Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2018

Are you looking for a paintball gun that fits your budget and at the same time provides quality experience? Well, if you are, you came to the right place. This is the post where I provide you with the options to consider for Best Paintball Gun for the money in 2018. With my experience of above 8 years in paintballing, I would be discussing the reputable paintball guns which I think are the best paintball guns for the money.

First of all, I would like to inform you that I have chosen top 5 paintball guns for the money. I have discussed them in detail and I would like you to read it whole before you choose to buy the perfect one for you. But for some of you who don’t have time to read the complete article, I have given the table of Top 5 Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2018. I have also marked the best choice on one of them.

Anyways let’s start. So, here is the table of top 5 best paintball guns for the money:

Top 5 Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2018

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun – Best Basic Marker for the Money

At number 1, I picked the Tippmann Cronus. The Cronus is just super reliable bulletproof, durable and an amazing paintball gun. You really can’t go wrong with them. Tippmann has forever been known for just making super reliable durable simple paintball guns that are gonna work in pretty much every condition. So you could play with the thing every weekend and really probably have no problems for years or put the thing in a closet for years bring it back out and it’s still gonna work.

So if you’re not playing paintball that often maybe once a year or you’re looking for something really inexpensive and reliable Tippmann Chronus is the best.

Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun – Best MagFed Marker for the Money

If you maybe like the look of that Tippmann Cronus but maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more mag Fedor milsimish I would recommend the Tippmann TMC. So the TMC can be looked at as really like just a magazine-fed version of the Tippmann Cronus.

They’re very similar when you compare with their looks. They have a very similar trigger frame and the internals are nearly identical. The only difference is that TMC can be mag fed. But it can be magazine fed and hopper fed according to your preference. So you can make the thing hopper fit by just changing out the elbow on the side.

If you change the elbow on the side and then you can use it as a regular hopper fed paintball gun. Another thing I like the most about how the Tippmann TMC is that it comes with very good quality magazines.

A lot of the times with some of this inexpensive magazine fed guns the magazines aren’t made well. They really have cheap feeling but not with the TMC. Tippmann TMC’s magazines are made very well. It also has quad rails or Picatinny rails all over.

So it helps you to put scopes, flashlights, lasers and all kinds of attachments on it. Overall, I really think that it is one of the best paintball guns for the money.

Azodin KP3 Paintball Gun – Best Pump Marker for the Money

Then for pump guns I really like the is Azodin KP3 is all-around best paintball gun for the money. It is definitely one of the better values out there for pump guns. It just happens to be pretty inexpensive. The best thing about Azodin KP3 paintball marker is that it has a super smooth pump stroke.

It comes with those dual stainless steel pump rods making that pump handle feel very secure and really easy to pump in almost a stroke. They also come with a 14” two-piece barrel where you’re gonna get the .685 and .681 back, the good lever feed neck, on/off ASI that’s just gonna make taking tanks on and off a little bit easier.

So KP3’s are really designed on the Sheraton valve or spider valve so they’re super reliable. Also, they are very easy to fix, super easy to take apart. Overall, Azodin KP3 paintball gun is high accuracy, high-efficiency pump paintball gun. I feel that it is definitely the best pump marker for the money.

and then to the electric guns so the electronic guns are definitely going to be a little bit more costly but at the same time you get better performance for spending that extra money so it’s very hard for me to kind of pick two good starter like beginner paintball guns in this electric gun category mainly because there’s a lot of stuff right but I went with the proto rise and the planet eclipse Etha – and they’re wildly different in price so the proto rise is about 250 bucks then you can get the Etha 2 for $400 both of these guns are low pressure so that means they’re gonna shoot very well they both kick very little they’re both very quiet and easy on paint having that low pressure just kind of makes the gun shoot better right so both of these guns work at about 200 psi working at about a quarter of the pressure as like the Tippmann TMC or that tippmann Chronos so they kick quite a bit less in are a lot quieter the Etha – though does have a couple things that make it a little bit nicer certainly the barrel is better the barrel really good on the ether too and does have that lever feed neck but I think the thing that separates them the most is really a planet eclipses gamma core that is coming in the ether too so the gamma poor are all the internals or the bolt system that is in the ether – and it is crazy reliable air efficient and just works kind of forever so I always say the biggest advantage to eat the two is gonna have over that proto rise is really just reliability and probably a little bit better build quality reliability coming from that gamma core and then the build quality is just better because plant eclipse just kind of make better guns and the proto guns but either way both are very good and both shoot really well I think if you have that extra money if you can spend that extra like $150 definitely Etha 2 is gonna be better than that proto rise but it’s still good proto rise still good gun turn 50 bucks and then this last category I don’t know what we’re calling these guns they’re kind of like higher-end better shooting beginner guns I don’t know but I’m going with the plant eclipse emic so the emic is really a mechanical version of that Etha – so it does have that same gamma core but it’s mechanical so it doesn’t have all the firing modes and the high rate of fire they can come from that Etha – so it’s just single trigger and you just pull the trigger once in one paintball it comes out like a traditional paintball gun just like that Tippmann Cronos for Tippmann TMC’s so if you’re in the market for something that’s gonna be really reliable so if your starter beginner player and you’re looking for something that’s gonna be really reliable but have extremely good shot quality like be that low pressure kick very little and then have a low sound signature but you’re not a fan of that electric stuff maybe you don’t want to have to fuss with it the emic freakin awesome amazing starter beginner Mike and other guns but they are $220 so it’s a little bit more than Mike didn’t Chronos so those are my top layer six paintball guns in those five categories I like the Tippmann Chronos the Tippmann TMC the is Odin KP 3 proto rise Etha 2 and lastly the planet eclipse emic but that’s not all of them right like there’s other good basic guns there’s other good like pump guns and electronic guns that I’m still a fan of I just didn’t want to put like 40 paintball against

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