Best Barrel for Empire Axe Paintball Gun

If you are finding a perfect barrel for your Empire Axe paintball gun, then this post would be really helpful for you in finding the best barrel for Empire Axe paintball gun.

The Empire Axe Paintball Gun comes with a packaged barrel in its kit. Based on the review of most players, the barrel does not give quality play. The poor quality calls for shopping for expert recommended barrels that are light, quiet, and accurate.

Top 3 Best Barrel for Empire Axe Paintball Gun

There are 3 highly recommended barrels in the market today and in no particular order, here are the choices:

1. Empire Super Freak Barrel

Empire Super Freak Barrel

Superiorly designed to shot in any weather, the freak barrels are the best fit for an accurate shot for the Empire Axe. The bore inserts come in 5 different sizes for a perfect fit in any bore size. This allows for greater shot accuracy, less paint breakage, and consistent shots.

The carbon fiber and apex tip also come in two different sizes, the 14 and 16 inches. The shorter barrels are louder and take less time to accelerate.

There are, however, three problems with the Empire Super Freak Barrel, first is the carbon fiber tip which is very loud and hard to clean since it cannot be swapped. For easier cleaning, it’s best if the apex tip is used.

The second problem is the bore sizes. The aluminum inserts tend to expand and contract under different weather conditions making it difficult to determine the exact size of the inserts that will fit into the bores.

The barrel also has a low-quality casing that does not offer maximum protection for the inserts leading to breakages or bends.

2. Deadly Wind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber Barrel

Deadly Wind Fiber-X Carbon Fiber Barrel

The outstanding advantage of this barrel is its’ lightweight. Deadlywind Fibur is ultra-light, accurate, quiet and durable. The durability has been tested by having a car drive over it. The results of the test have shown no breakage in the barrel despite the cars’ heavyweight.

The three major parts of this barrel include the carbon fiber that is the primary component. The thread adapter which is made to match your marker, and the freak inserts designed to make it easy to set your bore sizes.

The barrel has removable freak inserts that allow a single barrel with multiple inserts to carry out the activities of several barrels. The barrel is also easy to clean since the carbon fiber is swappable.

3. Dye Titanium Boomstick

Dye Titanium Boomstick

This barrel is high-tech and extremely expensive, but apart from that, it possesses exceptional strength than the aluminum barrels.

The strength, however, does not affect it’s weight because the titanium boomstick is extremely light and easy to carry along even after a long day of play.

The Dye Titanium Boomsticks high quality honing assures consistent and accurate shots. Its beautiful polished features also give it a classic exceptional finish.


Final Verdict

The basic determining factors for the accuracy of the Empire Axe are the experiences of the player and the quality of the paints. Good paint should be well stored for a short period of time under favorable temperatures.

The Empire Axe should also be cleaned inside regularly for better accuracy and durability.

When these aspects are put into perspective, the choice of the best paintball barrel can then be considered. Barrel choices are based on price, accuracy, sound, durability, weight, length, cleaning and bore sizes.