Best Speedball Gun 2023

Finding the best speedball gun for the lowest price is something that every paintball lover wants. Today, we will be focusing on the top 3 best speedball guns, which are the fastest and more exciting version of the paintball guns.

This type of shooting is mostly used in the open tournaments all over the world, as it presents equal surroundings for both of the teams. It’s also the best shooting sport for spectators, as the bunkers are positioned to give a different type of play for the players, and for the spectators.

What is unique about the sport is that it’s fun and exciting, with a lot of adrenaline rush sport. In recent years, it became really popular, meaning more and more people are playing, and more and more guns are being developed for the sport. Because of the different rules that apply to the sport, there are different guns specifically created for the speedball gun lovers.

As we just mentioned, the gyms in the speedball are quite different from the ones in the normal paintball tournaments. Because the rules are different, and one of them changes the whole complexity of the game, the guns are different and have to be created specifically for the speedball games.

In the speedball games, you are also out of the round if your gun gets shot, or gets paint on it, which is not the case in the normal paintball game.

Because of this, all the speedball guns are smaller than the paintball woodsball guns, meaning the manufacturers have to do something much harder for this category of the sport — they need to fit the same components inside a smaller gun that will shoot faster.

It’s done by making the guns fire on CO2 or HPA, rather than the oxygen pressure. Because the guns are electronic, the normal trigger is replaced by something much more similar to a mouse button rather than a gun trigger. This is required if you want to have paintballs rapidly coming out of the barrel.

Top 3 Best Speedball Markers in 2023

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Dye M2 Paintball Marker

Dye M2 Paintball Marker

The fantastic design will be the very first thing you see in the Dye M2 Paintball Maker. But it’s easy to navigate, easily readable screen and a battery that lasts for up to 8,000 rounds is what will make you fall in love with this gun.

This is one of the best selections for when you are about to hit the tournament and make fun of your friends. There are 2 barrel backs that you can choose from, and the options are .684 and .688.

Both of them are subject to change, and you can adjust them according to the weather that you are playing in and the conditions by adjusting the size of the paintballs.

Having a coach in your ear the whole time while the tournament lasts will tilt the odds in your favor, and that’s what this lightweight and extra durable Dye M2 Paintball Maker have in its sleeves.

You can always be sure that you will stay in the game as long as you can because of the easy to use, ergonomic grip, the hold and fire technique and the lightweight design of the gun.

It is really important to be one of the last survivors in a paintball deadly match as that’s what the rifle is designed to do.


Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Marker

Planet Eclipse Geo CS1 Paintball Marker

Our choice of the second best gun that you should choose for a speedball tournament is The Planet Eclipse Geo C51.

It has a lightweight design and its electrical body can be quickly disconnected and connected to the frame interface.

The SLS !dine regulator in the grip is what makes the gun one of the most comfortable from all the speedball guns, and tie size, as we all expect, is smaller than usual, as with all the guns made for this category if the sport.

The comfortable and easy grip allows you to focus on your movement more than the gun itself, and it works perfectly well in any given environment — you can count on it in your battle.

The high quality and high-end gun belong to the higher spectrum money-wise, as you get to pay more than what you may be expecting, but what you will get will most certainly put a smile on your face and it will be worth every penny.

Another thing that you get together with the gun is the low maintenance requirement, as it’s designed to last without major maintenance.

The lightweight will allow you to focus on your movement and tactics instead of the gun during the fight and it only weighs a bit more than 2 pounds, putting the gun in the lightweight category of paintball guns.

The best thing with this gun is that you can use accessories from other designs of the gun, as they are all the same.


Dye Proto Rize Paintball Marker

Dye Proto Rize Paintball Marker

Another gun from Dye which managed to make it on our list is the Dye Proto Rize gun. This is the best gun if the budget is your concern and you want to jump to the speedball tournaments with a little price as you can pay.

There are some unique features in the gun like the hourglass trigger and a unique feature that belongs to the Dye, which is the Sticky Grips developed to give you the maximum comfort while playing.

The fiberglass and nylon combination is what gives the durability to the gun, and there is also an adjustable trigger which is more like a mouse button rather than a gun trigger, and it’s what gives the speed to the paintballs.

Let’s not even mention how easy the maintenance of the Rize is, and for the cheap price it goes for, it’s the top gun for starters on the marker.


Conclusion: Best Speedball Markers in 2023

Who do you think the best speedball gun is? Do you have any more suggestions for our list? Leave a comment below.