Best Gravity Fed Paintball Hopper

Best Gravity Fed Paintball Hopper

There have been many gravity fed paintball hoppers arising in the market currently and so one has to be deep in choices to finally have the option in need of.

So which is the Best Gravity Fed Paintball Hopper? Proto Primo is considered the best gravity hopper because it is more effective than the others and has plenty of attractive qualities.

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The paintballs are not created equally so you have to look at the size and weight to make sure the model does not weigh you down, the level of competition you are part of, compatibility with your gun, style, and durability so that it provides years of enjoyment without thinking about replacing it.

The gravity fed paintball hopper can be for a child or an adult or a game beginner, middle leveled and the fast runner.

Though these hoppers are numerous we shall have a look at some of the best hoppers which are 606 Multical, Proto Primo, Empire splitter, Valken V-Lite, Virtue Spire 200 paintball hopper, and Base Gravity Hopper.


Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

Proto Primo Paintball Hopper / Loader

Proto Primo is a favorable choice if you are in search of an effective and highly rated option. It functions best by sorting and directing the paintballs down while in the act of shooting resulting in a continuous vertical feed.

It runs smoothly without the motor and batteries because it is not electric but fed by the gravity so there is no worry about the battery effects and signals of it being low giving the player a smooth playing.

It relieves the pressure on the paint and this is the fact about its working and minimizes the risk of jams. It has a reasonable capacity that handles up to two hundred paintballs.

It has the ability to shoot more than eight balls per second for it has a large opening that helps it work well and enjoys higher feed rates with a clear spring Iid that assures an easy reload process.

Though it has these attractive qualities, it is worth noting that proto primo paintball hopper is heavier compared with other best gravity fed paintball hoppers so in some instances it will be tiresome.


Empire Splitter Hopper

This gravity-fed paintball hopper keeps the gun loaded and it is stronger than the others making it more momentously heroic. It is also good, to begin with for newer players for you will find no major problems as a beginner and it ensures there will be a lot of fun on the battlefield the gaming period.

It feeds about six balls per second and it is easy and comes with an easy flip open feed lid and will never bust on you. The ultra-quiet belt is the reason behind why the product shoots lots of paintballs to the opponent with very high accuracy and a continuous manner giving very high chances to enjoy the winning privilege.

It feeds great for a gravity hopper with twenty or so balls while stationary but when running around, while playing this paintball hopper will feed great. The splitter in the hopper is close to the lid and can cause some balls to bounce off it and spill thus it is good to be careful while pouring paint.


GOG Multi Caliber Loader

This gravity paintball hopper has a design that helps it work with 50 to 68 caliber paintball. It has strongly fixed feed tube that works well in any feed neck.

The paintballs are made to land in the hopper because of the wide mouth Iid so as they do not fall to the feet. The gravity will keep the gun loaded but just do not over pack it to enjoy gaming with this paintball hopper.


Valken  V-LITE Paintball Loader

Valken  V-LITE uses an internal guide to lighten the load on the ball stack minimizing the risk of jams and provide steady flow for paintball feeding as it decreases ball jams and increases feed rate.

This gravity paintball hopper is durable for it has super tough, durable shell and ultra-affordable due to its no battery design and it is fit strong feeding advantaged more than the traditional two hundred round gravity fed paintball hoppers.

Its feed neck is standardly sized and its overall cleaning is very easy. It is a favorable loader for mounted guns that rely on the gun shake to help the hoppers feeding.


BASE Anti-Jam Gravity Fed Paintball Loader

It is gravity fed thus does not need any batteries as the charging just happens with the help of gravity making it not be interfered by the effects of low battery.

It has a unique designed tray that filters paintballs into sperate sections to increase feed rate and reduce congestion. The loader shelf diverts paintballs evenly creating less friction hence cutting out bottleneck effect.

It is .68 Caliber Compatible with no noise and has fewer parts but these fewer parts have many functions aligned together.


Virtue Spire IR Electronic Paintball Loader

It comes in many different colors thus it is easier to find the one that suits your paintball gun. It has extra high capacity and it never runs out of power.

This gravity-fed paintball hopper is a very durable hopper that will last the test of time and it is designed with comfort in mind and has a low profile that does not weight any person down so it is good for a perfect hopper in the gaming level.


Conclusion: Best Gravity Fed Paintball Hopper

These gravity hoppers have different performance, each serving its own purpose so before purchasing it is better to know the type of paintball player you are. They are good for players who use tactical markers because for them shooting fast is not a priority.

When the time has been spent analyzing and evaluating all your options you will eventually be in a capability to know the gravity paintball hopper you are in need of according to the gaming one is interested in.

The Proto Primo is considered the best gravity hopper but this does not mean that it is more effective than the others as this gravity fed paintball hoppers each has its strength and the downside too. It is good to remember to ask questions before you purchase a gravity fed paintball hopper so that you will always be happy with the hopper you bought during the gaming.

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