Top 10 Best Paintball Hopper 2018

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One of the more common questions that I got when I worked at a paintball store was “which hopper you
should I buy?”  Or you can say “Which one is the best paintball hopper in 2018?” Therefore, I decided to write this article where I am going to list the top 10 best paintball hoppers in 2018.

10 Best Paintball Hoppers in 2018

Virtue Spire 3 Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue Spire 3 Paintball Hopper

On the top of the list is the Virtue Spire 3 Paintball Hopper. Virtue Spire 3 is actually about the same size as the previous Virtue Spire. It weighs less but it holds more paintballs than the previous model. It is well- known for faster Jam-Proof feeding which players admire the most.

It has got a capacity of around 220 to 280 rounds which is really great. They achieve this much capacity by basically making the Spire Drive smaller. So it doesn’t take up as much space, therefore, you can fill more space with paintballs which is neat.

Other than that, there’s lots of crazy technology that went into this thing. It is actually Bluetooth enabled. You’re probably thinking, why does it need to be Bluetooth enabled?

Well, now you can actually update the software on the loader through an app on your phone. Eventually, you’re going to be able to change the settings on your loader through an app on your phone. So, gone are the days of having to just like press buttons on the loader in a specific order to do certain things.

That’s really nice like nice to see paintball just charging into the 21st century. Aside from that you also have these little indicator lights on the side of the loader.  Basically, if the light is blue then you’ve got paint in it. Once the light goes red that’s the time to reload.

So, it’s going to go red and beep at you which is pretty neat. You’re going to know when you need to reload. You can of course program it if you would like it not to beep at you when you need to reload.

The final thing about this is that it has a completely easy toolless teardown. So, that’s pretty cool. It is actually that easy to completely disassemble or reassemble it. It’s really nice to see a loader that seems to have kind of thought of everything.

Overall, this is one of the best technologically advanced neat paintball hopper. You should definitely check out this paintball loader.

HK Army TFX Electronic Paintball Loader

HK Army TFX Paintball Loader

Next on the list is HK Army TFX Paintball Loader. HK Army TFX definitely deserves a place on this list of best paintball hoppers. TFX loaders are very sleek and low profile. Combat Contour shell is manufactured of high-quality impact resistant material. It can withstand any type of abuse during the play.

This one has some of the cool features. HK Army TFX provides smooth loading and a nice capacity of 216 rounds which is pretty good.

It comes in a neat case. The case is just like a soft padded inside and it closes with a zipper. It is just like a pretty case that’s going to keep your loader protected.

HK Army TFX does have a lot of high-end features. It comes with tool-less teardown feature that is totally easy to do. Due to easy and quick disassembling, you can conveniently change the 2 AA batteries.

It does have adjustable tension on the feed tray which is really neat. So if you’re using like super brittle paintballs or maybe a lower rate of fire you can adjust that tension to kind of tune it to the kind of paint you’re using and how fast you’re shooting.

Another cool feature about the TFX is it’s got this little switch up in the feed neck. So if a paintball is pushing on the switch then it’s not completing a circuit and the loader is off. As soon as that paintball drops down into the feed neck, the circuit is completed again and then the loader is on.

While you’re not shooting there’s no circuit and it’s not draining your battery. What this means is that you’re going to have a really long battery life on this thing.

Also, the elevated spring is designed to push the paintballs to the feed neck. This means that it would never give you empty shots. It also has a waterproof coating to ensure that the electronics are always safe in all weather conditions.

The 3 layer slip system is specially designed to remove any type of jam and continue smooth feeding. This anti-jam technology is very helpful when you are shooting at a faster rate.

Virtue Spire IR Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue Spire Electronic Paintball Hopper

Virtue Spire hoppers are known worldwide. Also, they are known to be generally expensive. But Virtue Spire IR wins my heart when it comes to great features at such an affordable price. Virtue Spire IR Electronic Paintball Hopper is absolutely great value for money. It is one of the high-end paintball electronic hoppers with a really affordable price tag. This is actually a lot cheaper than the other spires.

They achieve this by basically changing a couple of things in it. Major differences are the board is no longer programmable. I think most players don’t really care that much about that.

Now you can upgrade it down the line which is actually pretty neat. So if you want to pick this up and then upgrade over time to basically make it more in line with the other spires, you can do that. I actually think that’s cool that you can kind of pick it up at a lower price tag and then if you want to upgrade it down the line you can.

The other real major difference essentially is the older spires had motion sensor in it. It would let you know when it wants loading. There was an issue sometimes when you had to shake your hopper in order to know when to feed it.

This one has eyes which is more reliable. So, there won’t be any problem in knowing when to feed your hopper. Now let’s discuss its features more in detail.

Strong nylon back shell is manufactured to bear harsh abuse on the playfield. Like the other spires it also never pulses or jams. So it continues the legacy of Virtue Spire hoppers. It’s also very easy to take apart.

It provides the Proactive feeding with the help of highly advanced sensors to give a smooth fast feeding of paintballs. It is also compact, strong and very convenient to use. Most importantly you get all these features at such an affordable price.


Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader

Basically, LT-R stands for the light rotor. It weighs around 1.05lbs. Dye LT-R is actually a rotor but just a stripped-down version of it. This has exact same internal as the original rotor but it just has a different shell. So they got rid of some of the little cosmetic features that would have a tendency to fall out and or break.

And because of that they actually managed to bring the price down. So this is really super affordable especially if you compare it to the original rotor. It is very affordable but still super reliable. It has completely toolless teardown. It’s very easy to do.

Now, let’s discuss its features. It comes with patented DYE loader technology that offers a super fast feeding and great reliability. In short, there is very no chance that it would leave the paintball behind. It would offer a smooth feeding without jamming.

It also comes with the rotor force fed technology which allows the player to shoot at the rate of 30 plus balls per second. It is super awesome.

It’s got all of the other great features of the rotor. LT-R beats many other reputable hoppers when it comes to the battery efficiency. Dye LT-R is powered by only 3 AA batteries which allow the hopper to get 80,000+ shots. It is super awesome in my opinion.

Just like Hk army TFX, Dye LT-R also comes with adjustable feed tension. It also comes with built-in anti-jam Sharkfin release trigger that gives this hopper the ability to fast feed in any condition without jamming.

Dye LT-R has a water resistant coated board so you don’t have to worry for the electronics if you play in the rain.

With all those features Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball hopper qualifies to get in the top 10 best paintball hoppers in 2018.

first one that I’m going to show you guys and I know a bunch you’re going to be like wait what is a gravity-fed hop I know it’s a gravity fit and obviously it’s largely considered that agitated electronic hoppers are better than gravity fed but we did want to mention at least one of them because there’s a lot of people out there that use a hopper but don’t need it to be agitated they just don’t shoot fast enough to justify that so we thought we’d show you the one grab fed hopper that we actually think really is worth mentioning honestly it’s the only one that’s different from every other grass-fed hopper and that would be the Primo loader now there’s not much going on in it obviously it’s a hollow plastic shell but it does have one little feature that helps it feed much more reliably than other hollow plastic shells and that is this thing that’s going to be super hard to see for you guys but basically there’s this little shelf inside the loader itself so it’s this little shelf that’s kind of built into the middle of the loader and paintballs kind of sit on that and then roll off of the shelf and then roll into the feed neck it’s hard to describe but because of that it basically helps the weight of the paintballs not Jam up in the actual feed neck so anyone who’s used grabbed that hopper before and I’m assuming most of you have at some point you’ll know that if it’s fully loaded to the top they do tend to jam a little bit more you kind of have to shake it as you shoot because the weight of the paintballs is just kind of binding everything up in here this shelf stops that from happening basically most of the weight of the paintballs is resting on the shelf and then it kind of helps speed them in so it’s going to feed much more smoothly be much more consistently than like any other grad fed hopper so we thought that meant more in two-dimension so if anyone’s out there looking for like a good gravity-fed hopper we recommends the Primo loader moving on to our agitated loaders the next one we’re going to show off would be the Empire halo 2 now this guy is basically in our opinion the best cheapest agitated loader so basically if you’re looking to not drop a lot of money maybe you’re just sort of just getting into the sport budget is an issue you don’t want to drop you know high-end prices on a loader I would say that the halo 2 is probably your best bet it’s very affordable but still works very well like it’s really you know what feeds consistently feeds quickly it doesn’t have a few of the features that you’re going to see on some of the other high end loaders like for example the other ones we’re going to show you after this it does not have a tool list tear down that’s probably the most major thing basically so if you want to take this apart you are going to need your screwdriver so most of the high end loaders are now tool is teardown but that doesn’t really bother you so much and you’re looking to save some money halo 2 moving on this one is very new very very new and that would be the

next up would be the

last one on the list last but not least another new addition to the loader lineup would be the virtues fire three now this thing like obviously I’ll say it right off the bat because you guys are noticing it looks really cool it’s got like a really neat like low profile design I really enjoy the contouring of it it’s also got like tons of great features it is of course to list disassembly not hard to do very easy to put the skeet peen on all that stuff so as you would expect from high end loaders these days it also has a couple other features that like not many if any other loaders have one of the big ones that I notice was its – compatible so you can upgrade the software via bluetooth so that’ll be neat it’ll probably mean you know future updates down the line and honestly I don’t really know what that means but I’m sure it’s useful the next thing that I really like is there’s this little LED in the front of the loader on these two little indicators on the sides and they are reload indicators so basically they are going to be I think it’s either green or red and basically if it’s green you’re good you don’t have to reload and once it goes red it’s trying to tell you like oh you’re running out of paint reload me now basically there’s a tray in the front of the loader that as the tray is kind of pushing up once the weight of the paintballs pulls off of it that’s how it knows that like there’s not much paint left in me put more paint in me so that’s nice it’s always nice when your loader tells you when it needs to be fed so yeah the virtues fire 3 that’s pretty much that for our list of top 5 loaders so yeah what did you guys think like do you agree with that list you disagree do you think that there’s some loaders that like we’re crazy for not including on our list let us know in the comments and if you could like and subscribe we always appreciate it and thanks for watching

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