvo has a completely ravishing military feel with a profound design. It is a great choice for people who play in style.

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Best Expert / Pro Level Paintball Guns 2023


Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Gun / Marker

The Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 paintball gun is an upgrade of the Geo models of paintball guns. It is a complete reconstruct from the other several models in its maintenance, aesthetics, ergonomics, and electronics.

Planet Eclipse CS1 gun has a weight of 2 pounds and is suitable for advanced and pro level players. Some of the distinct features of the Planet Eclipse CS1 paintball gun are


  • Its frame is wider than any of the Planet Eclipse guns and with a more aggressive angle which makes the gun feel a bit longer than the previous models.
  • The length of the body is about 10mm.
  • It is highly energy efficient because of its use of the two AA batteries in the foregrip as opposed to the previous 9A set-up.
  • One can manage the electronics of the gun from a computer using a USB cable or a Micro cable.
  • It has a smooth and quiet valve.
  • It has a shaft pro barrel tip.
  • Low and medium pressure paintball tanks can be used in the gun.
  • It has a breech sense cover and tool-less access to the battery housing.

  • Use of two energy-saving AA batteries which can be found easily and one does not need special tools to change them.
  • Its board is well laid out and has wireless connections that separate the board from the frame.
  • It is extremely easy to program and make velocity adjustments to the gun.
  • It has a new LCD screen at the back of the screen which is bigger than previous models hence easy to read.
  • The gun is very easy to maintain with many user serviceable parts.
  •  The grip is too large for posing difficulties in maneuvering it.
  • The gun is too long for people with small arms making it uncomfortable to use.
  • Many players also complain that the gun is heavier than the previous Planet Eclipse models.
  • One may have to change the dwells to get the balls per second higher, although Planet Eclipse has done a video on YouTube to demonstrate how this adjustment can be made.
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Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker  

Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker Review

The empire paintball sniper pump marker is one of the greatest and latest creations of Empire Paintball, a leading manufacturer, and distributor of paintball sporting goods. It’s a must-have for anyone who is seriously involved as a pump player.

It comes in a stylish design. It delivers an optimal performance even in unfavorable conditions. It also features an auto-trigger that ensures an increase in the firing rate. It fires as fast as the semi-automatic paintball markers in the market right now. It shoots with speed and its accuracy which is still unmatched by any of the other guns.


1. One can easily hit the target at a distance more than 50 feet pretty easily.

2. It has a ’14 inch barrel that comes with 3 barrel inserts: 675, 680, .685.

3. The presence of stainless steel pump rods plays a vital role in the marker’s performance. It improves the marker’s stability. It is quite light as the pump marker weighs around 2 pounds. This makes it among the lightest pump markers out there.

4. The sniper’s handle ensures extra comfort to its use as it comes with a molded wrap around it, It feels good in the hands.

5. With the empire paintball sniper pump marker, it is quite easy to re-cock the marker and one does not have to take the barrel off the target.

6. The safety button is strategically placed making it easily accessible.

7. Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker is pretty quiet during firing.

8. It comes in only two colors; silver and grey. The reason they opted for these two dull colors is simply that it is easier for the sniper to camouflage in the playing environments.

9. The sniper is best known for the little maintenance that is associated with it Cleaning the bolt and applying lube is all is required of you in the maintenance.

  • Its accuracy is unrivaled by any other marker.
  • Its ergonomic design ensures complete comfort when using it.
  • Its firing rate is quite high almost matching that of semi-automatic paintball markers.
  • Players can re-cock the marker easily.
  • It requires little maintenance.


  • Most players have raised concerns regarding the marker’s gauge durability. They have pointed out that marker’s gauge is quite fragile. When a certain amount of force is applied to it, it breaks.
  • Just goes with 3 piece barrel.

It is evident that the sniper’s pros are more than its cons. A player looking for a paintball sniper that will provide top-notch performance should settle for nothing less than the empire sniper pump marker. It is the level of performance is for the tournament- level.

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SP Shocker RSX Paintball Marker

SP Shocker RSX Paintball Marker Review

The SP shocker is specially designed to be light and strong while taking care of efficiency and every single factor that would make you fall in love with this gun.

From the outer body to grab everything is fantastic and the designer really took care of it being lightweight using the 3D approach that cut every possible weight from this marker. For people who have larger hands, it would be difficult to get a proper grip on the gun due to the small size of the foregrip.

The body is manufactured using a very fine material that is aircraft grade aluminum and this means you will mark your opponents without even feeling a heavy weight on your hands.  Airflow is undoubtedly fantastic and there is a big room to place your fingers and release those shots.

Well, here we will read out the features in details and there are some pros and cons as well.


1. Lightweight and very slim  – It is lightweight and designed very slim, it is known for its fast action that lets you shoot accurately yet there is very less noise at all.

2. Intuitive OLED Screen at the back – The screen is designed in the way so players can easily set up the programming as per the needs using the menus. Now you easily read the display even through mask lens.

3. Happy Cleaning– It is all automatic and there would be no need for any tools to clean your paintball. There is push-button access so you can clean it like a charm.

