Top 7 Best Paintball Tank 2023 (Buyers Guide Included)

Are you all excited to play paintball? Guess you are looking for the best paintball tank for you. Don’t worry, in this article, you’ll get the list of top 7 best paintball tanks in 2023 and a perfect buyer’s guide for you which would guide you through buying a paintball tank that is perfect for you.

Here are the top 7 best paintball tanks you can buy in 2023:

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Top 7 Best Paintball Tanks 2023


Empire CO2 tanks are among the most popular CO2 tanks. These extremely affordable tanks come in 4 different sizes: 9 ounces, 12 ounces, 20 ounces, and a 24 ounces tank.

These are the most popular sizes for paintball CO2 tanks. With the Empire CO2 tanks, it’s really going to depend
on the gun that you’re shooting and the temperatures outside. So the amount of shots you’re going to get per tank on a CO2 tank is going to vary widely.

So I’m going to give you some rough estimations. With a gun on a 9-ounce bottle, it’s possible for you to get anywhere from 400 to 600 shots.

With a 12 ounce tank, you could get around 700 to 800 shots. On a 20 ounce right around a 950 to 1050 shots and on a 24 ounce you can get around 1300 to 1500 shots roughly.

When it’s a warmer temperature outside, you’ll get more out of it with high velocity and you’ll get fewer shots with less velocity when it’s a colder temperature.

This happens because when its warmer CO2 pressure rises up and velocity will start to climb and it decreases on decreasing temperature.

So while using these tanks you need to make sure that you’re regularly checking velocity so that your gun stays within the limits.

Overall, Empire CO2 tanks are the best cheap alternative to get started with playing paintball.


Empire Basics 3K tanks are among the top selling paintball tanks.

The Empire 48 cubic inches against 3,000 psi and has got an output of a roughly 800 psi. It’s going to give you anywhere between 500 and 700 shots per fill.

It’s got a different regulator than the basic version does. You can upgrade it to the low-pressure spring stack if you

It comes with the nickel plated brass bonnet which is an upgrade from the basic version. It has got the constant flow technology piston which is going to help with the output rate of the bottle.

It is going to have enough flow to keep up with pretty much any gun out there. The best thing is that it has got a dual burst disc setup. I like the regulator on empire tank very much. It’ll have a low and high pressure. It’s going to protect your gun from the over-pressurizing.

Overall, it’s a great entry-level tank, so if you want to get a gun that requires compressed air but don’t have the extra cash for a carbon fiber bottle, Empire Basics 3K tank is the best option.


The next famous paintball tank is the Ninja paintball compressed HPA air tank. They are the Aluminum bottles which comes in 3 sizes.

Ninja paintball compressed HPA air tanks come in 35, 48 and a 62 cubic inch size. So these 3K bottles come with the standard ninja reg but a 3k version. It has got a 1.8 burst disc and a 5k burst disc on it.

They are adjustable so you can change the output pressures from about 800- 850 down to about 400-450 or so . It depends on the shim removal.

Inside they’re very simple to do. You’ll get a manual which you can open up and it will walk you through step-by-step about how to change the pressure conversion.

Just make sure it is degassed and then you have to beat some sort of genius to fold these things back up.

Ninja regs are probably the best regs out there right now. So you don’t have to worry about them failing or having a shoot down issue or bleeding issues or any of that stuff.

These are made up of Aluminium but are not among the lightweight tanks. As they are a solid metal construction so the weight is definitely there.

The best thing is that these come with half the cost of carbon fiber tanks. They are heavy but they’re much cheaper compared to a carbon fiber bottle.

You’ll get high-end performance and great accuracy. Also because it is a 3k psi tank so you’re not going to get as
much shots out of them compared to a 4500 fill pressure.

Next amazing thing is that they come in a large variety of sizes so you can check them out according to your preferences.

Overall, if you’re looking for a good tank with a good regulator and you’re not worried about shock capacity. Also, if you want to save money, definitely check this Ninja paintball compressed HPA air tank out.


Next on our list is the Grey Ghost carbon fiber HPA tank. They come in 2 sizes: 45 cubic inches and a 50 cubic inch grey ghost bottle.

It comes with standard regulator and is adjustable. The standard reg, the ultralight reg,  the pro v2 are all adjustable in the same way. The pro v2 SHP is adjustable in a high-end range slightly and the SLP is a non-adjustable regulator.

So you can kind of control a little bit of the pressure from most of those regulators. Other than that these are not super light bottles.

So the gray bottles are heavier than the super light bottles from Ninja. These are the heavier but they are less expensive.

As they are carbon fiber made these tanks are definitely very sturdy and lightweight. These are high-end paintball tanks which are used by a lot of professional paintball players.


Empire Paintball Basic Carbon Fiber Air System

Next paintball tank on our list is the Empire carbon fiber compressed air tank. The carbon fiber compressed air tank from Empire comes in the gray carbon fiber color.

This is a 4500 psi tank and they offer three different sizes 48 cubic inches, a 68 cubic inches and an 88 cubic inch.

