Best Barrels for Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

There are a few great accessories on the market the improve the look and feel of the Tippmann A5 paintball marker. These include various sights, hopper, 3 position E-grip or the response trigger.

Each accessory you chose to upgrade your weapon not only makes it look good, but some accessories can help with the way in which the gun is shot. Swapping out or adding to the barrel can help the A5 increase the distance and accuracy of your shot.

There are many great barrels add on features and switchable interchangeable barrels that can be found on the market.

Top 8 Best Barrels for Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

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Tippmann 16′ Sniper Barrel

Tippmann 16' Sniper Barrel

This barrel is going to give accuracy over a longer distance with a barrel length increase of 16 inches.

The inner bore is channeled muzzled porting with a polished inner bore which not only makes a lot less noise but greatly improves upon shot accuracy.

If it is more accuracy and a lot more distance you are looking for to enhance your A5 paintball gun this is a great barrel to try.


Lapco Tippmann A5 Big Shot Assault Barrel

Lapco Tippmann A5 Big Shot Assault Barrel

This barrel is a modification of the one-piece classic and can have Lapco Apex Adapters, Hammerhead tips.

It well as an assortment of others that are compatible with it It is made to last and is durable being manufactured to military standards with high-grade aluminum.

It needs less gas because it has very low friction, it is much more accurate and has a consistent and centered barrel works well in any temperature whether it is cold or hot, is a self-cleaning 14“ barrel extension.


Lapco Tippmann A5/X7 Rifled FSR 14″ Barrel

Lapco Tippmann A5/X7 Rifled FSR 14" Barrel

This barrel has been known to greatly improve the accuracy of the First Strike Round. The birdcage at the tip can be removed to add another tip on it.

They are bored to around .683 range as they are designed for the First Strick Range (FSR) and they are one of the best barrels for these rounds.


Tippmann AS Flatline Barrel with Built-in Foregrip

Tippmann AS Flatline Barrel! with Built-in Foregrip

This barrel gives the A5 and extra 100 feet range and better accuracy without the shooter having to arch their shot. It has a Tippmann patented technology for backspin for a more precise, level shot.

The overall range with the barrel attached should give the shooter up to 250 foot, it comes with a wide mouth barrel sleeve and a built-in grip.


Empire Apex 2 Paintball Barrel – A5, 98, Autococker

Empire Apex 2 3-in1 Adjustable Barrel Kit Tippmann A5

This barrel is for longer distance shooting with two different adapters that fit either the A5, 98 or the Spyder type guns.

This barrel has 9 adjustable level settings which will determine the spin on the ball, the greater the spin the further the ball is going to go.

The thing is if you are not an experienced shooter you are not really going to know who to compensate for the spin. As it does create a lift of the ball as it is expelled from the barrel.

The barrel is made of aluminum so it is strong and will last a long time whilst taking a few hard knocks. The barrel can be adjusted by turning it in certain directions to give either a drop, left or right shot or a shot that has a long flat trajectory.


RAP4 COB RIS Barrel Kit Tippmann A5

RAP4 COB RIS Barrel Kit Tippmann A5

This barrel gives the marker a length of 10.5′ with its tough, light aircraft-grade aluminum material it is made to go the distance and take a beating through a tough paintball game.

A person can also attach some really cool accessories to it like grenade launchers, laser sights as it is compatible with most of the Weaver-base gadgets.


RAP4 M16 Barrel Kit Tippmann A5

RAP4 M16 Barrel Kit Tippmann A5

The RAP4 M16 barrel kit is for anyone looking to have an authentic looking military simulated M16 barrel design. Once the stock barrel of the marker has been removed the M16 barrel kit fits into the markers barrel port.

This gives the gun more accuracy with its extended range of a longer barrel.


Lapco Tippmann AS Bigshot Barrel 8′ .690

This has to be one of the most favored of the AS barrels and adds 8′ onto the gun giving it extra precision and accuracy.

Baring an Anodized durable finish this barrel is a favorite that is designed to last a good few years as it is extremely durable and self-cleaning.

As it needs less air or gas it has a low noise level for stealth maneuvers and due to being manufactured to military standard aluminum it can be used in any weather hot or cold with no effect on its performance.


Conclusion: Top 8 Barrels for Tippmann A5 Paintball Gun

These 8 barrels are the top trending barrels for Tippmann A5 paintball guns. Just read the reviews of these barrels and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect barrel among these 8 barrels for Tippmann A5 paintball gun.

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