Best Paintball Tank Covers 2023 – Should you use them?

Guess, you are looking for the high-quality paintball tank cover for your tank. Well, if yes, then you are in the right place. Here I will discuss with you the top 5 choices of best paintball tank covers in 2023.

There are so many tank covers available in the market but which one actually is the best paintball tank cover? After using so many tank covers over the years I can confidently say that Exalt paintball tank cover, Valken tank cover, Exalt tank grip, HK Army-Vice FC tank cover and  Guerilla Air paintball tank cover are best in their categories.

Paintball tanks and tank covers come in a variety of designs, styles, and utilities. Some key characteristics a tank cover can provide include durability, enhanced friction and grip, and protection.

Before we discuss tank covers, let’s first define the various tanks used for paintballers.

Types Of Paintball Tanks

Paintball tanks typically come in two varieties – carbon fiber and aluminum. Carbon fiber tanks come in a variety of sizes and designs and can reach 4500 psi tank pressure, which allows for 15 shots per square inch.

They are normally manufactured via a composite process called a layup. This is a process where carbon fiber sheets or webs are “laid up” in a layer by layer fashion, and then infused with a plastic resin that will not deform.

This creates an incredibly strong and stiff tank that is also lightweight. Aluminum tanks are made out of cast aluminum and the options are typically limited with respect to size and pressurization.

Maximum pressure rating usually only reaches 300 psi, which gives 10 shots per square inch.

Tanks can be pressurized with carbon dioxide or compressed air and each provides benefits and disadvantages. Carbon dioxide tanks are relatively inexpensive but can lead to gun and tank chilling.

As carbon dioxide expands in the tank, it is also cooling, and this cooling effect can become uncomfortable and
detrimental to the seals and solenoids.

Compressed air will not experience the temperature fluctuations but will be difficult to fill if a professional shop is not close, are typically bulkier than carbon dioxide tanks and can cost up to ten times as much as carbon dioxide tanks.

Types Of Paintball Tank Covers

Paintball tanks are essential to the game and a worthy investment to protect. There are a variety of ways to protect your tank.

Full tank covers

As the name suggests, these covers encase the full tank and come in a variety of materials such as neoprene or silicone. They can be zippered or locked in place with a notched or grooved design.

Depending on the material used, the tank cover can provide better or worse grip than the tank itself. Neoprene can be very slippery and provide ease of shifting from one shoulder to the next.

This can also be detrimental in battle if it slips unexpectedly. Other materials, such as harder plastics with specific textures built into the cover, can provide a grip against your shoulder that some paintballers appreciate.

Tank covers will usually come in a variety of designs and styles and can provide an avenue to showcase your unique style.

Tank butts

Tank butts protect the bottom of the tank and provide a higher level of friction between the player and tank, which will usually help to improve the grip of the paintball gun against the body.

An advantage of tank butts over full tank covers is that some tanks already come in very interesting styles and designs so the tank butt can still showcase this while a tank cover will hide the design.

Athletic tape

Athletic tape is probably the most cost-effective way to cover your tank. It can be wrapped wherever you like and has been shown to protect the tank. It is becoming increasingly popular at the paintball parks. The grip level of tapes will typically lie between a full tank cover and tank butt.


Top 5 Best Paintball Tank Covers

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Exalt Paintball Tank Cover

Exalt Paintball Tank Cover

This is an excellent tank cover for the paintballer who needs superior grip and protection. Made out of rubber, this cover will provide maximum coverage for your tank and incredible durability.

A drawback is that the combination of its thickness and rubber composition makes it very difficult to wrap around the tank in many situations, it is a two-person job.

These covers are not universal and come in a small size to fit 45, 48 and 50 cubic inch tanks and medium size to fit 68, 70 and 72 cubic inch tanks.


Valken Tank Cover

Valken Tank Cover

The Valken tank cover is made out of comfortable Neoprene and provides a zipper for ease of fitting over your tank.

These covers are not universal and will need to be specifically purchased for each size tank, where the 90 cubic inch model is the most popular.

Neoprene is not anti-slip so the tank will still move around quite a bit. It is a great cover for paintballers with very large tank sizes.


Exalt Tank Grip

Exalt Tank Grip

The Exalt tank grip is in the tank butt style. A key feature for this cover is that it will fit all tank sizes due to the flexible rubber composition.

This will not provide full coverage to the tank but will protect the bottom very well. This is definitely the preferred tank cover for a player who needs maximum grip.

Another key feature is how easy it is to apply to the tank. Many describe it as a roll-on’ method. These tanks grips are available in a wide variety of colors and designs.


Guerilla Air-Paintball Tank Cover

Guerilla Air-Paintball Tank Cover

This tank cover provides maximum protection around the entire tank. It provides shock-absorbent padding for enhanced durability and protection.

It is made out of Neoprene and each is specifically designed for each tank size. It is secured with both zipper and Velcro closures. It does not come in a wide variety of styles and designs but can be used for both aluminum and carbon fiber tank styles.


HK Army-Vice FC Tank-Cover

HK Army-Vice FC Tank-Cover

This cover fits carbon fiber tanks (48, 68, 70, and 72 cubic inches). It is a two piece injected molded cover which comes together to give your tank a snug fit.

It’s been designed to be comfortable, durable and anti-slip. It is also lightweight to help you get around the field more easily.

This cover comes in at least 16 different styles so there is surely one that will fit your style.


Conclusion: Best Paintball Tank Covers

Paintball is a relatively expensive sport so everyone wants to protect their investment. Tank covers are
available to protect either the whole tank or just the bottom.

The tank cover can also provide a great grip between the tank and jersey of the player. Each player has their preference related to comfort, feel durability and protection, and with the wide variety of covers available, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.


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