Best Paintball Harness 2023

Choosing the best harness can mean choosing between winning or losing in the Paintball Tournaments that you participate at. So, I decided to write this post where I discuss the top 5 best paintball harness in 2023.

So, what is the best paintball harness? In my opinion, Bunker Kings Supreme V5 Harness can be considered as the best paintball harness of all the time. This is a high-end strapless harness that takes care of the player’s comfort and performance. It comes with amazing style and design which makes you fall in love with this harness.

Top 5 Best Paintball Harness 2023

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Paintball harness is not a new thing, as the first ones were created back in early 2000 when the Paintball was picking its peak and making a grand entrance in the world of sports.

It wasn’t until recently that the paintball harnesses became popular and people actually started using them. With the strap, the process was simply too much time consuming for people to be carrying the harnesses around in the paintball battle, but nowadays, things are quite different.

Let’s check the top five harnesses which you should consider buying when you are looking to improve your paintball performance.


Bunker Kings Supreme V5 Paintball Harness

Bunker Kings Supreme V5 Paintball Harness


Meet the Bunker King’s V5 WKS harness which is actually the original strapless harness and it’s what all the other harnesses are made inspired by.

The comfort that the harness gives and the reduced bouncing when running in battle is what makes this harness among the best five that you can pick for your tournaments.

Pull and reinsert all the pods that you want in a game with the simple use, style, and comfortable harness.


The harness’ design is specially created to give you the maximum comfort while on the field and it prevents bouncing as that’s the last thing you want from your equipment while running.

The back padding and the elastic nylon will make sure that the harness is specially designed to fit every type of body and give it the soft comfort it needs.


All of the top professional players in the world are fascinated by the Bunker King’s Strapless designs, and they love how the V5’s elastic technology fits on their bodies.

The design is flawless — there are no adjustments required, it fits every body type and it offers maximum comfort that you will enjoy.


The most important thing is that the harness will not interfere with your style of gaming, and you can continue being that quiet and low key guy or you loud and aggressive berserker on the field.


Now, let’s take a look at the other harnesses that are worth making their way in our list of the 5 best paintball harnesses.


HK Army Zero G Paintball Harness

HK Army Zero G Paintball Harness

The best and cutting-edge technology strikes once again, with the HK Army Zero G Harness. The company creating these harnesses have more than 100 years of experience in the paintball industry.

The HK Army is constantly used by professionals from all over the world and they make sure you have absolutely everything that you need from them.

The harnesses are made out of an elastic waist strap which makes the harness stay in position without bouncing and is super comfortable. Drive and slide without a care as the harness will stay in place the complete tournament.


Carbon CC Paintball Harness

Carbon CC Paintball Harness

Let’s start by saying that this is one of the best harnesses in the world. Its lightweight technology allows you to move freely in space, slide, glide, jump and run without the hesitation that the harness will fall. Its elastic nylon components make sure you are always comfortable.

It will fit any body type, even the biggest boys that want to play paintball. The profile of the pack is adjustable and changes each time you add or remove one or more pods of paint.

It continues to shrink each time you pull paint out of the harness, allowing you to keep the low profile and move freely across the field.

The last but not least great thing about the Carbon CC Harness is that the pods can’t fall off, compared to some other harnesses, so make the best use of it.


Carbon SC Paintball Harness

Carbon SC Paintball Harness

The game-changing harness is here to bring the maximum efficiency and help you win all the tournaments that you participate.

The carbon SC harness is comfortable and it has the best ergonomics because of the 270 degrees of flexibility that it offer. It will most definitely stay in place even though we know what is happening on the field — with all the jumping, sliding, gliding, rolling and everything it takes you to get to the trophy and to the winning place.

It is wrapped around your lower back with the state of the art technology called Velcro belt, which is actually made of elastic nylon and makes sure you get the comfort and the movement you need. To make sure it fits all the body types, there are two belts that stretch from one to the other side.

The comfort is here because of the perforated foam and all the padded mesh, which also makes sure the harness lets the skin breathe for when you are playing in the hottest summer days, and it’s as light as it can get.


GI Sport. Race 2.0 Paintball Harness

GI Sport. Race 2.0 Paintball Harness

Last, but not the least on our list is the GL Sportz Race 2.0 Harness. This harness definitely competes with the other four on the list as it offers very similar parameters.

The lightweight harness is also made out of nylon components which are flexible and comfortable, and those are the top two things that you are looking for your harness to have.

The most interesting thing about this harness is that it’s developed by a group of players, tested and modified to be perfect for ay body type and every situation, condition and weather.

Give your best, make sure you perform well, and completely rely on the harness which will help you reach what you always dream.


Conclusion: Best Paintball Harness 2023

If you are unsure which harness you need for your paintball tournaments, make sure you are familiar with what are your needs and demands first, and base on that, check our top 5 harnesses and choose the one which fits you the most.

No matter the body type or weather, all of the harnesses will make sure you are more than prepared to enter the battlefield.

Our personal suggestion is the first one, The Bunker King’s V5 as it has the best reviews by people who already use them. Which one is your favorite? Let us know!

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