The output on the regulator is about 800 psi. It has got a 5-year hydro. The regulator is made of aircraft-grade aluminum so it’s very strong and durable.

It has got a Nickel-plated Brass bonnet. The insides are self-serviceable and replaceable so if you ever need to replace something in the regulator, you can get parts for it.

It has got a dual burst disc setup that’s going to protect both your gun and yourself from the bottle where the regulator over-pressurizing the flow rate.

This regulator is really good. It is going to keep up with any marker that is out there. The output pressure is going to
keep up with it. You can get the Empire compressed air cylinders.

While the number of shots depends on the type of gun you are using but it gives you roughly around between 700-1000 shots.

Overall, this is a high-end paintball tank that is going to give you a consistent gas flow rate and eventually improving your shooting accuracy.


Next tank on our list of the top 10 best paintball tanks is the Tippmann Aluminum HPA tank. These 3000 psi tanks come in various sizes such as 13, 26 and 48 cubic inches.

They are a metal bottle so the weight is going to be up but because of that, the cost factor is going to be way-way down.

Depending on what kind of gun you’re shooting it on 48 cubic inches Tippmann tank is probably going get you somewhere between 400 shots and 600 shots. Whereas 13 cubic inch bottle would give like 125- 150 shots.

You’ll see this kind of tank setup for pump player guys that don’t shoot a lot for the game.

Now weight-wise for the small bottle like 13ci, weight is not going to be a big factor. But for 48ci that weigh around 3 pounds, weighs definitely more than the carbon fiber bottles. But these come with an extremely affordable price.

But again what you are sacrificing in weight but you are gaining in affordability. Also, you are dealing with a compressed air system and not with CO2.

This means that it is very consistent in terms of pressure.

Overall, if you’re just getting started out or you’re looking for an extra tank just to have in your bag, something you don’t care about destroying because they’re cheap, check Tippmann Aluminum HPA tanks out.


Another high-end Aluminum HPA tank is the First Strike Hero Guerrilla Aluminum Compressed Air Paintball HPA tank.

These 3,000 psi bottles come in a large variety of sizes such as 13ci, 26ci, 30.5ci, 48ci and it comes in 2 different shapes.

48ci bottle comes in both standard shape and a rounded bottom rounded top shape which looks more like a
compressed air bottle than an Aluminum bottle. So, that is up to your preference which one to pick.

Weightwise these bottles are heavier than the carbon fiber bottle and can hold only 3000psi whereas carbon fiber can come with 4500psi. But moneywise these are much cheaper than the carbon fiber tans which is a really good thing about them.

Also, they are Aluminium made hence they are very durable. They have a lifespan of around 10-15 years.  Regs that
come on these are all rugged. It’s adjustable and has a dual birth disc.

So, If you’re trying to keep it on the cheap and you want to have options, First Strike Hero Guerrilla aluminum tank is definitely a great option for you.

All these bottles with 8 different sizes are all aluminum. So they are budget-friendly and you really just got to choose which one fits your play style and your needs. So, definitely check them out.

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How to Choose a Paintball Tank – Buyer’s Guide

I know there’s a lot of options out there on paintball tanks, so I get this question a lot. First-time players or people that are looking to upgrade some of their equipment generally ask that what kind of tank is right for them?

Now a lot of that depends on the application. Like I said that there are several tactile out there and plenty of things to fit your application as well as your budget. So this is the buyer’s guide which I made to answer all of your questions.

Types of Tanks

On the basis of the air type there are two types:

  1. Compressed Air Paintball Tank
  2. CO2 Paintball Tank
Compressed Air (HPA Tanks) vs. CO2 Paintball Tank

HPA vs. CO2 Paintball Tank

CO2 tanks have been around since the beginning of paintball. This was the first type of gas that was used to propel the paintball gun. Then it was followed by compressed air.

Compressed air is basically natural breathing air, like in a scuba diving compressor, as opposed to CO2, which is carbon dioxide.

The difference is that CO2 is an unstable gas. What happens is as it gets warmer and gets hot, it goes to a gas form, which can cause an increased spike in the pressure as opposed to being in liquid.

So, due to continuous changing pressure, shooting velocity also keeps varying.

But, Compressed air does not change. So, if you want a paintball gun to be efficient, and get more shots per tank, and not have to fill up as often, you want compressed air.

In HPA tanks, the bottle itself is made up of fiberglass which weighs half the weight of this metal heavy CO2 gas-filled container.

So I mean, this is a big difference. Imagine being on the paintball field for 4 hours, 5 hours, playing all day long. You wanna carry the gun that’s gonna be the lightest, and you require a compressed air tank.

Also, if you don’t wanna have to come back and refill as much then HPA tanks are the best.

Now, CO2 tank is the cheaper way to go for your gun. It costs less to buy the tank.

HPA tank may cost more in the beginning but in the long run, it’s gonna pay for itself numerous times. It is because of more shots per tank, better gas efficiency, and better accuracy.