4. Adjustable ball bearing trigger – It has amazing adjustable ball bearing trigger that allows for trigger pull weight adjustments.

5. Quick Release Bolt System –  Maintenance of bolt becomes super easy due to Quick Release Bolt System.
  • The paintball promotes ergonomic design
  • There is perfect efficiency in setting your aim.
  • Shot quality is very good.
  • For this much weight, it feels like holding nothing.
  • The trigger mechanism is very reliable.
  • Cleaning is a task of seconds and that is all automatic.
  • Adjustable speed and cool case to hold the marker.
  • It has a nice quick release bolt system.
  • Not much air efficient.
  • Quite unreliable.
  • It does not feel sturdy or strongly built.
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Ultimate Paintball Guns Buying Guide for Beginners

5 Things You Must Consider while buying a paintball gun

Congratulations on your decision to join the energizing outrageous game of paintball! One of your first tasks will probably include taking a gander at paintball guns available to be purchased and then making the critical decision on which one to purchase.

The accompanying 5 considerations may help make this task less painful and considerably more enjoyable.


Consider Where You Will Play

One important consideration that is often disregarded by many paintball players hoping to purchase paintball guns is the place they will invest the vast majority of their energy playing. Will it be in an abandoned parcel, nearby lush area or at the local paintball course? This important fact should be carefully considered as it will decide the sorts of paintball guns you have to stay with because of the air supply.


Consider Your Power Source

Most present-day paintball markers or guns operate utilizing one of two power sources, either carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or high weight air (HPA). Contingent upon where you live and generally play your paintballing games, you may think that it is easier to obtain refills for your CO2 tank than for an HPA tank.

It is critical that if your power supply is CO2, that you stay with paintball markers that are made for CO2! Since CO2 is a fluid gas, in the event that it is utilized as a part of a paintball marker intended for utilizing only packed air or HPA, the CO2 can genuinely damage the gun beyond repair.

So if CO2 will be your power source of decision, then when taking a gander at paintball guns available to be purchased consider quality name brand paintball guns especially created to operate utilizing CO2, for example, the Spyder line of items which incorporate models like the Spyder Victor, Xtra, and Sonic, on the off chance that you are on a tight spending plan.

In the event that you can afford the higher valued electronic models, the Spyder has ones, for example, the Spyder Pilot, Electra, VS1, and V52.

However, another exceptionally popular maker of name brand CO2 paintball markers is Tippmann, especially on the off chance that you like paintball guns with a military look. Popular Tippmann items incorporate the Tippmann 98, AS and the more up to date X7 arrangement.

Other surely understood companies into the CO2 paintball market incorporate Smart Parts and Piranha. It ought to be noticed that you can get some models of paintball guns that will operate with either CO2 or HPA.


Consider What Features You Need

The greatest single determiner of cost when you are taking a gander at paintball guns available to be purchased is certainly the number of features that a paintball marker accompanies.

For example, one basic feature is whether the marker is electronic or not Electronic guns allow you to set shooting modes via what is called an electronic trigger or “e-grasp” so you can change the paintball marker from a solitary shot weapon with each maneuver of the trigger into 3-shot burst per trigger force, or self-loader, and finally full auto for continuous discharging as long as the trigger is pulled and held.

Clearly, electronic markers are more costly than non-electronic ones, and then you have the added costs of the innovation expected to allow your weapon to rapid shoot, for example, anti-cleave frameworks to keep paintballs from breaking, auto-nourish loaders or containers to hold the paintballs, and the rundown continues endlessly.


Consider Ease Of Maintenance

There is nothing more frustrating than to arrive at the paintball course all eager to play only to discover your paintball marker is broken and you don’t have a piece of information on how to settle it.

Or then again perhaps far more detestable, your marker breaks down amid a game and you are done for the day. So yet another important consideration when hoping to purchase paintball guns is your own personality compose.

Are you a “Mr. Fix-it” who loves to tear things apart and make sense of how they function so you can settle them yourself? If not, then don’t consider any paintball guns available to be purchased that are exceptionally intricate and complicated with bunches of things that can turn out badly!

Sometimes the more fancy features the paintball marker accompanies means all the more that can turn out badly.


Consider Upgrade Potential

Some paintball markers, for example, the popular Tippmann X7 arrangement, are intended to be upgradeable which means as your playing abilities enhance you can make changes to your gun as well.

This is a really decent feature, especially on the off chance that you build up a strong loyalty to your particular paintball model or company and don’t wish to change to something or someone different.

Many players would rather spend extra money on upgrading their current paintball marker, that they are utilized to, than paying the same amount to purchase another marker.

Others report that much of the time upgrading their paintball marker keeps the game energizing, as you want to continue playing to perceive how your performance level changes because of the upgrades to your marker.

Advances in paintball innovation in response to the rising popularity of this extraordinary game means that there are more models and brands of paintball guns available to be purchased than ever previously.

So it is more important than any time in recent memory to do some genuine reasoning and research before making a decision to purchase paintball guns, with so many decisions now available


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