Top 3 Best Empire Paintball Gear Bag 2023

Hope you are having fun with paintballing. For all those who are looking for a paintball gear bag, in this article, I am going to list down top 3 best paintball gear bag in 2023.

Empire is a reputed company known for paintball equipment. If you decide to buy a paintball gear bag, the Empire is one of the top 3 brands that makes absolutely high-end bags. So, here are the top 3 Empire paintball gear bag 2023.

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Top 3 Empire Paintball Gear Bag 2023

Empire F6 XLT Rolling Gear Bag

Empire F6 XLT Rolling Gear Bag

On the top of the list is the Empire F6 XLT Rolling Gear Bag. This is the newer version of XLT bag. It has got some pretty unique features with some pretty cool stuff around the outside.

Let’s go ahead and take a look at its features.

It has got a velcro strap at the top which lets us use it as a carry handle. It comes with nice two top pockets with 7 barrel slots. The lower section underneath where your barrels have velcro loops where you can attach a gun inside.

There is a separate goggle case which gives a complete protection to your paintball goggles. You can also store things in that case that you don’t want to get folded.

The best thing is that this bag carries a foldaway changing mat which would offer you space to change back to normal clothes after the game.

The rain cover will protect your bag from water and moisture to ruin your things in there. It comes with the removable padded dual-marker case which gives you back up option.

Overall, this is a specially designed paintball gear bag from Empire Paintball.  With these amazing features, durability, and reputation of this bag, we decided to put it on the top of the list.


Empire F6 XLR Duffle Pack

Empire F6 XLR Duffle Pack

Next on the list of best empire gear bags is the Empire F6 XLR Duffle Pack. This is the duffel bag with built-in goggle case.

This bag also has backpack straps which are along the top so you can carry it like a backpack and it does have handles on the bottom so you could carry it like like a stand-up kind. So it comes with ultimate traveling versatility.

I definitely like the built-in hard shell goggle case which is perfect for storing paintball masks or hats to keep them safe.

Main compartments are quite spacious to store everything including tanks, paintball guns, and clothing.

The material on the outside is definite element resistant so water, wind, rain, snow cannot enter the back. It’ll help keep the moisture out and the zippers do have the protected outside cover to them so it’ll help keep rain and stuff from getting inside.

Just like Empire F6 XLT rolling gear bag, this bag also comes with the foldable built-in changing mat which allows you to change after you’re done for the day.

I don’t think you’d be pressed or running out of space in this bag. Also, it has got some really amazing features so I definitely recommend it. 


Empire Paintball F6 Backpack 

Empire Paintball F6 Backpack

Next on our list is the Empire Paintball F6 backpack. This backpack is generally for all those players who are not looking to carry a lot of paintball gear with them. But still, it carries a nice amount of equipment and is known for its light-weight and compact size.

Let’s discuss its features in detail.

On the front side, it has got a little loop in the bottom to hang your mask or other stuff on it. It has a nice elastic front pocket which can easily fit a wind-breaker jacket or a bike helmet in it.

Along both sides, there are netted pockets to store paintball tanks or water bottles.

Amazing thing is that it looks very compact but offers a plenty of room inside. There is a flap pocket which is perfect for a tablet or an iPad.

It also comes with expansion mesh side pockets and separate external phone charger pockets. Overall, this is the next favorite paintball gear backpack from Empire Paintball.


Conclusion: Best Empire Paintball Gear Bag 2023

These are the high-quality top 3 Empire paintball gear bags in 2023. Surely check out these amazing Empire paintball gear bag and grab them if you like them.


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