Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2023

Are you looking for a paintball gun that fits your budget and at the same time provides quality experience? Well, if you are, you came to the right place. This is the post where I provide you with the options to consider for Best Paintball Gun for the money in 2023. With my experience of above 8 years in paintballing, I would be discussing the reputable paintball guns which I think are the best paintball guns for the money.

First of all, I would like to inform you that I have chosen the top 5 paintball guns for the money. I have discussed them in detail and I would like you to read it whole before you choose to buy the perfect one for you. But for some of you who don’t have time to read the complete article, I have given the table of Top 5 Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2023.

Anyways let’s start. So, here is the table of top 5 best paintball guns for the money:

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Top 5 Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2023

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun – Best Basic Marker for the Money

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun

For the top spot, I have picked the Tippmann Cronus. The Cronus is just super reliable bulletproof, durable and an amazing paintball gun. You really can’t go wrong with them.

Tippmann has forever been known for just making super reliable and durable paintball guns that are gonna work in pretty much every condition. So you could play with the thing every weekend and really probably have no problems for years or put the thing in a closet for years bring it back out and it’s still gonna work.

Tippmann Cronus comes with the reliable in-line bolt system and impact-resistant composite body which looks perfect for a milslim gameplay.

It comes with a vertical grip as well as an internal gas line that makes it very comfortable to hold.

So if you’re not playing paintball that often maybe once a year or you’re looking for something really inexpensive and reliable Tippmann Chronus is the best.


Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun – Best MagFed Marker for the Money

Tippmann TMC Paintball Gun

If you like the look of that Tippmann Cronus but maybe you’re looking for something a little bit more mag Fedor milslimish, I would recommend the Tippmann TMC. So the TMC can be looked at as really like just a magazine-fed version of the Tippmann Cronus.

They’re very similar when you compare with their looks. They have a very similar trigger frame and the internals are nearly identical. The only difference is that TMC can be magfed. But it can be magazine fed and hopper fed according to your preference.

So you can make the thing hopper fit by just changing out the elbow on the side.

If you change the elbow on the side and then you can use it as a regular hopper fed paintball gun. Another thing I like the most about how the Tippmann TMC is that it comes with very good quality magazines.

A lot of the times with some of this inexpensive magazine fed guns the magazines aren’t made well. They really have cheap feeling but not with the TMC. Tippmann TMC’s magazines are made very well. It also has quad rails or Picatinny rails all over.

So it helps you to put scopes, flashlights, lasers and all kinds of attachments on it. Overall, I really think that it is one of the best paintball guns for the money.


Azodin KP3 Paintball Gun – Best Pump Marker for the Money

Then for pump guns I really like the is Azodin KP3 is all-around best paintball gun for the money. It is definitely one of the better values out there for pump guns. It just happens to be pretty inexpensive.

The best thing about Azodin KP3 paintball marker is that it has a super smooth pump stroke.

It comes with those dual stainless steel pump rods making that pump handle feel very secure and really easy to pump in almost a stroke. They also come with a 14” two-piece barrel where you’re gonna get the .685 and .681 back, the good lever feed neck, on/off ASI that’s just gonna make taking tanks on and off a little bit easier.

So KP3’s are really designed on the Sheraton valve or spider valve so they’re super reliable. Also, they are very easy to fix, super easy to take apart. Overall, Azodin KP3 paintball gun is high accuracy, high-efficiency pump paintball gun. I feel that it is definitely the best pump marker for the money.


Dye M2 Paintball Marker – Best High-End Marker for the Money

Next marker on the list is the Dye M2 Paintball marker. You might be wondering with such high price why is this gun in the list?

But let me tell you that this is the top choice among professional paintball players. It is the best alternative to various other professional level paintball guns that cost more than 1400$.

Dye M2 comes with MOS Air Upgrade Kit which means that there are improvements in every component. You’ll be amazed to know that this marker comes with a Dynamic Wireless charger, eVOKE system and other mind-blowing features.

Other features include a new hyper 5 regulator, DYE Sticky grips, internal pressure sensors, and a quick release fuse bolt design which makes this gun a masterpiece.

If you are a beginner then you can skip this gun. It is for all those professional paintball players who have experience of more than 1 year.


Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker – Best Electronic Marker for the Money

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

So, the final marker on our list is an electronic marker. Empire Paintball Mini GS marker is among the most popular electronic paintball markers in the market. It costs around 300$.

The electronic guns are definitely going to be a little bit costly but at the same time, you get better performance for spending that extra money.

It is basically a beast version of the original mini model. This gun is famous for the shooting capabilities and comfortable grip.

It comes with some really amazing features like Micro-switch trigger activation, pressure controlled poppet engine, unique 2 screw design, etc.

Pressure controlled poppet engine helps in maintaining consistent pressure which increases the accuracy of the marker. There are much more features which make this gun a perfect companion for a speedball player.

Overall, looking at the price of this innovative electronic paintball gun, I definitely recommend you Mini GS marker if you are looking for an electronic paintball gun for the money.


Conclusion: Best Paintball Gun for the Money 2023

These are the top 5 paintball guns for the money in 2023 in 5 different categories. Well, there are many other options which I couldn’t include in this article but these guns are definitely the best budget options in their categories.