With CO2 tanks, every third or fourth ball you shoot, the velocity would drop and when you’re shooting so fast, it won’t reach your target, it’s wasting your paintballs.

HPA tanks are the best for high accuracy. It is going to hit on target with the same velocity all the time.


Paintball tank can be made up of different material:


Aluminum Paintball Tank

Aluminum Paintball Tank

These are the basic Aluminum tank. If the entire tank itself is made out of formed Aluminum, they generally come with a regulator on and they generally only hold up to 3000 psi.

They’re a little bit heavy but they’re good on a budget.


Paintball Carbon Fiber Tank 

Paintball Carbon Fiber Tank 

This is the basic carbon fiber tank. Now, this is a great increase in technology when compared to basic Aluminium tanks.

The carbon fiber tanks are going to allow you to have more psi. It is generally around 4,500 psi. That basically means that when it comes to compressed air, the measure of volume is not only based on the size of the tank itself but also the maximum PSI rating.

We’ll get into sizing a little bit later but when it comes to 3,000 versus 4,500 psi, basically on a 3,000 tank you get about on average 10 shots per cubic inch versus the 15 shots per cubic inch that you’ll get on a 4500.

Now most markers have different efficiency and depending on output pressure but I have given the general data.

So carbon fiber material increases your volume of air by about 50%. So that’s why it’s kind of awesome to have a carbon-fiber tank because for the same size they’ll increase your shots by about 50%.


Ultralights/Superlights Air Tanks

Ultralights/Superlights Air Tanks

Middle selection of tanks comes in various sizes and these are known as Ultralights/ Superlights. Basically, it’s a carbon-fiber tank that they’ve done a little bit of building to make them lighter.

Generally, that means that they’ve somehow managed to wrap the carbon fiber tighter. They’ve made the core of the tanks less dense to actually decrease the weight of the tank.

It’s going to have the same size and the same volume but they are just going to be lighter than the carbon fiber.  They can hold air between 3,000 versus 4,500 psi.

So these are significantly lighter tanks. Now it just means that you’re carrying less weight which I’m sure we all know makes a difference. You’ve got enough equipment on you out there.

With your marker and all the stuff you’re wearing, that amount of weight is going to really help your performance is going to help fatigue. It’s just great to have lighter equipment.


Factors to Consider While Choosing a Paintball Air Tank

Here are the few important factors that you should keep in mind while buying an air tank for paintball.


It is mandatory for you to look for the lightweight air tank. We all know how much lightweight paintball equipment make the difference when playing paintball. With heavy equipment, you’ll feel fatigued and exhausted in a very short time.

Hence, as I told you before if you really want to go for lightweight tanks with high capacity, you should go for ultralight/superlight carbon fiber tanks.


Tank Material

Tank material plays an important role in choosing a high-quality paintball tank. You can choose among various material paintball tanks for e.g Steel tanks, Aluminium tanks, and Carbon fiber tanks.

Earlier players were more inclined towards steel tanks. It was because of the robustness and durability of steel tanks. The disadvantage of the steel tanks was its heavy weight.

Hence, players started using Aluminium tanks. These are the lightweight tanks and relatively more expensive than steel tanks. But the problem is that Aluminium tanks are more prone to dents and comparatively less durable.

It also can’t hold a very heavy pressure gas.

Then came the carbon fiber tanks. These are the tanks used to store HPA and are very lightweight and super durable. These are the trending air tanks right now.

Most professional players now prefer carbon fiber tanks. Among all these tanks type carbon fiber tanks are the most expensive but have the maximum strength.


Tank Type

Next important factor to consider while buying a paintball tank is whether you are going to buy a CO2 tank or an HPA tank. I have already explained the major differences between a CO2 tank and an HPA tank.

Both have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. A few years earlier people were more inclined towards the CO2 tanks because they were cheap and also because HPA tanks were not very famous at that time.

But later on, HPA tanks technology took a lead and became very famous among all the professional paintball teams. In the beginning, these cost more than what a CO2 tank cost but if you consider refilling cost and the durability factor, an HPA tank is cheaper than CO2 tank in the long term.

Also, HPA tanks provide consistent high pressure during the game which gives you better accuracy than CO2 tanks.

Therefore, I recommend an HPA tank if you want to play more than once.


Tank Size

Tank size is a really crucial factor to consider while buying a paintball tank. You don’t want a really big tank as it would be heavyweight and you can’t run a whole day with that. Also, you don’t want a small one either because that would get empty soon.

So, you need an optimum size paintball tank.

Paintball tanks come in a large variety of sizes such as 50-4500, 68-4500, 77-4500, and 90-4500.

If you are not aware of the notation then let me explain it to you. For e.g, if you have a 50-4500 tank then it means that your tank has the available capacity for holding 50 cubic inches of gas.

I also want to tell you that 68-4500 is the most popular tank size among the paintball players. This is because of its medium capacity and its lightweight. If you go to paintball fields the standard paintball size available there is also 68-4500.


Conclusion: Top 10 Best Paintball Tanks 2023

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