Tippmann 98 vs Cronus (Paintball Guns Compared)

Although the Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann Cronus Paintball Guns come from the same manufacturer, there are some key differences between them that will make a decision on which gun you would prefer to be your weapon in the game of paintball.

If you are looking for a piece that has some of the major characteristics and predispositions to become the best paintball gun, then you are looking at one of the very first designs by Tippmann, which is the Tippmann 98 gun, and you can guess the year it’s been made it. On the other hand, the Cronus Paintball Gun from Tippmann is one of their later gun designs, and it has a bit more features and options available on the gun.

This is an article to compare the two famous paintball guns Tippmann 98 vs Cronus, in the way they look, they feel and most importantly, the way they fire, so stick around.

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When you look at the designs of these two guns, you will immediately realize the difference in time that they were created. The Tippmann 98 is more like a small gun, similar to the Tommy gun without the large circle drum which is neglected in the Tippmann’s design, but the barrel, the front holder and the length of the guns are relatively the same. We can freely say that this version of Tippmann was inspired by the Tommy gun.

On the other hand, the modern and fascinating look on the Tippmann Cronus gun will leave you speechless. The barrel is made wider, but many people have problems with the front grip, which somehow got smaller with time, and it’s not comfortable at all. Anyway, the Cronus design is one of the best works by The Tippmann Gun Company.

Shooting ability

The Tippman 98 is considered a very accurate gun. When the gun shoots, it delivers. In some tests done on the gun, it can shoot up to 8 times per second, and you can control the number of shots in a second with the press of the trigger. The more you press the more shots it will fir. There is a massive upgrade possibility with the Tippmann 98, therefore, don’t be surprised when you see people on the tournament with the gun.

On the other hand, the Tippmann Cronus gun has a lot of satisfied customers under its name, and it’s because of the shooting ability of this .68 caliber gun. Same as the previous model, the Tippmann Cronus fires at a rate of 8 shots per second.



There are many accessories which you can use to increase the range, power, accuracy and fire rate of the gun. You want to choose the best ones which will definitely give you an advantage in the upcoming paintball gun tournament that you are participating, and if you have the Tippmann 98, here are the top accessories that you can use

  • Custom E Trigger System — increases the speed of which the gun shoots the paintballs up to 15 shots per seconds compared to the 8 shots that the gun has.
  • Tippmann Cyclone Feed System — increases the feed system of the gun, and it’s recommended to buy the feed system if you are getting the trigger system, as it will need more paintballs in the gun fed now that it’s shooting faster.
  • Tippmann Flatline Barrel — The accuracy is increased, the power is increased, and the fun is increased.
  • 16-inch Sniper Barrel — Perfect for the ones that enjoy being a bit far out of the battlefield itself and want to get the sniper rifle impression with this paintball gun.

On the other hand, if you are using the Tippmann Cronus paintball gun, we should say that the accessories are relatively the same, and you can find the same ones for the more modern gun. Just be careful to pick the right accessory for the right gun, as you can’t use the same one on both of the guns.


Type of Gun (electronic, pump or mechanical)

The Tippmann 98 version, our first on the list, has several potential ways of working. You can either choose the gun to fire its shots using compressed air or you can choose to shot it using CO2. Whichever way you choose will not affect the shooting ability of the gun.

On the other hand, the Tippmann Cronus uses an internal gas line which pops the shot out of the gun, into your desired location.


There is a difference in the weight of the Tippmann 98 and the Tippmann Cronus paintball guns, and you can immediately see that as they are not the same size and same type of guns. The Tippmann 98 is more of a short gun which is 192 inches long and weighs 2.9 lbs. without a tank and reaches up to 150 meters with an accurate shot.

On the other hand, we have the Cronus, and it reaches up to 30 inches and a weight up to 4.65 lbs.


Testing the sound of the paintball guns is always fun, and there is quite a significant difference between these two when it comes to the sound.

The Tippmann 98, since it’s an early version, pops the paintballs out of the barrel with a stronger sound rather than the modern Cronus, and that’s something which we expected. This can’t be altered, at least not in the base of the gun, but you can always buy some of the suspenders that are available on the market — it will also look much cooler with the extra barrel.

The Cronus is a well-designed gun and the company paid attention to the sound as well when making this model.


Final Verdict: Tippmann 98 vs Cronus

If you could only choose one gun, it would definitely be the Tippmann Cronus gun for many reasons. The gun is larger, it has more stability and better grip. There are a lot more accessories for modern guns even though there are tons of custom 98’s today. The sound is better and the only downside is the weight, which gets neglected as if you are ready to pick up a gun and play in paintball tournaments, you will be ready to carry it around with you.

Which one do you prefer, and why? Comment below to share your views.