Planet Eclipse GTEK Review: Is it worth buying?

Planet Eclipse GTEK Review

There are paintball guns on the market that are mid-range in price fitting most budgets, that also provide the kind of performance most players are after. We have decided to review the Planet Eclipse GTEK, to find out if it is one of those guns.

In the realm of adrenaline-producing sports, paintball is right up there. Whether you are playing with your friends or in a competitive scenario, you always want to perform your best.

There are certain markers and equipment that will allow you to do just that, many players are looking for the best gun, that provides not only excellent performance but also fit their budget.

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Planet Eclipse GTEK Review


Let’s start with the design of the Planet Eclipse GTEK.

It has a sleek looking frame and low-profile body weighing just over 2Ibls.

It is made with high-quality aluminum, featuring composite parts that have been tested and performed well under extreme circumstances.

The GTEKs Gamma Train has proven resilient under these tests, it has been stored in temperatures as low as -2 degrees F for multiple days at a time without losing any performance or faltering.



Its reliability has also been put to the test through constant cycles of firing, amounting to the tens of thousands without lubrication.

It features a spool valve marker, however, unlike other poppet valve paintball guns, the GTEK has an almost unnoticeable kickback that is smooth and not noticeable when you’re in the heat of a game.

As this is a spool valve marker system, be cautious when lubing your gun as you are more likely to over-lube, as the GTEK requires more of it than its poppet valve counterparts. The GTEK also features well-positioned eye covers and lightweight quick-release back cap.


Shooting Ability

When it comes to shooting ability, the Planet Eclipse GTEK is synonymous with smoothness. It operates at a deficient volume when firing compared to a poppet valve marker.

This is also mostly due to its lower than normal operating pressure, that its Gamma Core drive train provides, clocking in at a low 135psi.

The Gamma Core utilizes the air it is using to fire each shot extremely efficiently, it also loses no tail end air down the barrel as it drives traps over 3opsi in its firing chamber in between shots, saving 3opsi more than a usual spool valve system.

The GTEK Maintains a high & efficient rate of fire, offering substantial control & handling to the user, this is a result of its three-stage bolt acceleration system.

Compromising of an initial push-off phase extending control by only gently moving the ball towards the breach of the gun. The second phase, whereby the speed is increased, and the third stage where the main valve is opened allowing the ball to be released.



The Planet Eclipse GTEK offers a lot in the way of accessories for a mid-range marker. We have already mentioned a few of the exciting features the GTEK provides, but there are some other new accessories worth mentioning.

Let’s start with the quick release back cap & the brand-new gamma core drive train. This drive the train offers the GTEK superior weather reliability, great shooting performance benefits and maintains efficiency while doing so.

The GTEK also has a Clamping Feed neck to keep the hopper tight and compact, as well as helpful and well positioned front rubber grips for added comfort and handling.

This gun uses an interactive LED light board to maneuver through different modes. This circuit board can be easily upgraded to OLED capacity cheaply and quickly as there is no need to replace the whole thing.


Type of Gun

The Planet Eclipse GTEK is a gun in a class of its own in many respects, offering many features from different marker types due to its unique Gamma drive train. However, it does, of course, have some of the usual classifications.

The GTEK features a spool valve as mentioned earlier and is a mechanical classed paintball gun.

As a result of this, the GTEK is a lot cheaper to buy than its electronic marker competitors, It is also easier to disassemble if a problem does occur. Another benefit to the mechanical system is that it requires very little in terms of maintenance in comparison.

A point to mention is that you will want to regularly other than clean and oil the O-rings, preferably after each use.



The Planet Eclipse GTEK is a light and compact gun, weighing in at just over 2Ibs. It is 27.7 inches long including its barrel and has a height of 8.1 inches.

This means that it is extremely easy to maneuver around and handle. Its lightweight by no means indicates flimsiness, as mentioned before, it is one of the most versatile markers on the market and has undergone scrupulous testing without fault.

Taking this into account, the GTEK has no real drawbacks to it’s light and maneuverable chassis, a big selling point for most players.



The Planet Eclipse GTEK offers a fantastic sound experience when it is firing. Even with all of its high-performance features, the GTEK still manages to maintain a very quiet sound signature while firing.

Indeed, this is one of the main reasons why is due to its Gamma Core drive train, which operates at only 135psi allowing such smoothness and quiet shooting. Offering a continuous barrage of smooth shooting with minimal to no kickback, Reliable and consistent power, and a quiet sound signature, a big bonus of this marker


Conclusion: Planet Eclipse GTEK Review


Like we said earlier, in a game like a paintball, you always want to perform your best. Among many high price tag and favorite paintball guns, the Planet Eclipse GTEK certainly holds its own.

Coming in at this price, you can’t go wrong, it is a mid-range price tag, with a massive number of features, not to mention great all-around reliability & performance.

The fact that it is easily maintainable and has many easy upgrades and compatibilities built in, such as the easy OLED board integration is also a huge selling point.

We believe the Planet Eclipse GTEK provides the performance most players are seeking, as well as a price tag that is sure to challenge most guns out there for performance and features, it is an excellent marker for the money.

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